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Launched in 2006, Allied Wallet has established its name in the payment facilitation industry by serving large scale and small businesses alike.
The company, which is based out of Los Angeles, California, has its offices located in various other locations, including New York, London, and Frankfurt.

Through its team that operates out of these locations as well as its highly sophisticated payment systems, Allied Wallet has been able to setup and maintain state of the art payment processing solutions for its customers throughout the world.

But setting up these solutions is not easy in itself, let alone to maintain them in a manner that keeps these companies’ operations running without any interruption. That is why, the Allied Wallet team is always working tirelessly to ensure that its customers can rely upon its payment solutions regardless of how intensive their needs could be.

From ensuring multi-currency payments to facilitating multi-location processing, and from credit card services to ACH payment transfers, the Allied Wallet team ensures that the firm’s customers can get exactly what they are looking for without having to compromise on their needs.

With this approach in mind, Allied Wallet also ensures that all of its services adhere to industry standards such as PCI compliance, so that the customers of its own clients can ensure that their payment information is never stored or compromised in any shape or form.

The level of security that is employed by the firm requires extensive measures to be put in place. But it always ensures that no matter how demanding the process may become, that not a single step is ever ignored in order to maintain an infallible payment processing structure.

By following this doctrine, the firm has become one of the leading names in payment facilitation across several industries in the world. Allied Wallet has been able to establish the kind of credibility that allows large scale enterprises to entrust their operations to it, and ensures to never disappoint its esteemed clients.

If you are currently looking for a reliable, credible and trustworthy payment processing solutions provider for your business, then don’t hesitate from reaching out to Allied Wallet today.

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Hyland’s is a homeopathic company that has been passed down through generations of mums. It develops products that are based on a scientific proof that the body can stimulate its own natural defenses to heal and restore balance. It has been taking care of families through its high quality homeopathic products for over a century.

With the ever-rising concerns of safety of medicinal products, parents are always looking for safe oral care products for their children. They are turning to safer, more natural alternatives to relieve oral pain. Hyland’s teething tablets are made using safe ingredients. Homeopathic methods have been in use for generations of families.

With over 100 years since its inception, Hyland’s has established a footprint as the largest manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in North America. It has always stuck to its mission to produce safe and gentle homeopathic medicines for the whole family. It is rooted in values of its founding fathers and it is helping families to sort a wide variety of healthy concerns.

To be on the same page, homeopathy is a method involving a natural healing system that collaborates with your body to relieve symptoms. It has gained popularity because it has fewer side effects. This is part of the reason why homeopathic products are best suited for relieving oral pain in children rather than using conventional medicine.

Hyland’s teething tablets are designed to curb mild rash, increased drooling, irritability, and swelling. If your child is experiencing the symptoms, the homeopathic products can be your best bet to relive your baby from mouth pain no matter the cause of the pain. The tablets are developed using natural active ingredients to give you and your toddler the relief you both need.

Aspiring is not a good option for children. Ibuprofen is also not suitable for children under six months. It takes a company that understands these dynamics to develop products that families can rely on. No wonder Hyland’s has maintained an upward growth trajectory since its inception in 1903. Generation of families have trust in the company’s products including the Hyland’s teething tablets.

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Sergey Petrossov, a Moscow native is the CEO of Jetsmarter a user-friendly application used to book flight with the finest private jet operators. Also, he is the co-founder of an online chat system for website customer service and created an education platform for long-distance learning for Russian and Eastern Europe education systems. He once served as a board advisor to a South Florida private jet operations company.

While flying in a private jet for the first time in 2009, Sergey Petrossov noticed how cumbersome and analogue flight booking was thus the Jetsmarter idea was conceived. He designed a mobile application that flawlessly connects flyers to high-rated private jets with competitive fares around the globe. He released a beta-version of Jetsmarter in August 2012 to a selected number of users as a proof of concept. In response to positive reviews, Sergey Petrossov developed Jetsmarter into a profound business. He assembled group of vendors and a team in air travel experts with one hundred and plus years of experience and on March 2013 Jetsmarter app was publicly released.

Jetsmarter, which considers itself as Uber for airplanes, currently boasts of 14,000 members who pay up to $15000 yearly for its unique services. These services include an option to booking free seats on planned shuttle routes. The travelers can also create routes between selected cities. Jetsmarter is available in 170 countries and more. Today Jetsmarter is valued of $1.5 billion and some of its impressive investors include Jay-Z and Saudi Royal family. The 29 year old has big plans for the company among them hopes of doubling the company’s revenue, which he says is at ‘hundreds millions” in the next two years. He also plans to own the premium business travel in USA and considers his app as one that provides value to the consumers.

Adam Milstein is a man who philanthropically and professionally excelled to become one of the most beloved leaders of the Jewish community. Within the transformative process of converting his humble beginnings into a lifestyle of prosperity, Milstein utilized his willpower, intelligence, and sense of compassion for others to keep himself centered on the fulfillment of cultural objectives. Having grown up in Haifa, Israel under the kinship of a nurturing mother (homemaker) and industrious father (real estate developer), Milstein’s acquired traits of integrity and perseverance made him feel obligated to dedicate his life to removing the economic and societal hardships of his fellow Jewish brethren. After actively involving himself as a very young member of the Israeli Defense Forces to help Israel win the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Adam Milstein moved to the U.S. in 1981, pursued a thorough business education, manifested a job opportunity in real estate (Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties), and began establishing pro-Israel organizations for the advancement of his people.

One of Adam Milstein’s initial projects, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, happened to become one of his most widespread cultural preservation developments to date. Through the service of the Milstein Family Foundation, people within the Israeli-American community have the opportunity to receive an education regarding their Jewish heritage, healthcare assistance, financial support, political support, and career counseling—a provision that has proven to be very influential in the development of leadership skills among the youth. Following Milstein’s establishment of his own foundation in 2000, he co-founded the Israel-American Council in 2007—a Los Angeles, California based nonprofit organization that aims to fortify ties between the U.S and Israel for the sake of preserving the cultural identity of young Israeli-Americans. Through just the combined services of the IAC and Milstein Family Foundation alone, Adam Milstein has been able to assist/impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of lives in the Jewish community—a feat that renders him a being of substantial value and admiration in society. For Milstein, the world deserves positive change, thus he feels it a must to play a vital role in cultivating securities for the future.

Matt Badiali is Banyan Hill Publishing’s expert on investing in energy, mining, and agriculture. He has been writing about these topics for over a decade, showing his readers where opportunities lie in this complicated area of investing.

His philosophy about investing is that every investor should have some money in alternative assets such as gold mining companies or Canadian marijuana firms. It’s hard for regular investors to know what to invest in because doing so successfully means understanding not just knowing financial information but also about the science involved.

Matt Badiali brings a unique background to investing. He has a masters degree in science and was working toward his doctorate when an opportunity to use his knowledge to help investors popped up. It was because of his knowledge about geology that he was hand-picked to start writing a financial newsletter about investing in energy, mining, and agriculture.

Since August of last year, Matt Badiali has been telling people that if they don’t own gold mining stock it’s important to begin to do so. He thinks there are gold mining companies whose stock should be held for the long-term. Matt Badiali has said that the value of gold has dropped to its lowest prices of the past five years and once it starts going up so will the stock of the gold miners.

He says that some investors stay away from gold because of its bad reputation. They think that gold is just too risky and are worried gold mines are going to fail or get shut down. Matt Badiali says these fears are overblown and investing in it can result in a windfall. It’s also a very good way to diversify a portfolio and protect people from the gyrations of the global stock market.

He has been at Banyan Hill Publishing, working as a senior analyst, since March 2017. Prior to this, he worked in a similar role at Stansberry & Associates for nearly 12 years. He also spent over four years working as a geologist at Lemenze Environmental Drilling Co. in Lakeworth, Florida. Click here to learn more

Marc Beer is the founder and the CEO of Renovia Inc. He is a seasoned executive who is widely recognized in the world of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and more so biotechnology. He has more than 25 years in developmental and commercialization in these industries. He is the former founder and CEO of Viacell, a company that seeks to collect and preserve stem cells of the umbilical cord blood. He worked at ViaCell for seven years after which he saw the company grow to a vast commercial organization. He also served at Genzyme where he held various positions. Genzyme focused on making treatments for diseases that are hard to diagnose and treat.

Marc Beer attended the Miami University, Ohio where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Apart from obtaining his degree from the university, he also became a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. He was also a member of the Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research, and also in Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. Marc Beer is known by many as an extensively experienced and highly qualified individual in terms of life sciences.

Marc Beer and his company Renovia Inc. in the year 2018 August made headlines for having raised $ 42 Million to start up a women’s health ($32 M) initiative and clear a venture debt($10M). This fund was meant to help in developing new and multiple products that would help the women who had problems in their pelvic floors, both diagnostic and treatment products. These kinds of problems are like urinary incontinence which is said affect about 250 million women in the world. Renova’s first product with regards to this initiative is Leva and was approved by the FDA in April.

Marc Beer’s Renovia has had investors such as Longwood Fund, Perceptive Advisor’s and Ascension. The fund will help the firm develop and test four new products and a new generation of Leva, all of which will facilitate women’s therapy. He is utilizing their innovation, sensor technologies and form factors in combination with the digital platform in all the processes of creating these products. He says all these steps will go a long way to aid the firm in generating valuable information which will dictate the new options of treatment to the consumers. The information will also give greater insight and knowledge to the pelvic floor conditions and hence lower the cost associated with long term health care.

Although Renovia Inc. is Marc Beer’s new and first venture, its growth and incentives are notably towards the positive. This is attributed to his unending dedication and focus to achieve his goals and making the world a better place to live through sustainable healthcare. Learn more:

Nitin Khanna is the current CEO and founder of Merger Tech and former CEO and co-founder of Saber Corp. Nitin Khanna is an alma mater of Purdue University. Nitin as a professional engineer uses his knowledge and skills to help businesses grow and merge with others. Khanna has decades of experiences in mergers and acquisition and has successfully led to the M&A of more than eight companies.

Nitin Khanna in an interview said the idea of establishing Merger Tech came from the experiences and lessons that he learned at Saber Corp. Khanna at Saber Corp participated in the merger and acquisition of more than eight companies excluding Saber Corp acquisition by EDS. Khanna inspiration to start Merger Tech came from the lifetime deal he got from the purchase of Saber Corp by EDS. EDS acquired Saber Corp at a price that was four times its revenue. Here is the interview Nitin gave recently

Nitin Khanna typical day begins by him meeting with his staff where he is updated of all essential aspects in the organization. After that Khanna then sets out to have meetings with clients after which he does all the necessary works required for the firm’s ongoing projects. Meeting new clients and prospects assist Khanna in building a new client base. After work Khanna goes back home where he spends quality time with his wife and children.

Nitin Khanna thinks as much as it is crucial to bring ideas into life it is first important to nurture ideas and ensure that they are long term and stable. Merger Tech plays a critical role in mentoring and recruiting capable executive teams that can collaborate on the execution of ideas. Merger Tech most of the time are required to provide advisory opinions to clients and before they do that they have to listen to and nurture some of the ideas that are fronted by clients.

One trend that excites Nitin Khanna is the power of the social media platform. According to Khanna, the social media platform today has the ability to make or break not only an individual but an entire business. One habit that makes Khanna productive as an entrepreneur is his investigative nature and his understanding of how he can utilize his professional strengths. Khanna is quite flexible and open to new ideas.

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Unroll me is a firm headquartered in New York that deals with emails and services related to it, the company was founded in 2010 and has made tremendous progress and profit over the years. Since its opening, it has created several technology apps that are currently used worldwide. The apps have made work more manageable in a lot of ways, e.g., it came up with goggle to help in research. The company’s founder is Jojo Hedaya, the Chief Executive Officer, and his team. Slice technologies manage the company. Unroll me handles uses email and junk. It categorizes a consumer’s email from the most vital to the least essential. The essential information is assembled for ease in accessing documents. It also destroys consumer’s previous subscriptions to apps that may be dangerous and would tamper with one’s personal information.

In 2017 they were numerous cases of cyber-attacks and insecurities including the ransomware. Individuals were getting threatened after using certain apps for ransom. The apps were holding its user’s information for ransom failure to comply with their demands would lead to the destruction of the information. Windows came up with an app to cab such problems. Cyber experts are advising individuals to always read the privacy policy of a particular company before deciding to use it or acquire its services. Since once you agree to the policies any attack on your personal information is void. Users are also advised to delete unnecessary apps or apps that they are done using. Once it’s done, the application will have no access to any of your information anymore.

Unroll me helps customers get services and goods that they require by accessing their personal information and evaluating what consumers need most. The practice has gone a long way in helping consumers to obtain products and services efficiently and fast. Unroll me provides information to other companies on what’s on high demand by consumers all over. The business companies can thereby generate items according to user demands. Unroll me also recently stopped providing services to the European regions to avoid breaking the new rules set by GDPR in the area.

Neurocore Company is dedicated to meet the needs of a wide range of people; the main focus is on the bodybuilders and people suffering from brain disorders. The company invests a lot of money and resources to research advanced treatments and diagnoses. Recently, Neurocore researchers investigated how untreated depression changes the normal brain function if not taken into consideration. According to the study, untreated depression causes neurodegenerative levels of brain inflammation that’s caused by suffering depression for more than a decade.

The study population consisted of 80 participants, 25 being untreated for more than ten years, 30 had never been diagnosed, and 25 had untreated depression for less than a decade. They were evaluated with positron emission tomography scans to determine protein level and type. The study was published in 2016 to show the patients higher levels of C-Reactive proteins.

After considering several factors, the researchers concluded that people with depressions have CRP levels were 30% higher than those without depression. It of great significant to emphasize the need to develop effective diagnosis to remove the stigma from the patients. Neurocore has adopted advanced technology to diagnose brain inflammation problems. The management team works hand in hand with the employees to provide convenient and efficient services to all patients. Learn More.

The Realreal, a luxury consignment site, is not a place you can find a fake Chanel bag. It authenticates products and churns out the fake. The San Francisco Bay Area based company is popular for genuine products and high-touch consignment services. The following are some of The Realreal items that have attracted the attention of many shoppers.

LV collars & Hermes leashes

Many Americans treasure their pets and most of them can’t imagine losing them. Human and puppies establish a bond that makes them inseparable. When you’re away and you left your dog at home, you will miss it and you can’t wait to get back home. It will probably greet you at the door excited to see you back. There is so much that can be said about people and their pets but that is besides the point. The Realreal offers authenticated dog accessories that will improve the relationship between you and your pet. The accessories that they have recently showcased includes LV collars and Hermes leashes.

Sartorial pieces

If you’re looking to strike a sartorial balance, consign can see your needs met. While you give the pieces you no longer include in your dressing style a new life, you get to earn to invest in the next pieces that will complement your dressing style. As the Valentine’s Day approaches, it is time to add some Valentine’s Day-ready pieces to your obsessions.


Handbags greatly complement a dressing style of a lady. Designer bags have increased popularity over the past few years and it speaks more about class and good taste. In the wake of Valentine’s Day, ladies are flocking stores in search for handbags that go along with other pieces nicely.

Who The Realreal are

Founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, The Realreal is a luxury consignment company that has put a lot of efforts to ensure it offers authenticated and genuine products. The company has grown rapidly due to a good reputation a provider of genuine products and high-touch consignment services.

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