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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the chairperson of Orthopedic at Bronxcare Health System. He is focused on surgeries of the joints and bones of the knees, hip, and shoulders plus their replacements. He is focused on correcting the inherent bone problems though he also surgeries to high school, college and professional sports persons in the teams in the United States of America. See Dr Ira’s specialities in this article.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum attended the University of Brown and graduated with a degree in medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He also received credentials at the Philadelphia’s Rothman Institute. He became the member of several Associations owning to the specialized training for the joint replacement surgeries.

Career and the recent report

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the chairperson of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health systems. He, therefore, performers surgery on the bones, ligaments, and muscles. He also replaces these substances. He works with a team of surgeons who have specialized in this field.

The report released by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons revealed that the age of the joint replacement rate is reducing while becoming common in men. When these numbers decrease, they indicate the prevalence of another health problem like obesity. Read the detailed report here

They suggested that the reduction could be due to the many people who visit health facilities for many people who want to stay active even after retirement. Dr. Ira also reveals that orthopedics has undergone several advancements since its inception in 1890.

The surgeons replaced the hip joint ball at that time. In the 1960s, they developed a total hip replacement mechanism in England. They now remove the parts affected by arthritis and replace them with metallic, ceramic or plastic implants of the same shape and size.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum encourages his patients to live healthier lives to avoid such operations again. He terms obesity as the primary cause of joint pain and damage followed by injuries.

Ryan Seacrest is a well known television host. Many people are familiar with him from American Idol. His iconic style and face came into millions of homes through a television. Many people may not know about all of Ryan Seacrest’s talents. He is a maven in the movie and entertainment industry. He is one of the most successful television hosts who rakes in millions of dollars annually. In addition, to his role as a famous television host of a hit television show, he works in the radio industry and is an entrepreneur. Ryan Seacrest showcases the ability of being able to juggle various roles. His talents have allowed him to explore many different fields that lead to him having an overwhelming amount of success.

Ryan Seacrest has a very popular radio show that just happens to be one of the most successful shows in all of California. His love for media, radio and charity helped him to form the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that goes into pediatric medical facilities and gives sickly children the opportunity to work in media roles. On Air With Ryan has allowed the media mogul to interview some of the biggest names in pop culture.

Ryan Seacrest’s success in television is not limited to American Idol. He is also a television co-host on Live With Kelly and Ryan. This is one of the most popular daytime talk shows on air right now. Although he has a love for working in the radio and television industries, he is a very smart businessman. He has a one of a kind style. His style is so unique and polished he decided to create a fashion line to showcase his signature style. His clothing is called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The menswear collection is primarily sold in Macys. This has become another very profitable venture the media mogul since his fans from all over the world crave to have an identical style to his. His entrepreneurial spirt does not stop there. He is working to create a skincare line. This skincare company will mesh perfectly with his clothing line that he already offers to men.

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Agera Energy came into an 18-month contract with Cambridge as their new green energy supplier. The decision came after Cambridge decided to join several other cities looking to boost the use of renewable energy and help the residents and local business save money on electricity. Eversource has been the leading electricity supplier for the residents of Cambridge. However, the signing of the contract allows Agera Energy to provide an additional 25 percent more solar energy.

The residents of Cambridge receiving electricity from Eversource will get an automatic enrollment into the Cambridge Community Electricity program. They will get green energy provided by Agera Energy. This move is to enable them to save on electricity cost. However, it is not mandatory. There is an “opt-out” option available that anyone can take if they do not want to be part of the enrollment. Residents with electricity contracts from their respective electric providers looking to enroll in the program can do so by calling Agera Energy directly.

Cult beauty brand Sunday Riley is taking the beauty industry by storm, simply search any social media platform and there’s a chance you’ll find a fan base dedicated to her products. However, as much as we know about the incredible product line of Sunday Riley, how much do we really know about the woman behind the brand? Introducing Sunday Riley, a tough Texan entrepreneur who began a small beauty brand and created it into one of the most sought-after names in the industry. We recently sat down with Sunday Riley to find out a little more about her company including how she creates her amazing products.

Which is your current favorite product in your line?

Sunday Riley states that all of her products are her favorite, however, if she feels one is not meeting her expectations then she has no problem cutting that from the line until its perfected. Furthermore, even if the product is fine but she feels she could do better than that product is still removed.

Isn’t “Good Genes” your favorite though?

I see all of my products as my babies, says Sunday Riley. She goes on to say that she tries not to be too emotionally attached in the case that one has to be cut in the event of it not performing as good as she wants.

Do you create the products yourself? Are you a professional chemist?

Sunday Riley comments on how everything she knows about formulating her products came from trial and error. Every product I made I tried to make it as perfect as possible, says Sunday Riley. In addition, she mentions that every test begins with the “What?” of the product, what is it going to do for women? What is the end result? etc.

Would you ever see yourself in the hair industry?

Absolutely, no doubt about it, says Sunday Riley. The hair genre is one that currently interests her and she feels that one day she will introduce a hair product to her line.

Paul Mampilly is a qualified person on the matters of the investment in giving advice. His nationality is India, and he went to the United States while he was at the tender age of 18 to pursue his education. The factor that has made him quick to learn the matters of investment is the fast mode at which he embraces the culture of the United States. He learned more on the issues of investment, and he pushed till he acquired degree higher education. He has a piece of extensive knowledge on the matters of investment and the leadership skills that he has made him earned respect in the same field.

Paul Mampilly is currently an advisor to many of the businesses, and he has set predictions that will make organizations be at the peak of their market. The reason why he plays the set of predictions is to share with the fellow investors on how to navigate the challenges on the matters of business.

One of the predictions that he put across is Big Data. Though the big data is quite not accessible in some of the smaller entities, there is a need to implement the issue entirely. The organizations favored by the prediction is are the big entities.

Paul Mampilly has come up with a company that advises companies and investors. The other factor that has made him be successful is the dedication and skills in the leadership arena. The company has increased its boundaries and pushed for a better level in the community. More of the business have earned the best. The name of the company Profits Unlimited. It has achieved a lot in the field of investment. The dedication that has put has made him win the confidence of many in the area of investment.

Paul Mampilly has also shared his journey to success through Bloomberg TV. This has set the records clear and made him be one of the great inspirational leaders in the field of business. Many investors have lauded the work that has been contributed by Paul Mampilly in the area of business. Can Blockchain Put an End to Identity Theft? Paul Mampilly Thinks So.

Paul Mampilly Youtube Channel

There is no doubt that Ryan Seacrest is a busy man. Not only does he hold important positions in broadcast, cable television, syndicated and local radio, he also starts each weekday morning sitting next to Kelly Ripa. Ryan Seacrest is a co-host and executive producer of “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. However, it does not stop there for Seacrest. He is also an entrepreneur, and his philanthropic efforts have made the difference in many lives especially those of children.

In 2006, Ryan Seacrest began his own Emmy-winning production company called Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP). RSP produces many hit television show on E! that includes “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “E! Live From the Red Carpet”. RSP is also responsible for other hit shows such as “Shahs of Sunset”, “I Love Kellie Pickler”, and “Shades of Blue”.

Ryan Seacrest’s entrepreneurial investments include more than companies in the media and entertainment industries. In 2014, Seacrest launched his own clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The line is sold exclusively at Macy’s Department store, and it has been in their most popular clothing line in a decade. Seacrest is also getting into the skincare business. He has recently launched a men’s skincare line called Polish by Dr. Lancer. Dr. Harold Lancer is a famous Hollywood dermatologist.

It is also important for Ryan Seacrest to give back to others. His foundation, Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), devotes a lot of time to helping children. RSF has been responsible for opening ten multi-media studios in the last eight years. The Seacrest Studios have been opened in children hospitals located all over the country. The studios allow for the children to explore and learn about the television, radio, new media while they are staying in the hospital.

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Alastair Borthwick is one of the great writers and producers of the 1900’s. Borthwick has produced some of the best work of this century as both an author and a broadcaster. He has served his country in the army and has used those years of experience as subject matter for a lot of his work. His work is considered to be very relevant more than a century later.

The city of Glasglow is where Alastair Borthwick spent most of his childhood. He attended Glasgow High School where he was a part of the school’s Officer Training Corps. Borthwick didn’t finish high school however and soon began working for the local newspaper the Glasgow Weekly Herald. This proved to be a career changing experience for Borthwick. He had an opportunity to perfect his writing skills writing on various topics. Borthwick became aware of the changing culture in the Glasglow area. Many young people were finding time to participate in activities such as hitchhiking and rock climbing.

Borthwick soon would write his first book titled “Always a Little Further.” Published in 1939, the book documented the changing culture of this time period. Borthwick created a great picture of life during this time. His book is considered a classic. It has remained in print since the time it was published in 1939.

Alastair Borthwick spent many years serving in the British Army. He spent most of his time working as a Battalion Intelligence Officer, eventually reaching the rank of captain. Years later he was a part of the Reconnaissance Corps where he was eventually promoted to lieutenant. Borthwick became known for being a great leader. He was respected by member of his unit as well as his opposition. Borthwick used his experience in the army to help him write his second book “Sans Peur.” The book was a first hand account of his experience during World War II>

After the war Alastair Borthwick began to put his focus on broadcasting. He would go on to produce dozens of television show on a variety of topics which include his experience in the war. Borthwick’s work continues to live on years after his death. His legacy will live on for ever.

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ClassDojo has been used by educational professionals since 2011. It is believed that one or more teachers are using the app in 95% of elementary and middle schools. ClassDojo has been firm on their commitment to keep the app free for teachers and students, but at some point the company was going to have to find a way to monetize their product. The app had already proven to be a big success with teachers, parents and students, and now they will offer a monthly plan, so that parents can use the app with their children outside of school. It will expand the community from the school to the home. The same positive culture that it had fostered at school can now be replicated at home.

There are just as many teachable moments when a child is at home. Parents can use the app to motivate their children, and they can find ways during the day to turn events into learning experiences. The app is also designed to increase family bonding. There are opportunities for children to make short videos that are aimed at promoting their awareness of their lives and their families. It is a fun way for children to learn lessons, and the children are encouraged to play with the app. They can design their own avatars to reflect their unique personalities. It is designed to be used in short intervals, and some days it might be used more than others depending on the circumstances.

The creators of the app, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, knew that it might take this long to make a profit, and they were fortunate to have investors who understood the long term plan of the company.

Isabel dos Santos is the first billionaire African woman. She has an estimated net worth of $2 billion US dollars by the Forbes. She is the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santo the president who ruled Angola from 1979-2017. Isabel dos Santos was named most influential women in the world by BBC back in the year 2015. She is a renowned businesswoman, a dynamic leader, and a philanthropist. Being in a business world dominated by men she considers herself an equal competitor and keeps on steering forward and achieving greater success.

Besides business, Isabel dos Santos is known for her reputable philanthropic work as well as her generous characteristic of giving back to the society. She is a firm believer that economic empowerment of women can lead to tremendous transformations in the society. She has been instrumental in inspiring African young women to pursue and achieve their ambitions in the business world. Isabel dos Santos believes that the business world has been deprived of great innovators due to the stigmatization of women in workplaces mostly in Africa which bar them from attaining their visions and achieving their ambitions. She believes that everyone should be accorded equal opportunity, education, training, and job based on merit, not gender.

Isabel dos Santos invests most of her philanthropic work in women and particularly from her home country. She meets young women through institutions, universities, and other conferences to inspire them through her speeches, motivation, and debates on entrepreneurship. She encourages Africa’s young women to take full advantage of the world’s ever-rising reliance on technological advancements and innovation. Isabel dos Santos believes that through innovative technology Africa can attract attention in the international market while creating more job opportunities to curb the current state of unemployment in the developing countries. This will, in turn, lead to a transformation of the society at large (TheNewsVersion).

All along her philanthropic work, she is guided by her philosophy statement, “First the seed, then the future.” Her priority is promoting the development of Africa through empowering future generation and investing in their talents and abilities.

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NexBank is spearheaded by John Holt and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. However, internet magazines like PRN Newswire has named them one of the largest growing online financial institutions in the industry. Holt currently serves as CEO and president. He recently served as a guest speaker a local area Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference with a focus on organic growth and expansion. Leaders and consultants are encouraged to engage in perspectives concerning reinventing neighborhood banking. Holt is concerned with opportunities and challenges that are associated with their executive leadership team. Their high level of customer service has caused them to be awarded the prestigious BBB Accreditation award.

NexBank Services & Features

NexBank is proudly FDIC insured under the SSB. You have the option of commercial, industrial, and mortgage services to ensure the financial prosperity of over 340,000+ customers nationwide. Holt would also like to explore strategic opportunities through the M&A activity program. They offer a first time homeowners program offered through a merger with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity. Their customers are glad to be a part of an award winning financial institution that is dedicated to putting their customers first.

NexBank Features

– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Mortgage accounts

and more…

You can save more money than ever before with an interest bearing savings account that will allow you to see earnings in as little as, 90 days. You can speak to a friendly and knowledgeable customer service specialist 24/7 for more details on programs and promotional offers. Their online banking services also provides online support through video chat options. Take bank your financial freedom with a proven financial system provider by the premier NexBank services financial institution. Maximize your money today.

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