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Mountain biking has created for Michael Hagele, an investor and corporate counsel a way to take a break and refresh giving him a new approach in everyday tasks. According to Michael Hagele, Mountain biking requires to be in good physical shape since is an aerobic sport and requires cardio. The first thing to prepare for mountain biking is to start with a great piece of equipment.It is recommended that beginners start with high quality equipment. Mountain bikes usually have a sturdier, thicker frame and wider tires at lower air pressure. They have a speed system of 21, 24 or 27. It has dual suspension system in front and rear, Hydraulic disc breaking, fluid for extra stopping power and weather performance. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

It is important to maximize cushion for bumpy rides. A well fitted helmet is a must along with light clothing and sturdy shoes. Always remember to bring fluids to hydrate. Gloves are optional for surer grips on the handle and light backpack that stays in place. It is also important to start slow and gradually progress. The basic skills to start with are riding on the flats, descending, climbing, cornering and rolling over small obstacles. This is not the best time to race with friends if you are a beginner. In fact, keeping distance from other riders is recommended at the beginning. It is also important that you know which tracks or trail you can handle before moving on to moderate speed. Picking the wrong track can lead you to serious injuries.

Michael Hagele as an entrepreneur, investor and Corporate Counsel has always strive to put the customer and clients first. Even with the experience that he has in negotiation, drafting,telecommunication and others Michael has gain the knowledge to give to others the advice and information needed to thrive.

As a founder of several businesses in hospitality, he served as a general counsel for aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology industries and was also an in-house attorney. For Michael not only pursuing an education was important but also physical activity was necessary because it sharpen his mind and recharged him. Mountain biking is a unique sport considered to be an extreme sport but with the right tools and equipment you can enjoy mountain biking at any level just like Michael. Visit:


Born Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi but widely referred to as Carlos Trabuco is a Brazilian native and presently CEO of Banco Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest banks. He has been the bank’s CEO since October 2017. Before joining Banco Bradesco, Trabuco Bradesco worked at Banco Bradesco SA from 2009 as the CEO. He has a BA in philosophy from Sao Paulo University. He also pursued his postgraduate studies upon completing his undergraduate studies at the same institution. Trabuco Bradesco began his banking career more than four decades ago, and he has currently devoted his whole professional life to Banco Bradesco. He has been an active member of various banks such as ABECIP, ANAPP and NFC among other prominent Brazilian banks.

Due to his immense banking experience, Trabuco Bradesco has been sought after by several financial institutions to help them restructure their operations for improved efficiency and increased profits. Trabuco Bradesco was recently appointed the President of the Federation of Supplementary Health, where he works with a selected team of experts to propel the organization to greater success. The Brazilian banker is also the current Vice-President of National Confederation of companies, in addition to being an advisor of various insurance companies across Brazil.

In March 2018, Carlos Trabuco announced that he would be quitting serving as the President of Banco Bradesco, citing his advanced age of 67 years. According to the announcement made by the bank, Carlos will continue being the bank’s CEO until his term ends with the fall of the year. The bank also identified the current Vice President, Octavio De Lazari, as the suitable successor of Carlos Trabuco. His appointment according to the bank was backed by an official process of nomination and succession. However, Carlos Trabuco will still serve as an active member of the bank even after his term as the CEO comes to an end.


Carlos Trabuco has indeed left a mark on the Banco Bradesco. He takes pride in leaving the bank with a total of $1.3 trillion in assets, hence making it one of Brazil’s largest and fastest growing banks.

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The Brazilian economy has expanded in the previous year, according to research by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. However, it is not all good news. Flavio Maluf, an executive at Eucatex, says that agricultural is down comparatively, especially when comparing the beginning of 2018 to the beginning of 2017.

Flavio Maluf stated that the livestock GDP decreased by almost three percent from January to March 2018 when compared with last year’s results. Unfortunately, it’s not only livestock that is faltering. Many plants in Brazil’s Center-South region have halted production, but in previous years, they’ve been in full swing of harvesting by April or May.

In his Folha report, Flavio Maluf wrote that “at least 19% of the sugarcane harvest occurs in the period from April to June, and the share of maize is also significant, reaching 33% in the period. The lack of circulation of the product affected not only the producers and trading but also the production of feed, which has led to a disruption in the production of proteins.” Read more on Business and Economics about Flavio Maluf

Maluf pointed to a recent trucker’s strike as one reason for the disruption in the distribution of corn. The corn disruption also affected the meat industry, which uses the corn for food, and the coffee industry.

However, there is also good news, specially in the production of soy beans. According to Folha, the previous harvest was a record high at about 119 million tons. Of this harvest, about 60 percent of it was collected in the year’s first quarter.

Maluf mentions that the decrease in agricultural GDP wasn’t unexpected. This is in part due to the fact that 2017 was a record harvest year and isn’t a good basis for comparing subsequent years to. The harvest in 2017 was an astounding 240 million tons, which would be hard to compare to.



Brazil’s tourism industry is slowly changing the country’s economy. Last 2017, the country registered more than six million visitors, and this figure is expected to rise in the coming years because of the efforts coming from the government. Businesses that would benefit greatly from the tourist influx in the country are those specializing in tour services and hotel services. Guilherme Paulus, one of the richest people in Brazil today, managed to make a huge fortune out of his two companies specializing in tour services and hotel services. He is a businessman that embodies hard work and perseverance, and because of his dedication to the industry, he recently made a billion dollars, and it was verified by Forbes. He is one of the newest billionaires of the world, making his debut at the Forbes top billionaires list this year.

Guilherme Paulus built his business empire from scratch. Before he turned 20 years old, the young entrepreneur decided to work with IBM serving as an intern. He wanted to learn more about how the business worked, so he decided to take up on the challenge and listened to what his mentors told him. The young dreamer had an idea on how he could become a billionaire, and he started looking for potential partners who would be willing to shell out some money to fund his project. He met a Brazilian politician who expressed his will to become a part of the project, and together with Guilherme Paulus, they established the company specializing in tour operators in 1972, naming it as the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A.

Through the years, the business became one of the most sought-after tour services companies in Latin America. Word of mouth reviews helped the company grow, and it also attracted a lot of tourists coming from different countries. Guilherme Paulus also had to work alone as the Brazilian partner he once had decided to break away from the company. Through his leadership, the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. became a huge business attracting so many investors and rewriting the tour operator business in Latin America.

Guilherme Paulus also established the GJP Hotels and Resorts to become his secondary business venture. It was founded in 2005, and his aim is to build affordable hotels to tourists where they can find world class services. As of the present, the GJP Hotels and Resorts have 15 branches all over the country, and the company keeps on acquiring more properties where future hotels and resorts will be built.

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Jeff Yastine believes that Amazon has more to do with just finding something to buy online, but instead has sinister intentions regarding finance and dominance. Jeff Yastine, who is editor of Total Wealth Insider, a Banyan Hill publication, helms the lead giving an education about investment trends and the latest financial news in the market. He has a thorough background in Finance and Journalism. He has spend years in the industry, with a degree from the University of Florida. He became a television report in North Carolina after graduation. From 1993, his career soared upward and Yastine snagged a spot with BS on the show Nightly Business Report. Visit the website to learn more.

Jeff Yastine’s thoughts about Amazon should be looked at more closely with a seriousness of consideration. The online retailer who has dominated the markets for years has an overstated prediction of company troubles. Jeff Yastine has a sharp understanding on anti-trust laws and is aware of the financial news worldwide. He believes that Amazons hold on the market and power could be coming to an end very soon.

First off, antitrust laws are there to promote fair business practices overall. They are intended to keep one company from unfairly using practices that continue their market dominance. America is based on free trade, which is why many often challenge and question the regulation. In cases like Amazon it proves why antitrust laws are vital and important. You can often find some companies using these practices that do not help the consumer at all. Instead, these businesses are promoting their own interests at an unfair advantage. When this occurs, competition will die and consumers are left feeling the impact.

Yastine has talked and sat in the company of the most smartest financial whizzes in the world. Early in his career, he interviewed free-thinkers such as Warren Buffet to Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell, to name a few. Yastine uses facts to describe the state of business that has happened in the last year. This involves about at least 26 large retailers who filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors. These companies have over $50 million in liabilities. Now in 2018, more retailers are in bankruptcy court as well. Yastine says the companies fail due to poor business decisions, however, that doesn’t mean that Amazon doesn’t have an over powering influence. Jeff Yastine believes Amazon has the advantage that other company can’t copy or repeat.

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Paul Mampilly is a prominent investment adviser who has committed his career life to help the people make the right instant choices. He is one of the people who are interested in making the right decisions on matters of investments. He believes that there are too many opportunities for people to make money but this does not happen because there is no valuable information out there which will help the people make the right investment decisions. Mampilly is now ready to feed the people with the right information so that they can make good decisions on their own. He is ready to take investors through the prices of filtering the best stock investment. With his two decades of experience in the financial industry, he is knowledgeable than many other people who purport to have the best investment skills. Visit crunchbase to learn more.

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who can be said to have the right investment knowledge. He has a track record of results that he can show to prove that indeed the right person to mentor the aspiring investor. Paul Mampillyhas spent the past two decades working for the biggest investment banks and hedge funds in Wall Street. He has realized substantial accomplishments which leave no doubt that he is an accomplished investor.

In 2009, Paul Mampillywon the Templeton Foundation Awards. He was picked the best trader after making the biggest return at a time when there was a global financial crisis from an investment of $50 million; he generated $88 million. By beating all other traders who participated in the contest, Mampilly proved that he was not just any other trader but the best of them all.

Paul Mampilly is no longer working in the Wall Street. He is after changing the lives of the people by focusing on helping those who do not have experience or knowledge on how to make the right investments do so. He refers to these people as the” Main Street Americans.” These are people who want to improve their lives by investing. Financial freedom is something many people are looking for, but it does not come easily. It must be earned, and one of the ways of doing so is by investing. Read more:


Today’s world has become very dynamic. There are many changes taking place in different sectors and economies worldwide. Whichever the objective is, the best means of ensuring it happens as so is to ensure that there is maximum utilization of resources. The waste expected from the processes is expected to be very minimal. This is one of the reasons why Felipe Montoro Jens is such an asset to different companies and countries. Read more about Jens at

Felipe Montoro has always had a passion for trading activities. This is why it is so easy for him to share all the knowledge he has on the subject with relevant parties. Most of this knowledge is very reliable because it has been gained from the vast experience he has had working in different companies in the past.

In his passion for trading activities, Felipe Montoro has always been looking forward to being able to operate businesses across international boundaries. He has worked in Brazil for so many years, which is mostly where he got experience from. However, for instance, currently, his operations are usually mainly based within Portugal.

He is able to penetrate all these foreign markets because he is very adaptable to them. The principles he conforms to, especially those of reducing wastage and maximizing on the returns, are acceptable in every country and economy. That coupled with his vast knowledge in financial management is the best guarantee he has for successful business operations.

He is a successful entrepreneur and a ‘born leader’ which is probably why he received so many jobs offers for management positions in different sizeable companies. In order to be able to pursue his studies at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, he was actually a taxi driver. The humble beginnings could be an explanation for why he is so active and enthusiastic, especially in his entrepreneurial ventures.

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1Many new businesses fail. In order for them to succeed, they need to be led by somebody who seriously understands what it takes to make it. There are many different reasons that these businesses don’t succeed, but leadership is very high up on that list. James Aziz not only had a foundation for leadership with the family that he came from, founders of Affiliated Foods, but he had a natural talent that he built on. The natural talent that he is always fell for business was further developed by his coursework and economics at the University of Western Ontario. This is where he learned more about what he would need to do to make his business successful.


Greg Aziz’s family welcomed him into the business at Affiliated Foods soon after he graduated, but he knew deep down that he would not be there for the rest of his life. He appreciated the position that he gained within the company, and he worked very hard to move up the ranks but the work he wanted to do was on his own. At first, he thought that it might be investment banking that was calling to him. He went to the New York City and began working in the investment industry. This foray into his career was short-lived, as he found there was a certain desire he had for leadership.


Greg James Aziz took his personal funding and founded a corporation. From there he located National Steel Car. National Steel Car had needed some type of viable leadership for many years. They had a great reputation in the community of Hamilton, Ontario but they were not well known on a global scale. There work in their manufacturer region had also been in a bit of a decline. They were railcar manufacturers and to maintain viability, they would need to set themselves apart. See This Article for more information.


Gregory Aziz took the time to help build up their quality standards, personnel, and output. All these things he found to be lacking once he took over. Instantly, he saw a change in the way that products were being moved and the international recognition that he received. National Steel Car is now a veteran in the manufacturing industry. Their stance as one of the best manufacturers on the globe is nothing to scoff at. Gregory James Aziz can take credit for helping rebuild a business that was so much less then it should’ve been.


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Jeff Yastine, the editor of Total Wealth Insider, is at it again. First joining as the editorial director in 2015 Yastine was bringing a wealth of experience with him to Banyan Hill Publishing. That wealth of knowledge is geared towards helping people develop strategies to create long-term wealth. As a long-time investor in the stock market and journalist, Jeff Yastine is no doubt one of the most sought after contributors when it comes to finance.

What is it that sets him apart from the other experts in his field? Jeff Yastine has now been contributing weekly to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily. Additionally, he also contributes to the Winning Investor Daily, another publication that is designed to help individuals learn more about how to find the right investment opportunities, as well as how to accelerate growth of investments they choose. One of the primary reasons readers choose to follow Mr. Yastine is because of his ability to shed light on the latest opportunities to generate profit. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

The unique position of Jeff Yastine as an anchor is that he has been active in all aspects of the game of investment strategy. Many financial editors have attempted to put their name into the spotlight only to discover that they were in fact facing rejection. Only those who are able to pinpoint real opportunities and benefits for readers are winning the spotlight in these types of publications.

Jeff’s reporting has also elevated his position within financial journalism and publishing. Two specific areas that he excels in are stories that cover major turnarounds with companies and small-cap growth opportunities. During the course of his career, Mr. Jeff Yastine has covered everything from the most critical investment opportunities for prestigious firms and organizations, as well as stories about big box retailers. Nominated for various Emmy awards, Jeff’s career continues to grow strong with his new role at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Brazil can be a tough place to maintain a live business. The high tax burdens often cause many entrepreneurs and businessmen and businesswomen to call it quits. Many have just accepted that this is what it takes to have a live business in the country because the government has to be paid. Businessman Falavio Maluf has come up with something that’ll take a lot of the pressure off entrepreneurs however. Flavio Maluf is a businessman and serves as president of Eucatex. He proposes that the government provides tax incentives.

Fiscal Incentive Laws will give companies more control over the value they pay in taxes. This allows companies to direct their tax dollars to projects that’ll directly affect society instead of giving it straight to the government. The proposal can be very beneficial as it would most likely promote economic and social growth throughout the nation.

Companies will still have to pay taxes however. Tax incentive programs do not make them exempt from that. They would just have more of a say about where it’s going. Flavio Maluf thinks companies can vastly increase their exposure and improve their image in the media by sponsoring certain projects. This would also be beneficial for the advertising industry. Follow Flavio on Twitter

Certain companies received tax incentives from the public administration for various reasons. Usually it has to do with their location. By doing this the public administration can push a particular industry in the right direction. Tax incentives come in all shapes and sizes. The most common form it takes is tax reduction. This saves companies a lot of many which they can then turn around and invest back into the company, creating more jobs in the long run. Many sectors can attribute much of their success to incentive laws. Flavio Maluf may have just solved a huge problem.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a very accomplished businessman. He began his career more than 30 years ago and is still going strong. Many people know him as the president of Eucatex. He joined the company in 1996 and the rest is history.



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