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Bitcoin digital currency has been in existence since 2009. Today, bitcoin is an investing magnet with a worth of more than $92,000. The city of Miami is slowly embracing its use in buying and selling. Miami’s real estate experts find that accepting its value in large-scale transactions is more advantageous. Bitcoins are fast becoming a globally popular digital currency. Many industries are attempting to introduce bitcoin to buy and sell as in the real estate field.

Many investors are trying to accept bitcoin within the real estate property business. Bitcoin is presently used to send and receive money all around the world. Miami, Florida, and its real estate industry is accepting bitcoin transactions because of the diverse people living in this financially lucrative market. Bitcoin is a daily currency that has been adopted and is used Dubai real estate market.

One person who see bitcoin as a future viable currency is Mike Komaransky, a Miami homeowner who is selling his property using bitcoins. His home is on sale for $6.5 million and he is looking for a buyer to complete the deal with bitcoins. Mr. Komaransky believes that using bitcoin currency is a less riskier means of payment exchange.

Samuel Strauch is a successful realtor who is keeping an open mind on bitcoin technology. Mr. Strauch believes that times are changing quickly, and new business practices should be considered. Samuel Strauch has years of experience in the real estate industry, having acquired a BA degree from the prestigious Hofstra University.

He also achieved additional education from the renowned Harvard University and Erasmus University. With digital currency like bitcoins, transactions will be completed within hours rather than days. Samuel Strauch stated that it is not a standard buying and selling practice in real estate to use bitcoin, but a person can sell their home for anything if it is agreed upon by both parties and if it is clear and stipulated in its listing and closing paperwork.

Samuel Strauch believes that when industries catch on too using bitcoin, this will introduce a new form of currency which is both easier to use and is a cheaper form of money. Bitcoin experts visualize that it will be the favored currency of the future, especially in the real estate industry. According to bitcoin will be used exclusively by agents and investors in the real estate market.

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To those who are involved in the advertisement industry, it may not come as a surprise that as of 1st October, photographers in France are expected to indicate “retouched” in case of advertisement in which the model’s body has been retouched. It therefore acts as some form of Photoshop alert. Follow Bruno Fagali on Twitter.

The justification for this is that an estimate of thirty to forty thousand people in the country suffer from anorexia and there is a high rate of reported deaths from the same. Most of these, are Folloscents. Brazil already discussed the subject in 2010 and came up with the Bill 6853/2010 which requires notification for retouched images.

A recent publication of the official city Gazette indicates that if a supplier chooses to market bio plastic bags, it should not have the company logo so that the consumer does not advertise for the supplier and get no payment in return. If the supplier decides to include the company logo in the bag, then the distribution should be at no cost. Breach of this constitutes violation of the rules in article 6. Procon Paulistano uses the provisions given by the Consumer Protection Code like protection from abusive advertising and forecasts which take excessive advantage of consumers.

In simple terms, Procon understood that it is too much to ask the consumer to pay for the bag and still be required to advertise it. The decision was influenced by the recent bags regulation in Sao Paulo. The Municipal Law prohibited free distribution and sale of plastic bags in 2011.

Bruno Fagali is one of the fast rising lawyers in Brazil. Alongside other lawyers, he is bringing a new dimension to the legal system in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has several years of experience and great knowledge in Administrative Law. He has worked for a number of law firms as of 2006 practising in different law disciplines. Currently, Bruno Fagali works as the corporate integrity manager for Nova. He also practises independently in his agency, the Fagali Law Firm. He is well known for his professionalism and integrity in the provision of legal services and is one of the most sought after attorneys in Brazil. Read more:


Amazon, the King of E-Commerce has a new Queen in town, her name is Kate Hudson. Daughter of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. She was born into the Hollywood glamour and pressure of living as celebrity. She was named one of the 50 most beautiful People in the wold by People magazine. Now she is taking on Amazon with her winning athletic leisure brand of leggings.



Fabletics was founded in 2013 and since then Kate and her team has turned a start up business into a $250 million dollar enterprise. Considering Ms. Hudson has no previous business experience, this is quite an amazing accomplishment and has been noted on Forbes as one of the top achievements for a start-up company.


As Amazon controls about 20% of the fashion market, Kate has taken on Amazon by creating this Athletic fashion of hers worth $250 million in just under 3 years.


One of the ways she accomplished this was by using a technique known as:


Reverse Showrooming



As with today’s technology anything is possible. Reverse Show-rooming is where a group of people are hired to research select products online. These products are then later available to be purchased at a regular store, not online.


The numerous benefits is that this allows shoppers to find the sales and discounts along with information about the product. This enables the consumer to come into the store and make purchases at their own convenience even when the stores are closed.


Ms. Husdon has capitalized on this idea and it has led to her success as a businesswoman. By providing this personalized customer service, it leads to a much more satisfying consumer experience.



Fabletics is not just another athletic wear, it is about inspiring and empowering women to be the best that they can be and reach their full potential. No matter what size, shape or physical routine you have, Fabletics has the perfect solution for you that will make you happy. We are all Women and together we are strong and can be fashionable at the same time.


Kate has been hands on this project from the day of its inception to its launch. Along with Pop Star Demi Lovato who is a collaborator, the styles remain fresh, cute and fun to wear. There are so many styles to choose from. Kates commitment and driven approach to this product is what propelled this product to the top and now she has taken on Amazon.


Check out the website and see all the different colors and products that you will fall in love with. Also don’t forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is best suited for your personal taste and needs.

The National Steel Car company is a leading manufacturer and engineering company of railway freight cars in the U.S. The company has a reputation of using advanced technology to produce the best rail cars since 1912. For over 100 years, National Steel Car has retained its manufacturing skills of producing quality, high standard rail cars. National Steel Car is the only North American rail-car company that has received an ISO certification.


National Steel Car company is led by Gregory James Aziz who is the Chief Executive Office and President. He has worked successfully for the company since 1994. Greg Aziz carries a reputation as a company executive who cares about the company’s clientele, his employees, and each supplier that National Steel Car partners with.


Greg James Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. Greg graduated from Canada’s University of Western Ontario having received a degree in economics. He worked for his family business after graduating whose line of work was in the wholesale food industry.


The family business was known nationally as Affiliated Foods. With his help, Affiliated Foods continued to grow to become a successful importer of fresh foods from Central/South America, Europe, Eastern Canada, and throughout the United States.


After a few years, Greg Aziz moved to New York and began working in the investment banking field for many years where he facilitated the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. This also led to a key position with the National Steel Car company with an early goal to make it the top railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company of North America.


With James Aziz at the helm, the National Steel Car company grew exponentially and has received many industry awards like the TTX SECO award for being a steel car leading manufacturer. National Steel Car and Greg Aziz supports many local Ontario charities, like the Ontario’s food drives, has sponsored the Hamilton Opera, the Theater Aquarius, the Salvation Army, and more.


Mr. Aziz also serves as the Chairman of National Industries, Inc. As a Hamilton, Ontario family man Gregory Aziz is married to his wife, Irene, both of whom continue to be very philanthropic in many Canadian activities like the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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Engineering is one of the most dynamic profession. Change in engineering space is not just inevitable but necessary. Engineers must embrace change positively for them to excel in the world of engineering. They should also tap the advantage of technology. Another important thing that determines the success of an engineer is good customer relationship. Greg Aziz feels proud for being in the helm of one of the leading engineering firm in North America.

National Steel Car ranks among the largest manufacturers of railcars in North America. Over time, it has retained dominance in railcar industry due to its effective commitment to customers and use of technology. It started back in 1912 and has been in operation for nearly a century. Throughout the years, National Steel Car has maintained its high standards that are unmatched in the industry.


Greg Aziz is National Steel Car’s current CEO. He began working for the premier railcar manufacturer in 1994. Greg Aziz values the efforts of each employee at the company and all the suppliers and customers. Greg attributes the success of the railcar manufacturer to continued commitment, trust, and determination of all stakeholders. In his role as the CEO, Greg Aziz focuses on the essential factors for the greater good of National Steel Car. After completing his studies at the University of Western Ontario, Greg Aziz began working at his family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, before joining National Steel Car. Afterwards, he relocated to New York where he would serve as an executive in investment banking.

Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has been recognized with the TTX SECO award for 13 consecutive years for its excellence in steel car engineering. Over the years, National Steel Car has maintained its dominance in the industry for focusing on quality products. National Steel Car always strives to meet deadlines. It is the only OSI certified steel car manufacturer in North America. National Steel Car doesn’t rest on its past excellence. Instead, it focuses on a better future through continuous innovation and commitment to quality. Check Out This Article.


Under Greg’s watch, National Steel Car works with the surrounding communities to make their lives better. The firm has employed over 2,000 residents of Hamilton. It also sponsors several charitable causes including the Theatre Aquarius and Hamilton Opera. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Greg Aziz has passion and affinity for excellence and quality in railcar industry. He currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife, Irene, and their two children.


Foreign Exchange traders have a way of shortening their trade name to “Forex” but even with the short name, the investment surpasses all other investments in the market. The investors in the foreign exchange market use the market to invest and trade in different government currencies in the world. The primary purpose of the forex market is to allow traders to exchange different currencies. Speculators are also given an opportunity to buy money and resell when the currency’s value has risen. The foreign exchange market has been in existence for over three decades and it does not have a specific location where traders carry out their trade. Foreign Exchange trade involves the pairing of two currencies to swap for another. Trading at the Forex has an advantage in that one can still trade without quitting their current occupations because the trade happens 24/7.

Netpicks is an online organization which since it was established it has been providing trading education. The trading school was founded in 1996 and some of the information that the firm provides include; stocks, futures, forex, Options &ETFs which are available in swing trading as well as day trading. Hop over to for an additional trading tips.

The organization was established to assist traders to accomplish their goals in the Foreign Exchange market.   Here’s a chance to know what goes inside a counter punch trader trade room, check this.

The firm was created by Mark Sober man and has their Head Offices located in Irving, Texas. The group has professional staffs who have experience in the foreign exchange market. The firm has been in existence for over 25 years with staffs who are a vast experience of over 17 years in the forex sector. Netpicks staff has been handling clients every day and value their customers, Netpicks has a trading system that is well designed and the management has always have specific goals in mind among them;

  • Done in minutes
  • Full-time career
  • Part-time income

Netpicks customers have to choose their aims and their system will do the rest for them. Their systems are simple and easy to learn.   Read this important article, click this useful link.

Students who want to learn about Foreign Exchange they can visit the Netpicks site and watch their videos to learn more. The experienced staff is always available to offer their support.  For an overview of their new and recent activities, hit

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October 11, 2017, was a significant day for Banco Bradesco’s management; the bank’s chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, who had served the bank for over 74 years stepped down. Following Brandao’s abdication, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed to take over the chairmanship of the bank. Bradesco’s bank chairman represents Bradesco Foundation, the controlling shareholder of Bradesco. Trabuco who is also the president of the bank will discharge the responsibilities of both offices until when the bank will appoint his successor. According to Bradesco’s bylaws, Trabuco’s term as the CEO of the company will end early next year, and the bank is prospecting for his replacement. When he officially steps down as the president, Trabuco will continue his tenure as the chairman of the bank.

Brandao was the holder of the No.1 employee badge and for a reason. The retired executive joined the bank in 1943; he was a teenager—16 years old. In fact, he had not completed his fundamental studies, and the bank placed him to discharge clerical duties. However, nobody expected that Brandao’s career would turn out the way it did. The little-known clerk put forward his best foot in serving the bank. Bradesco recognized his ability, and he got promoted several times each instance ascending the corporate ladder. Brandao had his huge break in 1981 when Bradesco thought he was the best-placed employee to replace the then CEO, Amado Aguiar, who was also the brains behind the banking institution. Ten years later, Brandao once again succeeded Aguiar as the chairman of the bank. For the following eight years, Brandao held both the chairmanship and the presidency posts. Brandao tenure in the presidency office ended in 1999. While he stepped down, he continued serving as the chair of the board of directors until his recent resignation.

Trabuco’s career is almost similar to that of the immediate former chairman, Brandao. Bradesco hired Trabuco 48 years ago to discharge clerical roles. Just like Brandao, the sky is the limit for Trabuco. The executive was promoted successively through various levels of management until he become the CEO of the bank in 2009. Before that, Trabuco was in charge of Bradesco Seguros where he increased the unit’s efficiency. His tenure at Bradesco Seguros saw the subsidiary’s profit contributions to its parent company rise markedly.

As the president of Bradesco, Trabuco initiated programs tailored to improve the service delivery of the bank. He established Unibrad Corporate University which was recently certified the “Best Corporate University in the World.” Trabuco envisioned a corporate entity whose employees including the top managers achieved their personal and professional goals. In 2015, he made a bold move that saw Bradesco acquire HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion. The purchase was later certified the most significant one in Brazil’s financial industry that year.

Trabuco’s education background centered on human sciences as opposed to accounting, economics, or studies related to the banking profession. He is a philosopher with postgraduate knowledge on Socio-Psychology. He is a former student of UNESP and the Fundação School of Sociology and Politics.

Trabuco has navigated the banking professional impressively winning awards, and his name has appeared alongside those of other industry leaders. Recently, the Forbes Magazine included Trabuco’s name in its list of “Best CEO’s in Brazil.” However, last year’s recognition was just one of the many that Trabuco has received. Trabuco is the custodian of the 2009’s Don Quixote Trophy.

Who Might Succeed Trabuco?

Although nobody can state with certainty who will take over from Trabuco, the following seven professionals are in the forefront of the succession contest.

  • Mauricio Machado de Minas
  • Alexandre da Silva Gluher
  • Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
  • Josué Augusto Pancini
  • Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
  • Octavio de Lazari
  • André Rodrigues Cano

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The trading industry is a large one. It is filled with people that want to get in on the guying of goods and services in order to make money. There is a sector the industry that deals with foreign trading. This is called Forex.

Learning how to trade with Forex can be tricky, and this is why there is a company named NetPicks out there. They are experts at training people to trade in profound or smart way.

NetPicks has a selection of highly experienced workers who trade every single day. They are knowledgeable on knowing how to make the most money from a variety of trading sources. They use their high levels of intelligence to teach others how to do also.

They teach how to trade for different levels of knowledge. The first is for people that just want to trade to make money once in a while. The second level is for people that might want to do it more often and even work in the field. The final level is used for people that are going to be trading every day. In all cases, they help to set and achieve the financial goals that a person has set for whatever reason that they have.  To read more about socially responsible investment, hop over to this link.

So many people use NetPicks, and they are happy with what they learn ant the results that they see. They end up telling other people about the company so that they too can benefit from learning from.   Tutorials are available on their live video streaming in their channel.

Using NetPicks for learning the trading industry has given people the money that they need for all different types of reasons. They are so much better off than if they had not learned from them. They can now use their trading knowledge to benefit them and propel them towards of future that is much better for them financially.  For additional reading about trading, check this useful link.

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Igor Cornelsen worked as a banker in Brazil, without knowing that it would be so helpful in his career later. Through his career in banking did not last long because he quit after he was involved with a short stint. Igor changed his interest to investments. Since then he has been an advisor to the investors, advising them on some of the mistakes that they should not make when investing. Instead, what he does is advising investors in some of the damaged stock that they should invest in, which later he will advise them on how they will go about selling them so that to make a profit. Taking advantage of the damaged stock is so helpful according to Igor because most likely these stocks are cheap and affordable, but later when the market stabilizes then they will pick up, and they can be resold.

Igor Cornelsen being a banker has helped him with the knowledge that he needs in dealing with any situation. Igor has benefited so many companies, one of them being the Burger King organization which has benefited a lot when it comes to the advice of Igor. He has been in the investment business for long, so he has an idea about the merits and demerits of investing in any investment.

The advice that Igor Cornelsen gives to his investors is that they should try countries like China because one thing about China it’s that it has Brazil as its trading partner. Besides that China has a very similar economy with Brazil. His advice is that before making any investment in any country, one thing that anyone should consider is the trading partner that country has and the countries that they compete with so that to get maximum profit in the investment. Igor advice against investing in new companies became that’s one mistake so many people make. Investors rush to this companies later to lose everything. History has shown that hot new business not most of them succeed. A new company will rise so fast, but later it will collapse with they get to face the turbulence in the market. Read more on Reporter Expert:


The changes experienced in the technology industry have opened doors to more possibilities with different people taking a proactive decision to deal with the arising challenges. By using a proactive approach, various individuals are in a position to avoid the challenges and design better ways to deal with the arising issues.

The proactive strategies have been designed in such a manner that they can help a company or an individual to profit immensely from a market that may have shown signs of collapsing. The “Lock and Walk” strategy, for instance, has helped numerous individuals to make profits even during the rough seasons when cases of incurring losses are prone.

The Lock and Walk strategy has been designed in such a manner that it supports as well as respects the resistance levels observed in the Nasdaq 100, the trading platform in ProShares UltraShort, as well as the ProShares Ultra QQQ. The strategy comes in handy when resistance and support levels are tested. An essential factor to consider when using this strategy is the fact that if QLD is used to support resistance, it becomes easy for an individual to use it. With this approach, in instances where the QID has tested resistance, the target can be sold. On the other hand, if resistance breaks, then the QID should be sold.  Watch demo videos in this link on

Though these points may sound formidable and friendly, there is nothing pleasant about them. The notion behind this argument is based on the fact that when the strategy fails, there is a high possibility that the entire approach will cease been operational. The good thing about using this strategy is the fact that once it has gained 67 points, it automatically shuts down until the next trading session kicks in.  Important details here, click on this.

NetPicks is an online trading company that was founded in the year 1996. With more than two decades of unmatched experience under its belt, NetPicks is no doubt your gold standard partner when it comes to trading.  For more about socially responsible trading, check on this.

The company NetPicks is based in Irving, Texas, where it specializes more on Forex, Stocks, Futures, and Options. In general, NetPicks helps traders to achieve their dreams and eventual success in the trading industry. For an overview of their recent timeline activities, hit

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