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Situated on a remote west coast Indonesian island called Sumba, is Nihiwatu, a glamorous five-star resort. Nihiwatu was voted the best hotel in the world in 2016 by Travel + Leisure. Originally a hostel, it was purchased by Christopher Burch and James McBride in 2012 ( They spent 30 million dollars to renovate it and convert it into an extravagant resort surrounded by nature.

Chris Burch, CEO of Burch Creative Capital, stated in an interview with Business Jet Traveler in 2015 that he bought it for his children “and as a piece of something that I hope we can preserve and give back to the community.” (  Burch’s goal of giving back to the community has been attained. The resort is the largest employer on the island, and some of its profits are donated to the Sumba Foundation, an organization that funds projects that assist the local community.

Nihiwatu houses 27 elegant villas, one of which belongs to Burch himself, and is also available to guests. Each villa has a plunge pool for guests to avail of. Other unique features include two, two-story tree houses, both of which are connected by a bamboo bridge. Among some of its outstanding amenities are a beach spa and a wellness center, which holds daily group yoga sessions. Surf lessons are also provided to those desiring it.


Regarding Nihiwatu’s success, Burch said, “Nihiwatu has turned into more than I expected, which is rare because most times things turn into less.” Nihiwatu is just one of Burch’s many successful properties. Burch has contributed to the success of more than 50 companies. He has been a serial entrepreneur and investor across a wide range of industries, including real estate, technology, and fashion, for nearly forty years. His prosperous career in business began in 1976 when he and his brother Bob started a clothing business, which yielded a $165 million profit. His business, Burch Creative Capital, continues to expand its outstanding brand portfolio today.

It is not necessarily that difficult to stir the pot on Twitter. Anyone can attempt to do so rather easily. However, there are few that pull this off with a large enough audience for it to matter. That is not the case with Shervin Pishevar. He has plenty large enough of an audience.

There are a lot of good reasons to follow Shervin Pishevar. For example, he was an early investor in Uber and AirBnb. Who wouldn’t want to check out the thoughts of a person who had the foresight to see that those companies were going to make it big? That is something that you can rely on and take to the bank when it comes to where you should search for and receive your own investing advice.

Shervin Pishevar recently went on what would turn out to be a twenty-one hour long Twitter rant that consisted of fifty tweets. These tweets covered a wide range of topics, and each one contained an interesting insight or two relating to the world around us. It might have been Shervin Pishevar speaking freely for a moment, but the thoughts were particularly well constructed for a platform like Twitter.

A few of the highlights that were included in the tweet storm had to do with China, Bitcoin, and the stock market. Pishevar laid out his case for why it was likely in his mind that China would soon overtake the United States in a number of areas to include technology, construction, and perhaps even job growth.

There was also the little matter of Pishevar laying out why he believes that the stock market will fall an incredible six-thousand points in the near future. He says that seems likely to him, and he also does not think that Bitcoin is going to be the answer for investors. He sees Bitcoin falling all the way down to the $2,000-$5,000 range.

If these were the thoughts of someone who was just a random individual on Twitter, they might easily be ignored. When they are the thoughts of Shervin Pishevar, that becomes a lot harder to do.


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Michael Hagele is a lawyer that represents technology companies in several different industries. He works with companies in defense, aerospace, biotechnology, and Internet. Michael has invested in several companies in the restaurant and hospitality industries. As a general counsel, he handles contracts, commercial agreements, and international property rights.

He received his law degree from the University of California in Berkley. He offers good quality legal services to small technology companies at competitive prices. He begins his day by reviewing contracts or legal documents for his clients. Michael reviews drafts and make changes in licensing agreements or other contracts.

During the early afternoon he often takes a mountain bike ride to relax and unwind. When he returns later afternoon he continues to talk with clients and work on solutions to their contract problems. He finds riding his road bike helps him to find solutions to his work problems.

He likes the trend of using machine data to find connections between different sets of data. Michael uses algorithms to determine patterns and obscure connections between sets of data to help companies save costs and make wise investments. One of his strongest assets is his ability to put himself in his client’s shoes.

It is a high pressure industry that requires him to work quickly because the situation depends on his ability to resolve the problem quickly. When he was younger he worked in a car wash. This gave him the drive to pursue his educational goals and career.

He thinks physical activity helps anyone that wants to succeed in business. Michael knows its important to communicate with clients through social media. He does not overuse it but leaves the door open for discussion.

Michael uses software for cyclists due to his hobby of mountain biking It helps him keep up with friends and others with similar interests.

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NetPicks is a Texas-based company dealing in the provision of trading education. The company was started in 1996, a time when online trading, as well as day trading, was emerging. For a long time, NetPicks has focused on assuring regular businesspeople success in various markets.

The headquarters of NetPicks is located in Irving, Texas. With Mark Soberman at the helm of its leadership, NetPicks boasts of a pool of real trading professionals who bring sufficient trading experience to the firm. With over twenty-five years of experience in personal trading and a trading education experience of over 17 years, the staffs at NetPicks are determined to help clients reach their trading goals.

According to NetPicks, forex trading provides traders with opportunities to do business in a decentralized market. NetPicks provides a live signal service and charts which help the traders carry on with their trade. People trade by over-the-counter electronic exchanges based in major worldwide cities like Paris, Tokyo, and New York, check The possibility of trading in different cities means the forex trade market stays open twenty-four hours each day.

Most traders prefer trading on the spot. However, it is also possible to practice the trade through forwarding markets as well as the futures market. Futures markets are most recommended for businesspeople who want to hedge their risks. The forex market offers substantial liquidity, according to NetPicks; this is one of the reasons as to why a majority of traders go for trading currency in pairs. Approximately $5.2 trillion is recorded as the Forex trading volume in any given day.

For a chance to succeed, NetPicks advises that one should study the Forex market well before engaging in any trades. Also, a trader should understand the conditions surrounding the evaluation of fluctuations in the prices of a given pair of currency (   NetPicks also advises that a trader should have an ability to avoid being emotionally involved in their efforts when trading. Also, traders are advised not to trade with funds meant for other uses such as payment of mortgages. For a starting trader, NetPicks advises against investing huge amounts of money.

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Matt Badiali is a man who has traveled the world and found two great passions in life. The first passion that he has is the world of geology and how important it is for people. The second passion in his life is the world of finance. Matt first went to college at Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with a Masters degree in the subject of geology. Next, he spent the next five years of his life trying to earn a Ph.D. in that subject when a friend turned him on to the subject of finance. This is when the career of Matt Badiali really took shape and he has been loving every minute of it since then.

The turning point in Matt Badiali’s life came in 2004. He began to go around the world in search of new offerings in the precious metal markets. Now he works for a company called Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes a newsletter called “Real Wealth Strategist” and it has taken flight for him. He writes about the latest investments for natural resources all over the world today. In a recent article, Matt talks why people should consider investing in is a metal called zinc.

Zinc is one of the most common and most utilized natural resources. It can be found in many things like sunscreen and it is ud=sed in steel to prevent it from rusting. One thing that Matt Badiali says to be wary of when looking at zinc is the fact that demand for the natural resource far outweighs the supply. Most of the zinc that is mined is primarily used for steel so that it doesn’t rust. Matt says the shortage of the metal is only going to get worse before it gets better.

One reason that Matt points out to invest in zinc is that a company has found a new mine of the natural resource. He says that a small group of people hit the mother lode of zinc mines and the investment could change the course of many people’s lives. The investment could bring billions of dollars to the world economy but people must act fast or the opportunity will soon disappear.

This is what Matt Badiali does for a living. He helps people along in the world of natural resources. He loves his job and that is what counts. His life couldn’t be better at this point.

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What does it take to change the injustices of the world? How can one not be a hypocrite in creating the necessary fixes to the system? Can one be revered still in being heroic when heroes are often fallible? These are questions that continually confront Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, which are the founders of Frontera Fund and the web site Front Page Confidential, and who are advocates of human rights and everything else that fights against the threats to the First Amendment.



You probably heard first the names Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from that controversial case involving Joe Arpaio. He’s the former sheriff who illegally detained Michel and Jim because of the suspected work they did for immigrants. Joe Arpaio suspected the two of creating bad reports against him, and it was said that it was his grudge for what the two did to him that he illegally went inside their home and detained them for questioning.



The illegal detention resulted in a settlement case that generated about 3 million dollars in settlement funds for Michael and Jim. The two journalists now used the money to create the Frontera Fund and fund the creation of the news journal Front Page Confidential.



Right now, the two journalists are responsible for creating news reports for FrontPage Confidential to expose the immigration human rights violations in the country. It is good news for both journalists that the Front Page Confidential, as well as the Frontera Fund, has now helped so many people settle their claims and fight for their advocacies.



With Frontera Fund, the damages done by Joe Arpaio are now finally reversed. Some of the injuries done by the controversies involving Joe Arpaio could be hard to change, but with the help of people like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, at least some of the issues have now found a resolution.



The Forex market is a very tricky market. It is one of the markets where people go to have their dreams of prosperity dashed. At the same time, this is where people also go to realize their dreams. The main difference between people who dash their dreams on Forex and people who realize their dreams is that the people who succeed are the ones who allow room for failure. The people who are rigid and are expecting some kind of flawless victory are going to walk away the most frustrated. They often have an ax to grind with the market as well. For additional article, check

People who succeed are the ones who are willing to learn. These are the ones that wind up visiting Netpicks. When people read content on Netpicks, they learn from people who have gone before and have figured out what they can do to win in the Forex market. This is where people learn about all of the techniques and strategies that other winning traders use in order to make the profits. While the people who fail tend to take one small bit of information and go with it, the more successful people understand that there is a ton to learn about the Forex market. Therefore, they experiment with what they read from sources like NetPicks.

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One of the best mindsets to have about the activity of Forex trading is to treat it as something experimental. One of the best ways to do this is by trading with very little money at a time. One of the worst mistakes that people make is trade with a lot more than they can afford which can result in them losing tons of money. This also brings them a lot of pressure which can result in a lot of frustration in the process. Fortunately, Netpicks has information that can ease the frustrations.

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When it comes to Network Marketing, Organo Gold is one of the biggest contenders in the market. Bernardo Chua, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, was born and raised in the Philippines. This is where he first got started in sales working at Gano Excel. This company primarily offered coffee-like products featuring the ingredient Ganoderma, which comes from a mushroom and is a natural antioxidant.

Bernardo Chua spent several years building up his experience at Gano Excel before moving to the United States to expand his network and potential sales. He became the president of Gano Excel’s US division after making serious contributions to the company. In 2008, Bernardo decided to start up his own company with the same idea as Gano Excel in Richmond, British Columbia. Bernardo already had a business and marketing plan ready to bring his brand to the customers around the country and around the world. Organo Gold operates internationally supplying their products consisting of beverages, personal care soaps, and various body management items.

The basis of Organo Gold products is that they are healthy, offering various health benefits depending on the product and the Ganoderma used. Organo Gold tea, soaps, toothpaste and especially their coffee, contains Ganoderma. On top of the health benefits available in these products, they are also healthy alternatives to the many unhealthy habits of the average person, such as Dunkin Donut’s coffee. The Ganoderma used in Organo Gold’s products has been used for centuries in holistic medicine and is farmed using the highest quality Ganoderma mushrooms.

In 2015, Organo Gold was named was of the fasted network marketing organizations in the world, much to the joy of Bernardo Chua. Bernardo has also been awarded the “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” award for his impact and successful endeavors in business.

Organo Gold has a massive network today that contributes to the marketing and distribution system the company has. The amazing benefits of Ganoderma spread every day, and more customers and sellers are picking up on the growing trend for healthy products, allowing Organo Gold to flourish even more.

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President Trump kept one of his promises when he signed the new tax law passed by Congress just before Christmas. That gave taxpayers a small window of time to learn about the adjust to the changes in the law. Because the new law raised the standard deduction, many people taking various deductions would no longer be able to effective in 2018. Since most people are on a cash basis, it was to their advantage to prepay various kinds of expenses for 2018 while still in calendar year 2017. Go To This Page for more info.

One of those types of expenses was interest on student loans. Congress did not eliminate the deduction for this expense. However, because of the higher standard deduction in 2018, most people would save money by prepaying their 2018 student loan interest while still in 2017 so they could deduct it from their 2017 taxes.

Bauman’s next tax tip was to buy a new car in December 2017 so you could deduct the sales tax you had to pay the state in 2017. Make sure you keep the receipt.

Bauman’s next tax tip was for independent contractors who live in states with high income taxes such as New York and California. He advised them to ask their clients to pay them for 2018 in 2017.

Bauman’s advised employees who live in states with high income taxes to ask their employers to pay any bonuses due in January in December.

People who live in states with high taxes benefited by receiving more income in 2017, so they had to pay higher state taxes on it. Therefore, they could deduct larger amounts of state taxes. However, people who live in states with low or no income taxes were better off delaying the receipt of income until 2018, when tax rates on it would be lower.

Also because of the higher income deduction effective with 2018, it would make sense for some taxpayers to convert their conventional IRA to a Roth IRA. Taxpayers with conventional retirement accounts should calculate the benefit they would receive by converting, to see if it would make sense according to their individual situation.

Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He’s now their Editorial Director, and still produces three newsletters and services: Plan B Club, Smart Money Alert and The Bauman Letter. Born in Washington D.C., as a young man Bauman emigrated to South Africa. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in History and Economics. See more:


United Technologies Corporation hasn’t been the same since Louis Chenevert came on board as the chief executive officer in 2006. There has been amazing growth within the company and the industry thanks to his wisdom and dedication. His leadership has impacted the industry in major ways and catapulted them to international recognition.


Louis Chenevert was raised in Quebec and graduated from HEC with a degree in product management. Thanks to this great education, Louis went on to pursue his dreams in the field of production. For all his hard work in his field, Louis was awarded by the National Building Museum. HEC also awarded him with an honorary doctorate, a very prestigious recognition from his university.


Louis Chenevert spent time as the former president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999 and brought his expertise to United Technologies Corporation. He took one look at the geared turbofan engine and knew that United Technologies Corporation had to be a part of this new shift in the industry. Louis decided that United Technologies Corporation would invest in the new engine and his smart thinking soon earned the company $10 million in revenue. (Learn Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


The geared turbofan engine stood out to Louis due to its cost effectiveness. In addition, the GTE utilized less fuel consumption, making it great for the environment. Louis also wanted to make sure to invest in his employees. The Employee Scholar Program was an amazing tool for Louis to give back. This program provides current Employee with the option to continue their education in their chosen field. UTC pays for their degrees with an average of 40,000 employees earning degrees to date. Click Here to learn more.


Louis Chenevert has made an amazing difference at UTC and with the entire industry. Thanks to his efforts, the well-known Aviation Week & Space Technologies magazine named him “Person of the Year.” It’s his genuine love of his industry as well as his giving back to the employees of UTC that made all the difference. All those who are interested in learning more about Louis Chenevert and United Technologies are encouraged to take a look at the company’s website.



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