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Technology has often been used to advance various aspects of the society, such as the medical, engineering and infrastructural sectors. However, Securus Technologies have often been deployed towards revamping the security systems and they envisage offering technological protection to the society in a myriad ways.They work in conjunction with correctional facilities such as prisons and rehabilitation centres and public safety organizations in order to achieve this end. They have recently proffered technology solutions for various aspects of security such as monitoring in correction facilities and investigation in order also to realize civil and criminal justice.The Dallas, Texas-based technology company was founded in 1986 and has other bases in places such as Carrolton, Allen and Atlanta. One of the most significant factors that have enabled Securus Technologies to soar great heights with regard to popularity and success in the American Market is the exceptional leadership that it has. The company is headed by one Rick Smith as the CEO and President whose tenure began in 23rd July, 2008.

Rick Smith has not only exuded such exceptional leadership skills due to his innate ability to develop any company but also due to his commendable educational background. Rick Smith graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. He furthered his education in the same institution and obtained his Master’s Degree in Engineering. Moreover, he is an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated with an Associate’s Degree. Finally, he obtained an MBA from the University of Rochester.The immense impact that Securus Technologies has had on the society with regards to refurbishing the security systems was elaborated in a recent publication by PR Newswire which delved into the future of inmate communications and security.

The publication highlighted the salient aspects regarding future incarceration systems that include higher security and more services at lower pricing and lower recidivism rates and immediate communication.The services offered by this technology company are tailored towards making the incarceration experience more conducive for inmates. Such services include additional video calling services, an enhanced system of education systems for the inmates, incorporation of more smart devices, and tablets into the correction facilities and immediate communication opportunities using high-end devices. In another post in Healing Magic, Securus Technologies is described by its CEO, Rick Smith as a strong investment with sound and tenable proposals regarding product development and service delivery.Securus Technologies, under the leadership of Rick Smith, has earned quite an impeccable standing in the technological market due to its unique field of specialty. Security is one salient aspects of the society that every technological stakeholder should envisage advancing and developing.

When Mark Soberman founded Netpicks in 1996, he did so with the goal of ensuring regular traders had access to valuable trading information.

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Netpicks is extremely passionate about provided their clients with the best possible trading experience around.

They do this by employing a highly qualified staff and by offering various services including but not limited to forex, stocks, options and futures.

Once you join the service you will have access to tips and tutorials that will show you the steps you need to take to start trading online.

The company also has a YouTube channel that provides free advice for those looking to go at it on their own.

Since Netpicks is all about teaching people how to trade smarter, their system is centered around three simple options.

You can opt to be a full time trader, part time trader or the type of trader who is looking for quickest possible route. All you have to do is select your goal and the system will take it from there.  Additional article to read here.

While there are many different strategies that can be used for investing, Netpicks focuses quite a bit on ETF’s.

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds and they are very similar to mutual bonds. The one big difference however is in the way they are traded. Mutual bonds are actively managed while ETF’s are passively managed.

ETF’s have become extremely popular all over the world with most people focusing on investing in a socially responsible way.

If your goal is to invest for the purpose of sustainable development, you must understand positive screening, negative screening, ESG integration and themed investing. More trading tips available on

According to Netpicks, the most socially responsible investments are those that have to do with environmental and gender issues.

To learn more about Netpicks, head over to this.

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Tech News Spy recently published Heidi Harris’ article titled, “Paul Mampilly’s Investment Advice: Electric Vehicles, Food Delivery, and Precision Medicine”. The article provides an in-depth look at the successful investor, Paul Mampilly and his investment advice.

Because many Americans are looking for more information on investing before they own stocks or invest in other funds, they often turn to Paul Mampilly’s advice. Paul Mampilly has been a successful Wall Street investor who has distributed his advice through many mainstream T.V. channels. Lately, his latest venture has been his successful newsletter called Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited has over 90,000 subscribers. Mampilly provides investing advice for both the amateur investor and the more experienced investor so they can make sound investing choices.

Born in India, Mampilly was educated in the states where he studied finances and economics. He started his career as a portfolio manager at Banker’s Trust. He grew to work for well-known financiers like Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. He won many awards like the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. He won after making substantial growth despite the economic downturn.

He has also invested successfully in companies like Sarepta and Netflix with astounding 2,500% gains. Currently, he suggests looking at the automobile industry, personalized medical treatment, and the food industry.

Paul Mampilly suggests that the auto industry is about to undergo a paradigm shift. The types of cars that are on the streets will be replaced by electric vehicles. Because current models require maintenance and parts replaced, there is a huge lifetime cost to owning a vehicle. However, electric cars only have three parts to look after. Mampilly expects this to change the auto industry in the same way that iPhones changed the phone industry.

The advancement of medical technology is also a place to research for investment opportunities. Many are looking to create personalized medicine by incorporating genome sequencing and personal medical history into treatment analysis.

Food delivery companies are also a prime investment opportunity. Because the Millennial generation is both health conscious and desiring a convenient dining option, the food industry is also experiencing a boom. There is a shift towards the provision of healthy options. Many food delivering companies will also provide options for special diets like paleo, vegan, and vegetarian.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting and the editor of the popular investing newsletter, Profits Unlimited. After spending 25 years investing on Wall Street, Mampilly retired to spend more time with his family. He moved into publishing the newsletter to provide the mainstream Americans with the knowledge they needed to invest confidently.

It’s clear that the world is reaching for a greater objective.

That objective is also defined by everyone differently. What we eventually see as the bigger picture is a world of conflict. But we also see a path of great resistance in the process. Sujit Choudhry is among those with the powers and tools of resistance. This power is one of transition where it’s most needed.

Sujit Choudhry is a leading professional on the terms of constitutional development and what this practice means for the entire globe. There’s a clear process when nations, countries or people strive to create a better environment for themselves. That process is the steps of transitioning tomorrow into a more meaningful today.

When we look at the most equipped for this task, we see professionals at the legal status. These are those who’ve committed their lives to study and greater education. Sujit Choudhry also leads these professionals and as both an educator and an activist.

How Sujit Choudhry Came To The Forefront

But Sujit Choudhry’s investment to mankind has been great.

He holds the making of a great legacy today, and this potential was a matter or work that requires a decade or more to make traction with. The traction made by Sujit led him to become our modern developer in emerging countries. More to read on

What this means that Sujit Choudhry is the first who nations reach when they’re in a transitional state. This state of transition could be based on the conflicts in the Middle East which we’re seeing. Sujit has been called into nations like Sri Lanka and during military conflicts that led most politicians to avoid the country entirely. For further reading, refer to

 Additional article to read here.

But the entire transitional history of Sujit Choudhry has thus-far turned out to be a success. His many works on the developing need of transition show a great promise to his future and to the objectives which his life is dedicated to. Read related article on

From his work as a law school dean, to his credentials as a professor and his passion as an activist, we’re likely to see tremendous work coming soon.  For additional reference, click

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Chris Burch is a well-known name in many fields. One of the main areas that he is particularly known for is in the field of fashion. Chris Burch is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry owing to the numerous amount of brands and companies that he has given rise to. He is an incredible person who is known for being a brilliant business leader. He has taken on several business ventures through the course of his career, which has helped him reach the high position in the industry that he possesses today. One of the most striking things about Chris Burch is his grasp over the industry. He knows exactly what trends are in right now and knows what are the best business opportunities that one should invest in for their benefit.  For timeline activity update, hit on

Some of the most notable ventures of Chris Burch include the brand of the well-known talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen wanted to come out with her brand, and as soon as Chris Burch heard of it, he wanted to catch on. Chris Burch was one of the leading investors of the brand, which today is extremely well known and is doing brilliantly in the industry. Read more about his diverse business investment portfolio, check

Similarly, he has given rise to several other corporates and businesses that have grown tremendously. He has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to companies, which is something that has helped him all through his life and his career.   To read his shared insights and views, click on entrepreneur,com.

Chris Burch has always been a lover of the finer things in life. Even when it comes to the companies that he has given life to, most of them are about the luxury category. He knows the luxury sector well and not just in terms of fashion, but in terms of hotels as well. He is the founder of one of the best luxury hotels in the entire world, which has been featured numerous times as one of the best.  Hop over to this and read more about the fabulous resort hotel.

The hotel that he built is currently being called the Nihiwatu and was built on a beautiful island in Indonesia. The hotel is truly one of a kind and boasts of some of the best luxury facilities that money can buy. The hotel has state of the art features that are sure to entice anyone who is a lover of fine luxury. Chris Burch wanted to build something that would stand the test of time and be a symbol of luxurious vacations, which is what he achieved when he made the Nihiwatu.   Additional article on

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Gregory J Aziz is the man who has led National Steel Car to its current lucrative state. Like the phoenix from the ashes, National Steel Car under Gregory James Aziz rose from being a Canadian sleeping giant to being among the world’s top railcar engineers and manufacturers.

Dofasco previously owned National Steel Car. It has had over 100 years of quality services to Hamilton and also the world as a whole. However, the influence of the company was felt after Greg Aziz took over its management and leadership in 1994. He became the company’s CEO, President and also chairman. Having acquired some skills while working with Affiliated Foods in 1971, Gregory J Aziz was able to run NSC, with immediate change implications. Within two years, his leadership skills had paid off, and the company was once again the Canadian pride.


National Steel Car garnered the TTX SECO annual award in 1996. The company was also, by 1999, able to increase the annual car manufactures from the 3,500 during the time of purchase, to a new record of 12,000. Furthermore, the employment also rose to 3,000; showing an increase by about five times the initial number.


The company being in capable hands values its employees. To maintain and strengthen the bond, NSC holds Christmas parties annually. Current employees and their families are usually on the invite list. The former employees as well are normally invited. The company has also led to the growth and development of the Hamilton community as it has created a lot of job opportunities. This is proved in the rising number of employment rate. Visit This Page.


National Steel Car has been proffered the ISO Certification 9001:2008 for over 18 years. It has proudly been the first and only railcar company in North America to receive this certification, and NSC has gone ahead to achieve recertification over the years.


James Aziz was born in London, Ontario, on April 1949. He grew up in Ontario and schooled in Ridley College. He later joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. In 1971, he joined Affiliated Foods and then went to pursue investment banking opportunities in New York. It was while he was in New York that he amassed the wealth he needed to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco. Greg is married to Irene, and the two sponsor charities and fairs in Canada, one being the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most distinguished fair in Canada.

Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. He grew up there and went to Ridley College where he later joined the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics.

Gregory J Aziz is the CEO, President and also Chairperson of the National Steel Car, NSC. NSC is among the leading railroad freight car engineers and manufacturers in the whole world. Furthermore, it is the leading freight car manufacturer in North America, thanks to Greg’s leadership that saw the company rise from what it used to be which was a former mighty Canadian company. Under his direction and management, National Steel Car has soared to the fame of not only prestige and expertise in freight car manufacture in Canada, but also the whole of North America and other parts of the world.


NSC’s rise to glory is credited to Greg James Aziz, despite his statement that the success of the company should be owed to the support received from their partners and well-wishers. Under him, National Steel has enviably won the ISO 9001:2008 Certification for 18 years. This certification has never been achieved by any other railroad companies in North America. Also, NSC has been the proud winner of the TTX SECO award for ten consecutive years.


The beginning was never easy. After Greg’s graduation from the University of Western Ontario, Greg joined his family’s company, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. Affiliated Foods is the world’s leading importer of fresh foods from South America, Europe and also Central America with further exports to the United States and Eastern Canada, where there are major fresh foods wholesale markets.


After he gained some experience from Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz went on to New York where he worked with various investment banking opportunities. He was able to accumulate enough money and organize the purchase of National Steel Car. In 1994 when he was ready, James Aziz obtained the company from Dofasco. See This Page for more info.


Greg brought a lot of transformation to the sleeping giant, NSC. Under his expert management, the manufacture of cars annually showed a figure rise from the usual 3,500 to an astounding 12,000. Furthermore, employment saw an increase from 600 to approximately 3,000 yearly. This is evidence that Greg’s influence on the company was purely positive and he led it to the right path. Currently, National Steel Car is a North American company, opposed to its earlier status of prestige and might only in Canada.


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Securus Technologies Company is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice solutions with the use of technology in the industry. Securus Technologies Company is also recognized as one of the few companies that develop fascinating business solutions in a manner that depicts true leadership in this business. Securus Technologies Company has also extended an open invitation to visit the correctional space centers in a manner that depicts better business in the industry. Securus Technologies Company has always stayed ahead of the rest in the provision of technology that revolutionizes the correctional space. This means that they progressively help the facilities in question to improve their public safety requirements.


Securus Technologies Company is also considered as the leading company that works in the incarceration industry to provide technology solutions that is useful in fostering correction and public safety. For all the company does, it always begins with the end in mind when developing the latest digital technology solutions to foster criminal justice solutions in the prison environment. For this reason, their commitment to developing working solutions is not capacitated with better business in a manner that is not depicted in this industry. Securus Technologies Company has also published customer comments through the use of technology to prevent the occurrence of crimes in the industry.


There are some comments and email reviews that came along with written forms of letters to Securus Technologies Company as a way of thanking and appreciating their increased efforts in managing their business in a wide range of business solution capabilities. For those seeking fast income solutions, they will always develop animated business solutions if they are willing to advance in statistical solutions to choose Securus Technologies Company as their best business partner when it comes to technology in the correctional space. Most of the people who reviewed Securus Technologies Company are the officials who sue the technology.


For entrepreneurs, there is going to be a stage of trial and error. The length of time they stay on the stage depends on many factors. However long they stay on that stage, they are going to be faced with certain issues such as discouragement. There are times when entrepreneurs are going to be discouraged and second guessing themselves. This is where it is important for them to decide whether or not it is worth it to them to continue on their path. The best thing to do in this circumstance is to learn from many of the successful entrepreneurs that have gone before.

One successful entrepreneur is Sawyer Howitt. He has taken a lot of what he has learned and used it towards putting a business together. Given his experience, he has already gained tons of experience and accomplished things as a young entrepreneur that people twice his age hadn’t even dreamed of accomplishing. This gives him the qualification to do advise others that are coming after him. He understands how different the world of an entrepreneur is from the world of an employee. This is why he wants to help guide people through the tricky parts of the journey.

The most encouraging thing for aspiring entrepreneurs to do is to look at different entrepreneurs who have gone before them and have faced the same type of discouragement. They can learn from the entrepreneur all of the steps that were taken. They can also learn about the different directions they can go so that they can make their decision on how they are going to pursue their goals as entrepreneurs. Sawyer Howitt himself is willing to share his experiences to the point that he has used various media to voice his opinions and give people pointers on what they can do to move forward.

For more, please read, The different Mindsets Of An Entrepreneur And A Business Owner By Sawyer Howitt.



Designer Chris Burch entered the hospitality industry in 2012 when he, along with James McBride who owns other hotels, bought a hotel together. The hotel is located on Sumba, one of the islands that make up Indonesia. After having spent $30 million renovating the buildings that make up the hotel they reopened in in 2015. Now named Nihiwatu, it has been called the best hotel in the world.

While being interviewed about the hotel, Chris Burch said that he had bought it for his kids. He also wanted to give back to the community that lives on Sumba as tourism plays a big part in their economy. He said the island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. He uses one of the homes that make up Nihiwatu as one of his personal residences. Altogether the hotel has 27 private villas as part of the complex.   Check for more about the resort.

Since the hotels reopening it has become Sumba’s largest employer. In a gesture to the community on the island, some of the profits the hotel makes are donated to the Sumba Foundation. This nonprofit helps people on the island by funding different community projects.

Adding to the uniqueness of Nihiwatu, there are a couple of tree houses as part of the resort, both of which are two stories tall. Bamboo bridges connect the top floors of each tree house and the larger one also has its own infinity pool for guests to enjoy.

Chris Burch made his name in the world of fashion. According to, he, along with his brother Bob, started their first company together in 1976 while he was still in college. The company, named Eagle’s Eye, was hugely successful and was eventually sold for $165 million. He has gone on to found a large number of brands in both the world of fashion, retail, home furnishings, and technology. Some of these companies include Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, TRADEMARK, and Poppin.  Click on this for an update of his recent timeline activities.

As a philanthropist, Chris Burch has supported a number of causes with both his time and money. He once served on the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation’s board. Additionally, he has given money to organizations such as The China Association of Social Work, The Henry Street Settlement, and many others.

Read his shared insights and views on this article on

Nihiwatu is just one of the homes that Chris Burch owns. He also has homes in Southampton, New York as well as two in Florida in both Nantucket and Palm Beach.  Related article on

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