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If you are thinking about joining in with the thousands of others who are just learning about digital currencies, you may want to take advice from those who are well versed and experience in this subject matter. Because some people are expecting to increase their net worth by investing their time and efforts in getting cryptocurrencies to make them rich or comfortable at best, you may want to consider getting in from the start. However, even though there is a vast amount of information online about cryptocurrencies, it is important to note that some of it can be quite confusing. To avoid these issues or concerns, you may want to look for reputable resources. Check this article:

Background of Ian King

With this in mind, if you are searching for someone on the internet that can introduce you to cryptocurrency and the basics of getting involved, you may want to visit the sites that sponsor what a prominent cryptocurrency specialist is saying to those that will listen and then do as they have been instructed. For instance, one prominent cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur is known by the name of Ian King. Ian King is known as a guru in his field so it can assist others with the knowledge that he has gained in his area. From working on wall street and interning for Meryl Lynch, he is currently drawing on his fascination in this market and is sharing it with you.

Experienced Acquired – Perfect for Crypto Investments

With this perfect blend of trading and early investing, he is helping others to gear up with these new digital currencies so that they can also find the right system to increase their chances of success. Based on the information that he has published, those who join in with him will have a chance to obtain free daily insights on the market so that they can keep up with what is going on. To find his works, you may start by looking at since he is an editor and contributor at Banyan Hill Publishing. The information that he provides to those who follow his work, will have a chance to benefit from his 2 decades of experience in the financial markets. Therefore, he is not a newbie in the financial industry, but a well seasoned successful investor that knows how to steer and advise others. Specifically, when it comes to learning how to best use what people know to do well with the different types of cryptocurrencies.

Not all cryptocurrency options are reputable. Therefore, you need experts like Ian king to assist you in making informed decisions. With the information gained, you can also avoid scammers that can take those who do not know for a ride. Read more about Ian King at for more updates.


There are a lot of ways that NetPicks has improved the Forex experiences for users around the world. They have created safe methods of operation when it comes to investment and research alike. Established in 1996 they have facilitated a lot of updates to both systems as well as online methods of access. The diversified standards of operation that they have cultivated have led to a lot of ongoing changes that are both useful and highly relevant to contemporary needs of users.

NetPicks provides expertise as well as unique support for people who are interested in learning strategies that will lead to better results online. They have more than seventeen years of experience and make themselves easy to get in touch with so that any information that may be needed can be ascertained without any difficulty.

The benefits of the organization are resolute due to the multidimensional way that they have approached organizations as well as individual trading interests. They have crafted some of the best infrastructure with online access portals and user friendly websites in order to get the best results.

NetPicks helps individuals who are interested in the FX exchange process. They have made it easy for traders to utilize exchanges around the world. Twenty four hour a day support also makes a big difference when it comes to making changes around the world.

Overall, NetPicks is a well-articulated solution for currency pairing and leveraging strategies. They work with the United States Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, as well as other currencies like the Japanes Yen. With variegated trading options it is clear that there are strategies that NetPicks employs to give users the best experience overall.  More to read on

NetPicks is a valuable solution because they make it easy for new traders. Getting help online and having insightful decision making are some of the ways that they have improved user experience over the years. NetPicks is a robust solution and is highly ranked when it comes to getting ahead with investments (  Portfolio management in addition to other methods of implementation are some of the service indicators that NetPicks is a superior solution in contemporary times.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Matt Badiali, he is the Founder of Real Wealth Strategist, a financial newsletter published by Bayan Hill Publishing. According to Matt Badiali, the Newsletter is designed to empower people to take charge of their financial future, and therefore, Real Wealth Strategist aims to deliver a unique blend of not only educations but also, real-world experience that can help members quickly build capital. What does this entail, exactly? Well, as the name would suggest, Real Wealth Strategist is a results-oriented newsletter that provides members with invaluable investment insight, which includes investment in metal, natural resources, and energy. Members who have followed these investment strategies have been rewarded with double and in some cases, triple-digit gains.

What is Matt Badiali’s background? He is a self-proclaimed geologist at heart, whose career trajectory changed, as a result of one phone call. Badiali attended Penn State University, where he earned a B.S. in Geological and Earth Sciences, in 1992, before going on to pursue a Master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University. In 2000, he earned his Masters in Geology and Earth Science and then rounded out his education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with the intention of pursuing a Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology. However, with the imminent birth of his child, Badiali decided to forgo advancing his education and instead start his career. According to a CrunchBase article, while teaching Geology at the University of Carolina, Badiali received a phone call from a well-known financial expert who needed the expertise of a geologist to help him with a series of investments related to natural resources. Needless to say, Badiali seized the opportunity, and in one phone call completely changed his career path. More info about Matt Badiali at

Although the idea of marrying investments and geology seems to lack congruency, Matt Badiali has managed to make it work. He has adopted a talk-to-everyone, go-anywhere, and most importantly, a hands-on methodology that plays an integral role in many of his investment strategies. Prior to making personal investments or recommendations, Matt Badiali has been known visit locations to personally speak with CEO’s and to observe company operations.

And when it comes to investing in natural resources, Badiali believes in executing due diligence, which explains his rationale for visiting oil wells and mines; he believes that experiencing these resources first-hand allows him to make an informed investment decision. This “hands-on” approach has allowed Badiali to become quite the world traveler; In fact, his work has led him to several countries including Haiti, Turkey, Singapore, Iraq, and many other locations.

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Gregory James Aziz is instrumental in the growth of the National Steel Car. He was born in the city of London, Ontario, and he graduated from the prestigious universities of Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. He took up a degree in Economics, and after he graduated, he decided to help his family with their food business. He managed to develop the skills and expertise in managing businesses, thanks to world-class teaching methods back at his university.

During his first year of helping his family business, he would always make it to the point that he should be able to do something when an issue arises, and he should be able to get through any problems and challenges that they encounter along the way. Because of Greg Aziz dedication and perseverance to help his parents and their business, Gregory J Aziz found out the secrets of becoming a successful food delivery company, and in a short period, their family business expanded and became well known all throughout Canada. Their family business now delivers imported food from South America and Europe, taking them to every corner of the country. After he realized that their business had grown so much, Gregory James Aziz told his parents that he would be leaving to work for a financial company.


In 1994, Gregory James Aziz bought the National Steel Car from a steel manufacturing company named Dofasco, and because of his skills and expertise, he managed to transform the company to become one of the most profitable and fastest growing companies in Canada. Greg Aziz also decided to retain the employees which have been working for the National Steel Car, because he realized that they could help the company grow further and he can use their skills in creating his quality rolling stocks. He also employed an additional 2,500 workers to help the remaining 500 employees, and because of the addition of new employees, the National Steel Car can create more than 12,500 rolling stocks every year. This is far from their usual production of only 3,500 rolling stocks annually. Click Here for more information.



Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the National Steel Car keeps on becoming a leading rolling stock manufacturer. They have been awarded several times and has acquired anISO:9001 quality certification. The National Steel Car is dedicated to becoming the leader in the global rolling stock manufacturing industry, and Gregory James Aziz is very positive that they will be able to do it sooner if they would keep their cooperation.


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Igor Cornelsen is a man that has a lot of things going for him. He is very involved in the financial department. Although he is retired, he continues to do what he can in life.

What has he done?

Igor Cornelsen had really established himself back home in Brazil as a banker. Here he rose to the top as one of the country’s leading bankers. He would manage some top level banks. He would also help manage a great percentage of the nation’s overall economy.

What has he done recently?

The man is an investor. As of recently, he works to invest in the stock market and for foreign exchange investments. He has become an expert in all fields financial.


He resides in South Florida. Most of the time he is playing golf on many different courses. Every so often he goes back to dabble into the investment world. There are times where he acts as a consultant. In this, he works for both banking and investing. He calls upon his vast experience in the financial field gained throughout his career.

About him personally…

The man is from Brazil. He was born and raised there. The firm, Brain Bridge Investments, for which he does a lot of work, is located in the Bahamas. In the organization, he has helped people by offering investment strategies and sound financial advice. He spent hiBrazily years in Brazil.

Brazil’s Economy

Despite brazil suffering a recent major collapse in the economy, the man has maintained his successful career in the financial department. This is possibly due to the fact that some understand better than others when it comes to the financial market thus proving that to do best in the financial world of banking, investing or anything else associated with money, experience is paramount. Follow:


In our society today many changes that are taking place in the education sector. All these changes are done with the goal of improving the education standards. One of the major areas that the schools have evolved is the integration of families to the system. The schools are now able to acknowledge the family as a great asset to the child education.

The emerging trend has even seen parents who were affected by flooding at San Jose homes helped by the school community to where their sons study. The Rocketship education was able to raise over 60,000 US dollars with which they supported the affected families.

Creating a strong bond between parents and schools, the education providers such as Rocketship brew a suitable environment for best results from students. In many schools, there is limited contact between tutors and the parents lest for parents meeting or the annual open house. There are schools which are trying to change the narrative.

Charter schools normally specialize their studies in a case where one school may focus on music and the other in engineering. In this way, the school will help develop their interest from an early stage in life. The main reason why parents choose a charter school normally is because of the high-quality education. This is not always the case as the experience which the parents get is also priceless. A charter school like Rocketship is a small family as parents and teachers can interact and formulate ways in bringing out the best from the children.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. The first school launched was at San Jose at California a year later after it was founded. During the school beginning years, the school was able to perform outstandingly thus it was able to expand within a short span of time.

Over a timeframe of five years, there have been six additional Charter schools within San Jose area. Rocketship was able to open its first school out of California in 2013 at Wisconsin. Rocketship is currently a comprehensive non-profit public elementary education provider offering services to those having limited access to top performing schools.

Converging to discuss the governmental challenges and concerns facing Ukraine’s semi-presidential government that have resulted from over concentration of power in the presidential office, uncertainties between the responsibilities of the prime minister and the president, the electoral system for the country’s legislative branch and lack of effective political party pluralism, leading researchers, democracy promoting agencies and internal members of the Ukrainian system met this past July in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sujit Choudhry of the Center for Constitutional Transitions joined the round table forum to provide input and assistance with the panel’s collaboration efforts to work towards solutions to these issues.

Founder and Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions Sujit Choudhry’s active involvement in drafting constitutions around the world have included advisory and speaking roles in more than 2 dozen countries. Additionally, his collection of academic contributions, “Constitution Making” was released just prior to the consortium in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Center of Policy and Legal Reform along with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance served as the domestic and intergovernmental hosts for the discussion panel.

Also participating in the workshop were Dalarna University’s Thomas Sidelius and Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA, Sergyi Holovatyi on behalf of the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine, Ukraine’s Vladimir Vasilenko from the UN Human Rights Council and representatives from the Supreme Council 1996, Centre for Policy and Legal Reforms as well as a former advisor to Ukraine’s president.

Discussing the workshop, Choudhry stated that it was a privilege to be part of the efforts with the experts in constitution drafting and other leading researchers as part of the discussions on the powers of the country’s executive branch. Check

Choudhry’s own Center for Constitutional Transition assembles and utilizes constitution construction knowledge through combining and promoting panels of global experts with the goal of creating policy frameworks for government stakeholders and those with decision making authority.

Sujit Choudhry and the Center for Constitutional Transition

The Center for Constitutional Transitions was founded in 2012 with the goal of assisting in the spreading of democracy and constructing constitutions worldwide by Sujit Choudhry.  More to read on

Constitutional Advisor and Expert Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michel Heyman Professor of Law at UC Berkeley, Berkeley School of Law. Choudhry has served as the Law Clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Canadian Supreme Court.  Related article on

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Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1986, Securus Technologies was just a small company that saw how much advances in technology was going to play in the corrections space in the future. Having that foresight has given them a huge edge over 30 years later, as the company is currently the premier player in the space. The company recently announced that it has reached a deal to acquire government payment processor, GovPayNet, in a move that further cements the company as the number one prison technology company in North America.


The terms of the agreement were not disclosed but CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie will remain as the leader of the company. GovPayNet was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1999 and has current contracts with over 2,300 government agencies, covering over 26% of counties, across the country. They specialize in processing debit and credit payments in the form of bail payments, traffic fines, and other payments for government agencies.


Securus Technologies is a prison technology company that provides payment processing, biometric analysis, parolee tracking, inmate self-service, and a host of other products to over 3,500 facilities and 1.2 million inmates in North America. The acquisition, along with the 2015 acquisition of JPay, will give Securus the capability to process over 4 million payments per year. The company has office locations in Dallas and three other locales in the United States, has over 1,000 employees, and is headed up by CEO, Bob Pickens.


National Steel Car is one of Hamilton, Ontario’s largest companies. The company was founded in the early 1900’s by several local businessmen that wished to see Canada become the largest manufacturer of steel railroad cars. That goal officially came to life in 1994 when Gregory James Aziz oversaw the purchase of the company from its then owner Dofasco. The company was bought back from a different owner and once again became National Steel Car. It was then that National Steel Car officially became the largest manufacturer of railway freight cars in all of North America.


James Aziz has done incredible things during his tenure with National Steel Car. He has brought incredible amounts of innovation and new technology to the company. This is especially important in an industry that has been known for its lack of innovation. He brought the most major growth during his first five years with the company. For example, during his first five years he heavily invested in human capital and grew the company’s employee base from around 600 people to nearly 3,000 employees. This employee growth not only grew National Steel Car but grew the entire economy of the city of Hamilton, Ontario and nearby areas. The influx of people with well-paid, stable jobs led to a huge economic boom in Hamilton. New stores opened, more houses were being built, and overall the entire town saw growth because of this hiring influx.

Greg Aziz also grew the manufacturing sector of National Steel Car. In his first few years he grew the production of railroad freight cars from 3,500 annually to over 12,000 cars produced each year. This increase in manufacturing allowed for more progressive engineering. View Related Info Here.

National Steel Car is also one of the leaders in giving back to the town of Hamilton, Ontario. Every year the company holds a massive food drive around Thanksgiving. So much food is given that many of the local food banks state that the donation that comes from National Steel Car is the largest they receive every year. National Steel Car also supports many established local institutions. Among those are the Hamilton Opera, United Way, the Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera and the local Salvation Army. The biggest event that National Steel Car hosts is their annual Christmas party. The event is huge and every employee that has ever worked at National Steel Car is invited to bring their families for the celebration.

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Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. His family moved to Maryland when he was young so he grew up there. After graduating from high school he moved to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town and earned advanced degrees in both history and economics. For the next 25 years he was in South Africa’s nonprofit industry. He attained a number of executive level positions at the nonprofits he worked for. For a number of years he served as a fund manager for a nonprofit that built homes for low-income families. The homes were built in South Africa as well as other nations around the world. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

A number of years ago, Ted Bauman moved back to the United States and he and his family now live in Atlanta, Georgia. His goal is to now help people attain a sovereign life that is as free as possible from the government and powerful corporations. He does this through his position at Banyan Hill Publishing where he is the editor of three financial publications. His publications are The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Each has a different focus but the goal with all of them is to help people invest conservatively with an eye on wealth preservation. Even though he invests conservatively he has beaten the market in each of the past 10 years. He said he was able to make money even when the financial crisis rocked stock markets around the world in both 2008 and 2009.

Ted Bauman has said that he’s noticed more and more of his readers questioning the entire global economy and whose really benefiting from it. People can see that government’s around the world favor the interests of powerful corporations over that of the average citizen. People, he says, are beginning to finally see that how the global economy is designed it’s not going to produce any benefits for broader society, just those at the top who accumulate more and more of the wealth every year. He has said that while in general he’s not in favor of government regulations he thinks that there needs to be more of them in the financial industry in particular.



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