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There is a level of nervousness in Wall Street that has not been witnessed for some time. Instead of the normal choleric arrogance of investors, there is a blanket of caution that resembles the phlegmatic. The previous assertion by daring investors that the market was unstoppable seems not to be the mood presently. This is perhaps attributable to the selloff of the technology sector this month.


This mood in turn leads to a choppy market. The choppy market situation demonstrates price fluctuation with no meaningful overall price movement either upwards or downwards. How to trade in this environment is quite delicate which is why a little education suffices.

One of the strategies is the ‘Lock and Walk’ strategy. This strategy looks at support levels and the resistance levels as well when dealing with the Nasdaq. The strategy advices on when to trade the ‘ProShares UltrShort QQQ’ and the ‘ProShares Ultra QQQ’.

The Rules

Where the support is tested using QLD one should look at ‘resistance to sell’. If the support breaks then QLD should be sold. On the other hand if the ‘resistance is QID tested one should target the sell support. Supposing resistance breaks, then QID should be sold. The rules are not as difficult as first glance suggests. In a nutshell you should ‘buy near support and ‘sell near resistance’. However, should ‘support break, you should stop activity.

Note that the ‘Lock and Walk’ rule is characterized by 67 ‘points in gain’. It shuts down when the operations are over to await the next session of trading.

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This is a company that was established in 1966, when online trading was just emerging. Indeed day trading back then was also a new sensation. It educates clients on how to trade Forex and stocks. The company helps traders make profits while trading in the market.

The trading systems target people who are in full-time trading, part-time trading and those who have even lesser time to do their trading. Additional details on this link

Netpicks is based in Texas where Mark Soberman, together with skilled professionals, helps others learn how to trade. Netpicks has conducted this educational classes for a decade and a half, making it well placed to help traders hone their skills. For timeline activity updates, click this.

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Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional advisor who ensures democracy across the world. Choudhry is the founder of The Center for Constitutions Transitions. The organization generates and mobilizes knowledge in support of the Constitution. It achieves that by assembling and leading global networks of experts to produce evidence based policy option for decision makers and agenda setting research. The Center of Constitution Transition has worked with over fifty experts from more than 25 countries. The organization solves issues such as incomplete, outdated, non-existent, lack of adequate and up to date research that occurs during Constitution transition.

Sujit is a scholar of comparative constitutional law; he received his degree in Law from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He learned new legal and political environment during his entire life. He has a broad range of public policy experience and has learned a great deal about decision making from his work. Sujit understands that America has constitutional democracies under stress similar to other countries around the world. Sujit notes that America should learn from the success and failure of other nations. Read more on

Sujit says that a constitution transition expert has to be responsive to people on the ground. Experts immerse themselves in the environment to look at the things from their view point. Sujit says that truth should never be assumed.   For more insight from Sujit, click this interview of him on  Sujit wishes there was the existence of new organizations that host most important constitutional case laws in multiple languages. Sujit promises completion of collaborative research with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California. At Berkeley School of Law; he served as the Dean. Earlier, he served as a professor of Law at New York University, and the Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto. Sujit is recognized globally by his comparative constitutional law and politics.

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Mr. Sujit combines a wide-range of research agenda with extensive field experience as an advisor to Constitution development in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Ukraine. Refer to for this.  Sujit was a Rhodes Scholar and served as a law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.  See Sujit’s service and contact details, hit

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Any observant person will easily spot the harmonizing and inseparable union between technology and fashion. Technology will always take a fashionable look else it will diminish in relevance no matter its usefulness. Also, fashion seems helpless without technology as it stays glue to being technologically fashionable. Instead if time stopping this trend, it keep boosting it.

People who lived in the 70s will remember the boom box and the pleasure they derived from it. It provided a means of carrying favorite tunes and stations from one location to another. However, by the 90s only few people could still remember the boom box, the Walkman became the new bride. It ability to provide a personal music experience endeared it to many in no small measure. Many never thought something better will come up later, but by the turn of the century, the Walkman became outdated with the arrival of the iPod. Each of these appliances looked more fashionable than previous ones.

The fashion world has not been static either. There is now an ever increasing technological dimension to fashion. Many are beginning to regard technology as the live wire of fashion. The words of a renowned Dutch fashion designer readily come to mind at this point: “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”

It is now possible to combine technology and fashion to create energy since movement is all that is required for electrical energy. Do not be surprise when you come across cloths with the ability to capture kinetic energy for the purpose of powering appliances like watch and mp3. Soledad Martin is almost concluding his work on a prototype shoe that can charge cell phones when walking or running with it.

Also, fashion has not stop helping technology to gain the popularity it needs. Many technological products would be unknown and possibly unused if not for fashion. Forums like Fashion Shows help showcase all manners of technological products.

It is obvious from the above that the success of fashion is closely tied to technology and vice versa.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an example of a person who started out on the journey of entrepreneurship early in life. Little wonder, he became a monumental success in business. While in college at Itchica he beckoned to his brother Bob, and they both stated Eagles Eye apparel. They sold it for $165 million few years after. Only a genius can achieve such feat.

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Even though Burch was a success in fashion, he is not a mediocre in other industries. He was brave enough to explore other line of businesses and recorded as much success. Many will not forget in a hurry his giant strides in technology and real estate. More interesting news on

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Burch Creative Capital, another creation of Mr. Burch is also booming on all fronts with intimidating portfolio that includes Poppin, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and ED among many others.  Check for additional reading.

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After there was a sell-off for the technology sector earlier this month Wall Street has encountered a drastic change. While before there was a quote-unquote arrogant attitude that came from some investors today is just a sad demeanor

of nervousness. This type of change can open the doors of a very slow and choppy Market during the months of Summer. In such environments with a low volume is not unusual for this time of year, however, it’s still can bring a bad feeling to investors. During times like this, it is best to look for new information that will help the current situation.

The Number One Site For Investors

Netpicks is among the places to go when investors want to use their money properly and learn how to do it in an effective way. Netpicks was established in 1996 and has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Check their website, click  For more than 20 years since it was created, Netpicks has continued to be a pioneer in trading and offering instruction along the way. The company has experienced professionals that offer the trading experience needed to give top notch advice. It’s thought to be a staple for people who seek the most trading instruction the web can offer. Useful link here.

Fantastic News

The fantastic news is NetPicks is dedicated to accepting the losing trader (that are regrettably, nearly all) and changing them. Among the greatest things about Netpicks is their information is current and they don’t resort to jargon that is junk or continuous so as to confuse the consumer. Netpicks ensure the trader can comprehend the information that’s accessible to them. That is exactly what gives them a fantastic reputation among other sources of information regarding trading. Among the greatest things about Netpicks is it doesn’t hold back any info that is significant or over-hype anything.

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Sentiments on Wall Street have changed. This is due to the selloff of the technology sector. It has been long since this level of nervousness was witnessed. Many investors usually perceive the market to be unstoppable. This turn of events will result in a choppy market in the next months. This kind of change has happened in the past. There is a possibility that the impact will be much greater. This means that it is time for savvy traders to change strategies in order to profit from the choppy market.

One of the best strategies that have proved profitable in the past is the “Lock and Walk.” This strategy has taken the NASDAQ 100 NDX and -183 resistant levels into consideration. The strategy also combined with ProShares Ultra QQQ and ProShares UltraShort QQQ. You should sell resistance if support is QLD tested. You need to sell QLD if support breaks. Your target is to sell support if resistance is QID tested. You should sell QID if resistance breaks. Another important aspect of this strategy is that it has 67 basis points in the gains. The best thing is to wait for the next trading session to perform any transaction if resistance breaks. Check this useful link. You should also note that it is not a guarantee that the strategies will work every time if they worked in the past.  Click on for related article.

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Netpicks is a Texas-based online trading strategy company. It has been in operations since 1996. The company has been consistent in providing excellent trading education including stocks, futures, swing trading, forex, and ETFs. The company has a well-trained and an experienced team offering quality service to regular traders under its belt. The majority of its staff are real traders. They provide insights that have tested positive. The team is passionate about helping clients to achieve the best outcome from each investment.   Try visiting them at their page.  Netpicks system is designed with consumer interest in mind. It caters for full-time traders, part-time traders, and one-time traders. The system will identify the right strategies based on one’s objective. It has a coaching team that provides necessary support to traders. For full details, visit their website here

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Mr. Sheldon Lavin currently works as the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI group. He is in charge of the OSI international Foods Ltd, which he has led up the ladder from the humble local food company that it was to a trusted global billion-dollar food processing company. It is through his leadership that the company has opened up 60 locations in 16 different countries. The OSI-Vista Processed Foods is a branch of the larger OSI group and has 8 locations in India in which it provides quality fruit, vegetables and meat processing. To honor this outstanding achievement, India’s Vision World Academy presented Sheldon Lavin with the Global Visionary Award. This is an award that appreciates visionaries in the different fields through whose efforts dreams have been turned into reality.

Building Sheldon’s career in the meat industry has been through thorns and roses. He joined the industry more than 43 years ago after wrapping up his career in the world of finance. He has seen the OSI group, which comprises of OSI industries, OSI international Inc. and the OSI International Foods LLC, employ approximately 20,000 people throughout the world. Together, they have built a family oriented culture in the workforce through which they appreciate the efforts of each member.

The journey to Sheldon’s success kicked off in 1970 when he arranged the financing of Otto and Sons, which then came to be succeeded by the OSI industries. With his help in this, Lavin ultimately became a consultant for this company. 5 years later, Lavin became more attached to the company especially when they wanted to invest overseas. He would then become a partner and later a full time manager. From there the company, now known as the OSI group, expanded its market in North America and Europe before further expansion in the East.

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NuoDB is a data based management system that:

NuoDB is a database that grows as far and as fast as your business while maintaining the security of your transactions. NuoDB scales your business’s transaction information horizontally and vertically which gives your business the choice of moving up and out.

Plenty of elasticity and plenty of movement lets business owners track and analyze their business performance for now and in the future.

NuoDB offers strict guarantees and security on transactions between your customers and B2B.

Would your business be supported by a distributed database? By moving your business to the NuoDB, you can enjoy a broader range of transactions (one million per sec) to meet your business’s growing needs. Is your business growing? Do you need more transactions processed? No worries. Just add a node and increase your transaction performance.
You won’t lose access to your database, even during an outage. Instant information recovery.

NuoDB: For the past, present, and future of your businesses needs.

Any time that you are looking to make the most out of your life, it pays to gain control of not only your finances, but the way that you make your finances. Because you will have to spend so much time each day earning a living, it is only right that you learn to do so in a way that provides you the most value. In this regard, becoming a direct sales specialist allows you the opportunity to earn your money on your terms, while being your own boss. One of the best ways to do this is to a company called Traveling Vineyard. This is a company that teaches you all about wine, so that you can sell it to people in your area. Consider these points below to see exactly why this is such a great idea.

#1: You get to be your own boss

Any time that you are looking to set out on an entrepreneurial venture, the best part of it is that you will be able to do so on your own schedule. Rather than having to show up to a 9-to-5 job that tells you when you can take time off, you will have some autonomy in this regard and will provide you the opportunity to really enrich your life. This allows you to spend more time with your kids, traveling and doing whatever else brings you fulfillment.

#2: You will learn an incredible skill that can enhance your overall life

Wine is something that has stood the test of time when it comes to interest, culture and social prestige. The more you learn about wine, the more you will be able to use this in a social setting and can truly embrace this as a hobby. You will be able to get an on-the-job wine education that will be invaluable to you.

#3: Your earning potential will increase

Bottom line, any time that you are taking advantage of everything that Traveling Vineyard offers you as an independent contractor, you’ll be able to make more money. The reason for this is that you will not have any sort of ceiling on your income and can earn money on your own terms.

Consider these tips to make the most out of your earning potential by reaching out to Traveling Vineyard.

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Jason Hope has been standing at the forefront of the latest tech innovations, much like the rest of his career. Hope is a renowned futurist and one of the leaders in the race for the Internet of Things to become a prominent part of our day to day lives. The Internet of Things is one of the most exciting new tech innovations sweeping across the tech world and people are going to start paying more attention thanks to Hope’s tireless work. Let’s dig into the Internet of Things in order to see just how it can impact our lives.

We need to look at the Internet of Things as the next great industry that it actually is. The Internet of Things is the collection of items that we react with in our day to day lives that happens to be networked with the internet. We can look at how smart phones and modern technology have made us particularly beholden to the internet but that just seems to be the start of all of this. Right now Hope admits that the Internet of Things is on the fringe of social awareness, due in large part to how it is viewed as merely an entertainment mechanism, but Jason Hope believes that it will soon become the standard by which most tech companies operate.

The Internet of Things is a chance for people to improve upon their day to day lives in ways that they likely hadn’t considered. Jason Hope points to the airline industry as a prime example of how the IoT is going to improve the world in a bunch of demonstrable ways. The Internet of Things can be thanked for Virgin Atlantic’s ultra safe Boeing 787 jets. These jets are wired to the internet from head to toe in order to allow analysts to keep track of the safety, health, and functionality of the machine.Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things can improve efficiency and safety in a number of different ways in the future. He points to how the IoT can improve upon emergency response times, public transit and more as just the beginning of what the IoT has to offer.

It’s safe to say. George Soros is a one-man fighting machine. George is the man who spent millions of dollars to keep the Democrats in the White House. He also spent millions more to get Democratic senators and congressmen elected. And he even donated money to the campaigns of Democrats running for state positions. He wasn’t happy with the results of the 2016 election, but he is not giving up. Soros is still pumping money into various organizations that want to stop Trump from tearing the nation apart. Learn more about his profile at

Donating money is something that comes naturally to George Soros. He has given billions of dollars to more than 50 organizations around the world that promote the principles of an open society through his Open Society Foundation. George is a freedom fighter as well as one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world. Soros is worth more than $32 billion, and he keeps adding millions of dollars to that amount though his current investments.

Not everyone agrees with Soros when it comes to politics, but Soros is usually one of the people economic advisors listen to when international situations threaten the global economy. George was not a Brexit supporter, and he doesn’t like the way the European Union is handling the migration issue. Soros is one of the men who believes China will turn the world’s economic situation into a recessionary mess. In fact, Soros is betting China will be forced to devalue their currency in order to keep Chinese banks solvent over the next 18 months.

Know more:

Soros is not stopping his one-man show of freedom and Democracy because Trump was elected. George Soros is responsible for arranging a meeting with the top Democratic donors and the top democratic figures currently in office, so a new plan can be put in place to win the 2018 and 2020 elections. It’s safe to say that Soros is using all his political influence to derail Trump, and it’s working.

Understanding what makes George Soros tick isn’t easy. He did have a Nazi experience when he was a teenager. Soros escaped Hungary, his birth country, and fled to England. He attended the London School of Economics and earned two degrees in philosophy. Soros also discovered the open society concept while he was in school. One of his professors was a Karl Popper fan. Popper is the man who first wrote about the open society concept. George took a job on Wall Street in the 1950s, and he began an investment career that is a legend in the financial world. George earned the title, “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England” in the 1990s, when he bet the pound sterling would depreciate against the euro and the U.S. dollar. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

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