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It was reported in June 2017 the details associated with the lock and walk trading strategy. In that month, Wall Street has drastically changed after the occurrence of the technology-sector selloff. Due to that, investors began feeling nervous about the market. With the change of Wall Street, the door opened a door for a choppy market throughout the summer months. As a matter of fact, the likelihood of a choppier market than usual was there due to the sentiment. And because of that, a proactive strategy, the lock and walk trading strategy, had to be used. Read this relevant article on

The lock and walk strategy has been profitable during previously chopping markets. It’s designed to respect resistance and support levels in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, -0.70%, afterward traded to the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, +1.13%. It’s also traded to ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, -1.27% when resistance and support levels are broken or tested. To do this yourself, you must abide by the following rules:

  • Target resistance must be sold if the support is tested by QLD.
  • QLD must be sold if the support breaks.
  • Target support must be sold if QLD tested the resistance.
  • QLD is sold if the resistance breaks.

Another important rule concerning the Lock and Wall strategy includes it shutting down when the strategy possesses 67 basis points in gains, and this strategy must wait until the start of the next trading session operating again. The history and more details about this strategy are found on the Stock Traders Daily website.

About Netpicks

NetPicks is a trading firm that began in 1996. It is based in Irving, Texas. NetPicks also always has been a gold standard in offering various trading education, such as stocks, futures, Forex, options, and more in swing trading and day trading.   For additional trading tips,  check

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The founder of NetPicks is named Mark Soberman, and he and his trained staff bring a wealth of trading expertise to investors. NetPicks has over 25 years of trading. And furthermore, NetPicks’ trading systems were created with specific goals in part-time income, full-time career, and done in minutes offers. Hit this to access and read their free tutorials.

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Monetary theory states that the total supply of money divided by the economies real output sets the average prices. If output is not as fast as the growth of the supply of money inflation results. There should be inflation with the gap between liquidity and the economy’s growth, but central banks only create reserves for the banking system and do not print money. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

Banks making loans against reserves is what creates money. When loans are not made, or they do not enter the real economy there is no pressure for inflation in the economy of the consumer. QE is a different sort of liquidity though. It involved the purchasing of bad debt that was held by the housing bubble of 2008 by central banks.

The banks could have used this for loans but that would have caused inflation for consumers because of increasing the money in circulation. Demand is not created by supply when it comes to lending. Banks avoid lending money when interest rates are to low unless it is in the form of auto loans or credit cards where lending rates are higher. Consumers were avoiding purchases in favor of paying old debt down. Corporations cut costs by not investing and reducing staff which increase profits. The money ended up on Wall Street. Read more about Ted Bauman at

Since 2009 the economy has been growing at a rate of three percent and is almost at full employment. This means ordinary people are starting to get disposable income. The seasonally adjust income is at two percent which is the Federal target. Tax cuts will lead to inflation instead of investment. Employees are already demanding the increased wages they have been promised which will lead to higher prices.

Interest rates will rise faster, lending will be done more recklessly, and the stock market bubble will increase because of excess cash resulting from tax cuts at a corporate level.

Living in Atlanta, Georgia with his family Ted Bauman is on a mission to teach people how to be financially independent. He attempts to educate people on tax laws, investments and other issues that can aid them in achieving financial success.



Female executes that were included in the list of Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music are the best tastemakers, influencers and dealmakers today. There are over one hundred women on the list that are innovating the music industry and Desiree Perez is among them. Forty-seven-year-old Perez is COO of Roc Nation.

Perez’s reputation is that of a tough negotiator and she has proved it the multimillion dollar investments she has negotiated. JAY-Z’s fourteenth billboard 200 number one album went platinum before the album was even released because of the deal she made with Sprint. The album has since gotten the equivalent of six hundred thousand album units. There have also been multimillion dollar touring partnerships that came from her dealings.

Desiree Perez has had been an associate of Jay Z’s for nearly twenty years along with a long record of running the SC Enterprises. The Tidal app, which Perez got Sprint to invest in, gets album exclusives and is even higher than Itunes when it comes to this. Perez is organizing these high class plays to get more exposure for albums. She has a head for accounting and is part of a collective that takes care of labeling, management and publishing for Roc Nation.

Perez is a take charge woman who knows the ropes of the music business and helps inspiring artists. She took part in Rihanna’s deal with Samsung and the Beyonce Formation stadium was negotiated by Perez. Her business knowledge, negotiating skills and marketing capabilities make her a force in the music industry.

Another day of trading closes and yet again thousands of Americans interested in participating in the stock market lose out on potential gains. This travesty happens every day. Why? Many would say they lack the funds to begin investing. However, what causes most people not to get involved is how intimidating the stock market to be. Charts floating letters up and down seem overwhelming. How could anyone possibly know what all those letters mean and have time to research them before the price rises. Also, when do professionals know when to sell or what to sell? It seems like an entire degree could be centered around just the terminology alone. While the stock market can be very intimidating for first timers there are many systems out there that make investing easy for people new to the marketplace.  For a note-worthy article about responsible investment, check this.

During the summer months, the stock market becomes more fluid than normal. Even well-seasoned traders have to employ strategies to cope with the ever-changing market. One popular strategy is the Lock and Walk strategy. This system centers around managing the patterns of the market and reacting to them swiftly. It is formulated around the resistance and support on a given stock. As stated previously, and further outlined by tricky rules such as the “lock and walk” getting into investing can seem daunting. but it does not have to be. If these terms confuse you, you’re not alone.   For additional trading tips, check this link on

There are plenty of awesome companies out there like Netpicks that focus on making the experience easier for new investors. Services such as Netpicks take months of studying out of the process of becoming a trader. They are a tried and true company that has it’s roots back in 1996.  Access their free tutorials, visit their page.

Since they were founded it has been their mission to put their personal experience with trading into teaching others how to do the same. Netpicks’ courses are easy to understand, and they cater to individuals who are seeking something part-time to the more ambitious looking for a new career. For topics about swing trading, browse on this useful link.

Netpicks focuses on making the learning process as quick and easy as possible. Netpicks also has an eager staff ready to answer any and all the questions their students may have along the way.  Get connected, hit on this.

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For people that think about getting passive income, the best thing for them to do is find the right activity to bring in the income. Some people who are looking for passive income may find themselves wanting to trade. While many people are aware of the stock markets, there are actually plenty of markets to trade in. Some of these markets are actually larger than the stock market. One example of a large market is the Forex market. This market is very large because of the many traders. One of the reasons that it is so huge is because there is a lot of earning potential. The only thing is that it is very easy to lose money without the right type of information.  Read more about trading, check this.

For new traders, there is a good source of information. This source is called Netpicks. The best thing about Netpicks is that it tells the truth about the Forex market as well as other trading markets from the viewpoint of people in different areas of Forex. Netpicks goes into all of the different tools that can be used to help with the trading activity. For instance, the newcomer can learn about the different indicators as well as learning how to use stop-loss on Forex platforms. Access and learn from their tutorials, visit their page.

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It takes a lot of experience and practice before anyone can actually make any profits from the Forex market. As a matter of fact, most of the successful traders have been at it for years before they have begun to make consistent profits. There are a lot of things that traders have to figure out before they find a strategy that is effective for them. Traders have to figure out how to handle losing trades as well as how to handle winning trades. Netpicks is very effective at giving them insights that can help them.

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Investor Matt Badiali is an expert in natural resources, especially mining, agriculture, and mining. As such, he is a senior editor for Banyon Hill Publishing which publishes newsletters related to investing in many industries. In addition to other positions he has served in he has also been a professor of geology at two universities, the University of North Carolina and Duke University.

Looking towards 2018, Matt Badiali thinks that copper miners are going to have a great year according to his analysis of the situation. As he reports on the blog he runs, when you’re talking about commodities you’re essentially talking about China. China by far uses the most of just about every commodity there is as they are the globe’s biggest manufacturer of products among other things.

When it comes to China, Matt Badiali says that they use half of the world’s coal, for example, which they use to generate power. Other amazing figures shows that they also use just about half of many other commodities such as nickel, aluminum, iron, lead, ore, and copper. The result of this is that by keeping an eye on China he says that you can know what’s going to happen to commodities due to this dominance.

What Matt Badiali sees happening now is demand for copper in China. His research has shown that China’s import of copper hit a record in the latter half of 2017. He thinks it’s now a great time to invest in copper because he sees the demand of China for this metal growing even larger in 2018. More info at Talk Markets

As he points out, the price of copper hit its low in 2016. He also shows that while copper prices are now 20% higher they are also 10% lower than they were at their high point in October 2017. This had led to some companies that mine and process copper to lose value, such as Freeport-McMoRan Inc. and Southern Copper Crop. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter.

As Matt Badiali sees it, these drawbacks in value in these companies present an opportunity to investors. Demand for copper in China is strong and will only get bigger. The pullback in the stocks of these companies is incorrect according to what is really going on, he says. He is expecting both of these companies to make a lot more in 2018 than they have in the last few years and he expects investors in their stocks to realize fantastic returns.

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It takes a real man to inspire the world. When you inspire the world, you impact many people’s lives positively in one way or the other. For Troy McQuagge, doing well is more of a norm, something that has made him gain fame over the years. As a corporate leader and entrepreneur, Troy McQuagge has been able to run several top rated companies like USHEALTH Career Agency, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Small Business Insurance Company Advisors, Precision Dialing Services, USHEALTH Funding, Foundation Financial Services, HealthMarket, USHEALTH Advisors, and USHEALTH Group during his lifetime.

With over thirty years of experience in insurance and sales, Troy has been able to single-handedly boost the productivity of the corporations he heads making them more competitive even in the current market environment. One company that has been incredibly lucky to have Troy McQuagge is none other than USHEALTH Group, an institution he joined in 2014. Three years later, the corporation has been able to enjoy an increase in profit margins and general productivity. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Ever since Troy joined USHEALTH Group, he has taken all his roles and responsibilities with a lot of seriousness, something that has helped weigh his worth to the institution in less than five years. For three consecutive years, USHEALTH Group has been nothing less than productive, thanks to Troy’s input. With his ability to resolve multiple yet complex issues, as well as lead and motivate other people, Troy McQuagge’s streak at USHEALTH Group has been nothing short of spectacular. If Troy McQuagge did not give his all to USHEALTH Group, then people would not be able to lead better lives.

As the President and Chief Executive Officer, Troy McQuagge has gained the admiration of his peers in the health insurance business. In 2017, Christmas came early for Troy McQuagge. It is in January that McQuagge got named the Gold Winner as CEO of the year in the highly coveted One Planet Awards. The accolade did not come by chance. It was given to Troy McQuagge after he had proven to the world that he was more than a great leader by bringing order and excellence to USHEALTH Group. Before Troy ever got to join USHEALTH, he desired to re-engineer and reinvent the corporation’s distribution agency. When the time came for Troy to join USHEALTH, he hit the ground running hence the kind of success the company enjoys today.

In his short time at USHEALTH Group, the company has been able to witness unlimited success year after year, something that has encouraged its growth and expansion. With his commitment to providing quality through innovation, Troy McQuagge has remained true to his word. Hence, the future looks promising for USHEALTH Group, thanks to Troy McQuagge.

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When mentioning the corporate leaders who helped transform Securus Technologies into what it is today, one cannot fail to mention the current President and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith. Owing to Rick’s relentless efforts, the Texas-based prison tech company is now able to provide exceptional communication services to inmates and their loved ones. The firm also helps prevent crime in the prison and the outside world.

When Mr. Rick took over as CEO on Jun 13, 2008, some people didn’t believe in him. They could not see how an electrical engineer with no experience how prison world works could help make Securus Technologies a force that no competitor could challenge. One year after taking over as the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith had attained tangible results. It was evident that Rick was different, and he would help Securus conquer the prison world thanks to his leadership skills, knowledge, and innovative approaches. According to Wikipedia

What Did Rick Do Differently?

Once he took over the leadership of the prison tech company, Rick introduced several strategies and changes aimed at enhancing clients’ experience and satisfaction. He also ensured that he was in charge of the employee recruitment process. Why did he do that? According to Rick, this enables him to ensure only talented employees come on board. At the beginning of this year, Rick Smith Securus added Jim Bill to his team. Jim is a talented sales executive who has helped many companies, both local and international, grow their brand’s voice, expand their client base, and penetrate more regions. According to Smith, introducing Jim Bill to his team was important as it would help Securus sell its new product and also penetrate more regions.


Before he became CEO of Securus Technologies, he worked at the Global Crossing in North America, where he held various top positions. During his stint at the helm of the company, the exceptional tech executive helped the Global Crossing grow its revenue by $300 million. After working for more than 20 years at Global Crossing, Rick joined the team at Echelons Telecoms. There, he served as the Chief Financial Officer, a position he held until 1999. In 2000, Mr. Rick became the President of Echelons Telecoms and held this position until 2003. He went on to become the Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. In 2008, he joined Securus after being appointed as one of the board members. He was later appointed as the company’s CEO and President of the reputable company. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.


According to his rich resume, Rick earned his associate degree from Roster Institute of Technology. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Master’s degree in Engineering from New York State University, Buffalo. He also went to the University of Rochester’s Simon School, where he received his MBA.

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Located in Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy is a provider of electricity and natural gas. The company, which was founded in 2004, also offers low-cost wireless phone services, as well as protective Smart home devices that come with a digital voice service that gives safety alerts, such as thermostats that can be controlled even when a customer is away from home. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

To help their customers achieve efficient heating in their homes over the winter months, Stream Energy came up with a list of tips that can be followed in order to cut energy costs while keeping the temperature inside their homes at a comfortable level. These tips include:

  1. Maintaining a healthy heating system by changing HVAC filters regularly and

getting home furnaces serviced by a professional.

  1. Reversing ceiling fans so that they will spin in the opposite direction,

forcing the rising warm air to go downward.

  1. Sealing air leaks in the home by putting caulk around windows and by

installing weather stripping wherever it’s needed. Also, using window

coverings to trap heat in, and inspecting insulation in attics and

crawlspaces to make sure it’s adequate.

  1. Checking the roof for damaged shingles, cleaning the gutters, and mowing

leaves that can be used for mulching the yard. View Stream Energy at

  1. Turning off outside faucets and draining the sprinkler system to avoid

having a burst pipe.

  1. Stocking up on food and water and keeping warm clothing, as well as snow

shovels to use in case of getting snowed in for an extended period of time.

  1. Investing in a transistor radio and a lot of batteries just in case power

goes out for a while.

Stream Energy, which was founded by two men named Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, is made up of 245 employees, and is led by CEO Larry Mondry. Some customers of the energy providing company have expressed their satisfaction with the fact that they have experienced having lower monthly bills after switching over to the company, and with the way the employees helped them resolve serious issues relating to their services by handling the problem in a prompt and efficient manner.


Most people have ventured into different types of investments that help them at list get to put – bed on their tables. Markets have opened dealing with furniture, food, beauty products and many others. We have heard them and at times get hold of some but, has it ever occurred to your thinking that, the money we use to buy stuff can be sold and bought? Yes, it is possible in the foreign exchange market platform. It is the market above other financial arcades, and over the years it has continued to grow and at a very high rate.


The main reason as to why this foreign exchange market came to being, was and still to let people have the perfect place to buy and sell different currencies. To add on that, opportunists have the chance to earn some profit from the currency selling after they have raised in value. This market has no exact location.

Work strategy

Speculators pair two different currencies like the Kenyan shilling and the US dollar. The price same with the US dollar is what the person can swap. The prices change as the dealers buy and sell them at different rates on the forex market. The sellers know the market pairs current cost is above the actual rate while the buyers know that stand with the opposite if the seller.


 Persons can get into trade even after very little deposits

 Trade takes place at all hours there is no time to waste because change can occur any time hence creating a larger room for one to earn profits.

 Trade can be made even without physical appearance of the business person. Hence one can trade even when in the comfort of their home or another job.

 Provides significant opportunities for earning profits.

Most selling currencies

The most selling coins are mostly with the US dollar. Dollars seem to move less rapidly compared to others. France Swiss is turning up good hence becoming investors preferred currency.


Before venturing into any business, it is essential to have a plan. In forex trade identifying specific currency ideas that will attract purchase or sale value. News headlines count a lot in the in the prediction of currencies rise or fall.


As much as risks are involved all the time in different business it is vital to at list limit them. Netpicks suggests that starting with small amounts of the transaction is good in case something comes up only a small amount will get lost.  Hit this to read more about trading.

About Netpicks.

This institution was founded in 1996as an online trading agency. Over time it has grown to the point of providing trading education. Netpicks’ central headquarters are in Texas Irving under Mark Sorberman and some of his trained personnel.  Visit their page and read their free tutorials.

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The Main objectives of Netpicks are to see to it that investors get what they need at the required time. To do this, they have made it possible for work to be done as

  • Full-time career
  • Part-time income
  • Done in minutes

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