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Jeremy Goldstein as one of the nation’s premier merger, acquisition and executive compensation attorneys. He made a name for himself with a career spanning over 15 years, working for the nation’s preeminent mergers and acquisitions law firm, Wachtel Lipton. Over this time, Goldstein learned the ins and outs of the corporate executive compensation legal realm as no one else has in the United States today.


After a long and prosperous career with Wachtel Lipton, Goldstein finally made the decision to walk away. He found the corporate environment to be increasingly stifling to his own creative talents and unnecessarily impeding to his desire to work directly with business leaders and other executives in crafting plant to minimize the damage from hostile parties involved in the world of finance.


Goldstein maintains that one of the most severe threats faced by business owners and executives today is that posed by shareholder activists. Goldstein points out that shareholder activists have a long history of the last 30 years of ruining great companies and forcing out the executives who had built them. It is for this reason that Goldstein sternly words business owners, CEOs and other executive members to craft plans that will mitigate any attempts by shareholder activist to take over their respective companies.


Goldstein recommends a three-part plan for the minimization of the shareholder activist threat. The first part involves recognizing and understanding the extent to which management differs in opinion on executive compensation from the board. The second involves a robust management outreach program to shareholders that lasts year round. Finally, Goldstein recommends that all executives be willing to change their own compensation packages if left with no choice and facing a severe threat of a hostile action.


Goldstein contends that following this simple plan will do more than anything else to avoid a company’s ruin at the hands of malicious shareholder activists.

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Anthony Petrello is far more than the President and CEO of Nabors, the company that has the largest land drilling fleet. He is a husband and extremely dedicated father. His dedication to his child and the bettering of other children is what really reflects on the type of person Anthony Petrello is.

As a father, Anthony Petrello is dedicated to making sure his child has the best life possible. Carina, Anthony Petrello’s daughter, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. This caused other problems and because of it, Carina is not as developed as other children her age. Her motor skills, among other things, have not developed well. Mr. Petrello works hard with his daughter every day to ensure that she is developing and making progress.

Besides his dedication to his own child, Anthony Petrello is also dedicated to making the lives of other children suffering from the same thing better as well. He has donated millions of dollars and led fundraisers that’s proceeds will go to finding answers for the issues affecting their daughter and more learn about Pretrello.

Mr. Petrello is a dedicated businessman, husband, and father. He has spent his life working hard and donating his money to serve a greater purpose. Throughout his career he has learned many skills and had experience that made him an ideal candidate to take his current position at Nabors. From there he has achieved many career milestones and with his success has led initiatives to find answers for children who are suffering. Anthony Petrello is an incredibly caring and giving man.

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Born in 1988, in San Francisco, Julia is one of the members of the Jackson, Wine Producer. Julia recalls that her father asked the children to pick up the grapes in the 100-degree environment and told them that why this is important. She praises her father by saying that he made sure that we children always appreciate what it takes to be successful. Julia always had an interest in wine making. Julia belonged to a middle standard family and was surrounded by wine and wine making all through her life. Julia just didn’t want the wine to be in her presence, but she was more interested in the business to produce wine and become the top wine producer in the country.

Julia Jackson stated working temporarily in the wineries which belonged to her family during her holidays and made friends with one of the winemaker’s daughters who was able to speak French. Julia started to like French language and started learning from here. Julia recalls that French has been a passion for me to learn and when she learned French, she started teaching French in a primary school of six graders. Julia now works with her family in the international sales team of her company because she wants the world to see the different types of wines.

Julia’s family supports more than 40 community organizations such as Red Cross, Boys, and Girls Clubs and even the United Way. The family company collaborates with the local government, scientists and business leaders on a regular basis. There are over 100 employees working in her family business to produce one of the best wines in the world, and most of the profit gained from this business goes to charities with a good cause. Julia has been donating money to the charities for more than seven years now and has contributed more than $6 million to charities. The Sonoma County Justice Center for victims of domestic violence owes a big one to Julia and her family because of the $500,000 donation to them to keep the center open for the victims of domestic violence.

An ideal way to ensure that your dog has all the nutrients it requires is to feed it quality food. Beneful dog food has high nutritional content and comes in the dry and wet variety. It fits the needs of all dogs.

Beneful’s dry dog food contains everything that your dog may need on a normal day. It’s packed in big bags containing different servings. It’s up to you to find the right type of dry dog food for your dog. Conversely, Beneful wet dog food contains natural and healthy ingredients. When you serve it to your dog, you can notice pieces of real vegetables and meat in the bowl. Beneful uses various cuts of meats in its dishes, including chicken and turkey.

Beneful dog food is available at Target. They stock Beneful wet food as well as Beneful dry food. The price for this dog food depends on the type you want. Here’s a list of some Beneful dog foods you can find at Target:

• Beneful Healthy Weight Beneful Originals
• Beneful IncrediBites (Chicken)
• Beneful Healthy Puppy
• Beneful Prepared Meals
• Beneful Grain Free Dry Food

Those are just a few of the different types of Beneful dog food at Target. Target has over 40 varieties of this brand of dog food.

The most popular Beneful dry food flavor at Target is a mixture of beef, peas, and carrot. This is the flavor in Beneful Originals (With Real Beef), which is the one of the best-selling Beneful dog food at Target.

Dogs love treats. Target carries different varieties of Beneful dog treats. These include Beneful Break-N-Bites, Beneful Baked Snackers, Beneful Healthy Smile and Beneful Baked Delights.

Coupons are a great way to save some cash when purchasing dog food. You can find Beneful coupons for at Target’s website in the coupon section. Enter the word “Beneful” in the search box to find the coupons quickly.

Instant Alliance is the staffing company that Rona Borre formed in 2001 in the spare bedroom of her condo in Chicago. She had just quit her job as the leading account executive of a large staffing agency, and here she was, forming her own company in the same industry.


Today, Instant Alliance hires for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized firms, and smaller companies as well. Borre specializes mainly with the hiring of professionals such as financial and technological candidates because these are the types of individuals that companies need to make the next step work in their growth. Turn to this page.


Borre and her team take great pains to work very closely with a client’s hiring executive because she needs to know exactly who and what type of individual will fit into the corporate culture. When she gets all of the answers, she will turn the world upside down to find the right candidate. This is a great timesaver for the client and results in lots of referrals. See to read more.


The results show only a 3:1 interview to hire ratio and only 1 percent of all hires result in attrition. This is unheard of in the staffing industry, but Borre’s techniques work amazingly well.


Watch on for more.


Borre is very active in the Chicago business community as she in leadership roles with organizations like The Chicago Network, The Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago.


It is not too late to actualize your dreams no matter the number of times you have tried and failed. Even if your business is in a state of comatose, you can still jerk it back to life. All you need do is to pump in some little capital into those dreams and businesses, and you will see them rise beyond your expectations. I can hear you asked where to get the funds with all the hurdles banks and other lending institutions have erected to scare people away. That is not a problem; Equities First Holdings have the solutions. Just some amount of stocks or shares will be enough to get you the much needed capital.

Equities First Holdings has been turning the lives and businesses of people around for good since the past 14 years. When the company commenced operations, not many knew about their activities. The few that were privileged to know and bold to take the initiative have all the reasons to celebrate today. EFH took off operations from the headquarters at Indiana. The company had to spread its tentacles around the world as demand for its services increased exponentially. Today, the company is in most of the major cities round the globe. The rate at which EFH is spreading only goes to show the increase in the awareness Stocks-Based Loans is currently the live-wire of business.

Gone are the days when you will have to sweat profusely and beg relatives to allow you use their assets as collateral. With stocks-based loans, you do not need to surmount such formidable hurdles. Some shares or stocks will serve that purpose.Some businesses have had to fold up because they could not survive with paying outrageous interest rates on loans gotten from unconventional credit-based lending institutions like banks. To worsen matters, the interest rates are unfixed, so borrowers have to face all manners of uncertainties all through the period of the loans. The reverse is the case with stocks-based loans from EFH as the interest rates are fixed and very low, in the range of 3 to 4 percents.The above are only few of the benefits you derive by putting in for stocks-based loans issued by Equities First Holdings.

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End Citizen United is one of the most respected political action committees in the United States. The institution is financed by some of the wealthiest individuals in the country. Since it was established in 2015, the organization has been dedicated to countering the many effects of Citizen United and reforming the campaign finance department in the United States.


End Citizen focuses on showing election officials, voters, the press and even the candidates that the grassroots in the country are only working against billionaires who feel that they can win comfortably by the elections in America. The organization knows that it will be easier to put pressure on the lawmakers because they are the only people who can take action against the greedy billionaires.


Since it was founded, End Citizen United only supports Democrats. This is because the Democratic Party is always favoring better and meaningful finance system in the United States. The Democrats are also known for standing up and fighting for the rights of candidates who vulnerable. Candidates who are under attacks from dark money groups, mega-donors and corporates are also protected by the panel. End Citizen United understands that real change in the United States can only take place under the leadership of the Democrats.


End Citizen United has been successful in its operations. The group has managed to raise more than two million dollars. These funds have been raised from donors who support the same ideas. The team believes that at the end of its campaigns, it will be able to raise thirty million dollars. Richard Carbo, the director of the group, says that they will be able to raise the money in a short duration. Before the November general election, End Citizen United was able to endorse eleven candidates to contest in the elections. All the candidates were from the Democratic Party.


In the past, many PAC’s in the country have been established with the primary aim of bringing reforms in the election system. However, most of these PACs have not been able to meet their objectives. End Citizen United is very different from this PACs because it has different ways of achieving its missions. Richard believes that these PACs have not been successful because they left some holes when addressing the political features of the system. These groups failed because they only addressed the individuals who were being elected.


The laws that existed in the past have not been changed. This is one of the reasons PACs have been failing. End Citizen United believes that it will be successful in its mission because it back candidates who support the campaign finance reforms. Individuals who do not support these changes will not be elected into office, and that means that people against Citizen United will run the most important offices, bringing the needed change.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo, a multi-level marketing company dealing in nutritional supplements and healthy beverages.

Originally from the Philippines, Chua began his career as a marketer and eventually joined Gano Excel, a Singaporean firm which sold supplements, teas, and coffees containing the ganoderma mushroom, a powerful herbal ingredient.

Under Chua’s leadership, Gano Excel expanded throughout Asia and into North America, and Chua eventually became head of Gano Excel USA in California.

After several years at the helm of Gano Excel’s American and Canadian operations, Chua left Gano Excel to head up a new start-up, Organo Gold, which is now known as Organo.

Bernardo Chua saw the potential of ganoderma in a wider range of products and decided to create a new company that would bring the power of this natural ingredient to the entire world.

Organo, which was originally founded as a coffee shop in Vancouver, specializes in ganoderma tea and coffees.

The multilevel marketing company has distributors in over 50 countries on six continents and has a sales force of more than 400,000 independent distributors. It is reportedly the 55th largest direct sales organization in the world.

Despite Chua’s busy schedule as an international executive, “Bernie” as he is affectionately known always takes time out to be active on Facebook and Twitter.

According to PR News Wire, Bernado Chua enjoys interacting with the Organo family on social media and always takes the time to recognize the team’s contribution to the company’s success.

Organo’s non-profit foundation, OGFoundation, is committed to giving young people to make a positive difference in their communities.

Bernardo Chua is humbled by the success of his business and believes the foundation is a small way in which he and his company can pave the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs, professionals, and other community leaders around the world.

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Alexandre Gama was born on June 1, 1958. An advertising executive and a businessman, he founded his own company, Neogama, from simply working as a copy editor at another agency, and working his way up to the top of his own company. His company, Neogama, is one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil.

Indeed, Mr. Gama’s career began, after graduating from school, when he became a copywriter for the Standart Ogilvy Agency. This was in 1982, and eight years later, he moved to an agency named DM9. He stayed there for four years, and during this time, he became the most awarded writer in Brazil.

Within the next few years, Mr. Gama became the president of Young and Rubicam in 1996. This was an amazing feat, considering that he was a simple copy editor just a few years before.

But, Mr. Gama didn’t stop there. He had a few more things to accomplish in his life, and he wanted to do a few more things with himself. After serving three years as CEO at Young and Rubicam, Mr. Gama set up his own advertising agency, Neogama. That was in 1999.

But Mr. Gama was not finished with surprising the public yet. In 2008 he went to the Cannes Film Festival, and he was the only Latin American to hold a magna class.

In 2012 he became a Board Member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, where he was responsible for publicizing the interests of Brazilian agencies associated with the communications industry.

Mr. Gama has gone on to receive awards and serve on panels judging others’ works. He has made a great leap from his beginnings to the present day. Brazil needs more people like Mr. Gama.


Traveling Vineyard is one of a kind home vending wine business that for a wine sourced from all over the world. We have a unique boutique wine from the best grapes moved around by our consultants who are fun and entertaining. The independent experts carry out educational and wine tasting at your private home.

As a member, you will enjoy two bottles of quality wine, educational and fun tasting tidbits, tasting notes, serving questions, food pairing ideas, and recipes. The marketing teams also get high pay for every wine testing and administrative service.

Participating in the wine tasting, you meet new people, have fun and develop new friendships. Regional meetings are scheduled where you can meet other wine guides and discuss marketing techniques. This will allow every wine guide to have the ability to develop their marketing skills and feel like they are part of a team. There is also an annual harvest for wine guides that are working for Traveling Vineyard.

As the host of Traveling Vineyard, you have wine tasting and receive valuable host “perks.” All you need is cheese, crackers, and friends! Your consultant will do the rest. You also get five complimentary bottles of wine for you and your friends to enjoy, along with an informative wine tasting lesson.

The presence of Traveling Vineyard on the social media has helped increase the popularity. From those who have experienced us they are even more helpful in getting the message across on the wine that we sell and the added advantage of being part of Traveling Vineyard or hosting us.


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