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For the past 25 years, the Canadian company National Steel car has been under the ownership of Mr. Gregory James Aziz. National Steel Car used to be in a state of negligence when its new owner obtained it, and it was nothing like the big corporation it used to be all those years ago.

National Steel Car has been operating as a manufacturer of railroad freight cars for more than one hundred years. The corporation has been around for a long time, and it has had its fair share of prospering times and challenging times. The first time that the National Steel car experienced a significant decrease in orders was during the Depression. But that passed, and National Steel Car started prospering again especially with the start of the Second World War which set the orders through the roof.


After the war passed, National Steel Car started stagnating again. The previous owner of National Steel Car put some efforts into bringing the business back to the scene as a leader, but it was not enough. In 1994, Dofasco sold off the business after having given up on it completely. Mr. Gregory J Aziz had been preparing to purchase the company for about a decade before making a move and obtaining the business. Mr. Gregory J Aziz assumed full leadership of the corporation as the Chairman, chief executive officer, and president of National Steel Car.

Mr. Greg Aziz made a vast number of changes to National Steel Car. He started with investing a large amount of money in the annual manufacturing capacity, and he hired more work power. As the leader of the company, Mr. Gregory J Aziz directed a lot of effort into the successful comeback of the business. See This Page for More Info.


In his first handful of years in leadership, Greg Aziz increased the annual capacity from 3 500 to 12 000 and the number of employees from 600 to 3 000. Up to date twenty years later, National Steel Car has well over 3 000 employees and its manufacturing capacity per year continues to increase.


Mr. Gregory J. Aziz brought philanthropy to public steel car. Under Greg’s directing National Steel car has gone ahead with and sponsored several local charities or cultural centers in areas such as the Hamilton Community. Examples of sponsored charities and cultural centers include the Salvation Army, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius and The Hamilton Opera. In addition to supporting communities, National Steel Car also holds an annual Christmas party which is attended by nearly five thousand people. Attendees are primarily made up of present and past employees of National Steel Car, as well as their children and other family members.


With a production capacity of over 31,000 bbl, Obsidian Energy is a Toronto Stock Exchange traded firm majoring in oil and natural gas production. The firm previously operated in the highly-competitive Canadian energy industry as Penn West Petroleum, Penn West Exploration and Penn West Energy Trust. With its center of operation in Calgary, Alberta, the firm is among the sixty largest publicly-traded companies on Canada’s Toronto Stock Exchange platform.


In 2008, Obsidian Energy experienced its highest market capitalization that was valued at $9.5 billion. The company was also restructured in 2014 when the oil prices significantly fell. It officially stopped operating under the name Penn West Petroleum on June 26, 2017. Go Here To Learn More.


On November 1, 2017, Obsidian Energy regained continuous listing standard compliance with the New York Stock Exchange. The company regained compliance since its stock closing price was over $1 per stock in 30 trading days. It also managed to have a stock closing price of above $1 at the end of the 30 days. Obsidian’s shares are available for trading on NYSE and Toronto Stock Exchange under the acronym ‘OBE.’


Oil and Natural Gas Exploitation


Obsidian Energy is among the oil and natural gas companies whose exploitation interests are in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Alberta. The basin is among the world’s petroleum reserves with large volumes of crude oil. Obsidian’s production interests are on the Peace River oil sands, the Pembina Cardium and the Alberta Viking. These reserves are situated in Alberta, Canada.




When Obsidian Energy was operating under the name Penn West Energy Trust, it had billions of assets under management. The firm’s equities were also publicly-traded on NYSE. In 2008, Penn West Energy Trust yielded a 15 to 16 percent yearly rate. This percentage was as a result of the high dividends that the company paid to its stakeholders.


Penn West Energy Trust also operated as a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). It comprised of oil and natural gas producers such as Crescent Point Energy, Enterra, Pengrowth and Zargon Energy. Others include ARC Energy, Bonavista Energy, Daylight Resources, Fairborne Energy and Peyto Energy. Penn West transformed from a Canadian royalty trust to a conventional corporation on the 1st of January, 2011.

NetPicks is an online trading strategy company that is well-known for assisting investors to trade smarter in the foreign exchange sector. The firm offers trading systems that suit a variety of individuals depending on their preferences including a full-time career, part-time career and one that is done in minutes. The company immensely invests in its resources to provide its clients with exceptional support on issues that involve trading. Over the years since its inception in 1996, NetPicks continues to ensure that dealers make transactions with trusted firms in the market. The company enables individuals to buy products that are not exploitative. The trading company prides itself on having professional employees in the corporate world. Their staff entails instructors and a coaching team that daily associate themselves with market activities.  Hit this useful link to read relevant articles on socially responsible investment.

The trading company helps individuals to invest o resources and industries that eventually earn them sufficient income. NetPicks offers advisory services that are practical, which gains the firm an incredible reputation in the business world. Executives of the company never rely on academic beliefs and theories that are involved in the trading industry. The Texas-based firm offers training to traders, which helps them to become successful businesspersons in the market. NetPicks provides individuals with resources that involve forex, stocks, ETFs, Future, and options that guide them during transactions. The head of the company is Mark Soberman who acts as the chief executive officer. He is also the founder of the trading company. Traders and investors can access trading tips and tutorials of the firm through streaming videos on Netpicks YouTube channel.

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According to Market Watch, investors are advised to use the Lock and Walk trading strategy to make sufficient income during the choppy summer tradeoff. The approach was as a result of a sale of a division of technology, which affected sentiments on Wall Street. The dramatic change paved the way for a variable marketplace during summertime. Lock and Walk strategy is a proactive strategy that provides support during resistance levels experienced in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, and ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD. The approach automatically shuts down transactions after acquiring 69 basis points, until the next summer months.

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Netpicks Trading Strategies is a trading education company established in 1996 which provides tutorials and trainings to people who are interested in trading. The company is based in Irving, Texas, and it is regarded as the gold standard for trading education. Netpicks Trading Strategies is the most reliable source especially for people who are new comers to the industry, and they provide a lot of useful information that will help the new comers succeed in the trading industry. People who have been training under Netpicks Trading Strategies have acquired so much knowledge in the industry, and most of them have applied what they learned during the training making them successful in their chosen career path.  Learn from their tutorial blogs on their page.

Netpicks Trading Strategies provides training and tutorials for investing in foreign exchange, stocks, and bonds, among others. They are also providing advice to their clients as to when they can sell their investments for higher income. The people behind Netpicks Trading Strategies are teams of professional traders who are sharing their knowledge with the world. They stated that they wanted everyone to become financial literate, so that the economy could become better. They are working in the background speaking with their clients over the phone, advising them about what they can do to have a successful transaction. The professionals working with Netpicks Trading Strategies usually divide their clients into two: part time income seekers and full time income seekers. They help everyone who needs their assistance, and they always focus on their goal: to make every client successful.  Know what goes inside a counter punch trader trade room, check this useful link here.

Aside from training and seminars, Netpicks Trading Strategies is also publishing articles that will open the eyes of everyone in the trading scene.   Additional trading tips here.

Recently, they published an article about the strategy called “Lock and Walk”. This strategy helps investors who have invested their fortune in technological based stocks to have peace of mind, despite the prices dropping recently. The strategy focuses on three stock codes, which are – NDX, QID and QLD – and there are conditions that have to me met in order to have a successful transaction despite the diving prices, and one should study these conditions in order to have a successful transaction.  Read an important review on Netpicks, check


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About Netpicks

Netpick is an essential and consistent forum whose primary goal is to convert each of their clients to become the best independent and profitable trader. It was founded 22 years ago (1996). It’s highly experienced trading coaches are committed to the provision of crucial support to all investors thus empowering them.

Important Strategies that can make your business more profitable

Lately, Wall Street has experienced massive sales in the technology field which has changed the investors’ view of the business situations. The thriving business is a good opportunity that any business person can use to expand his/her business. Proactive strategies play a major role in making one a successful investor.  More tips on socially responsible investment on

One of the best and effective proactive strategies is known as “Lock and Walk.” It is aimed at increasing the productivity of discontinuous markets. The policy has several easy-to-follow rules which are commonly familiar to technical-analysis users. It efficiently advises an investor to purchase near support and sell near resistance. However, if the support breaks, you are further encouraged to stop out.

The strategy also advises the investors to shut down their business ventures until the next conducive season comes in case it gets sixty-seven basis gains points. This, however, applies for the short-term business positions.

More about Netpicks

Netpick’s headquarter is situated in Irving, Texas where Mark Soberman and other highly trained professions offer excellent trading experiences. The group has more than 20 years of experience that has made them competent in providing trading advice to investors.  Useful link her.

The firm has prioritized the success of all their customers. This makes them more committed to ensuring that all the clients have made substantial moves in their businesses. Their staffs are ready to explain all details associated with the Art of Trading.  To keep up-to-date with their latest timeline activities, hit this.

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Don’t hesitate to seek business consultation from Netpicks. Their competent staff will ensure that each of your questions is answered equipping you with the best trading strategies.

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Paul Mampilly recently released an article sharing investment success secrets through his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. When his subscribers hit 60,000, Paul was encouraged to continue his trend of offering an investment recommendation monthly. Therefore, in the article, he was primarily explaining the tactics that lead to the success of Profits Unlimited.

The main reason as to why many investors are eager to read Mampilly’s advice is because he proved his capability when he won an investment contest by Templeton Foundation. Paul managed to yield $ 88 million from an investment of $ 50 million. This step was impressing but what was more inspiring is that he did this during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis. He gained over 75% without sacrificing stocks which captured many investors who continually read his newsletter making it successful.

Moreover, another reason for the newsletter’s success is because it contains useful details. Mampilly writes his articles that even a new investor can gain from it. Paul is passionate about helping people become successful through Profits Unlimited. Banyan Hill Publishing publishes profits Unlimited. After the subscribers receive each newsletter, they can go to track stocks on his website.

Paul Mampilly picks one or two stocks for his content updating weekly. About 85% remain profitable consistently, but one in the portfolio recently increased by more than 150%. Rather than doing everything for his subscribers, Paul prefers teaching them how to become smart investors responsible for their stocks, track information and updating their portfolios as they continue learning through his articles. This strategy has made his subscribers successful which makes him successful.

Mampilly’s clients appreciate his monthly posts. Moreover, the subscribers usually receive trade alerts alarming them when trades must be made including instructions about what to do and the reasons for trading. Clients easily trade using a computer, phone or tablet. After trades are completed, Paul updates them on the newest stocks. Also, he has committed customer service agents who help him with the customers.

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor and a former hedge fund manager. Paul moved from India to America at a younger age. He has been a financial expert among Wall Street investors for over two decades. Paul Mampilly began his career journey at Deutsche Bank in 1991 where he managed millions of dollars. He also worked at ING, Royal Bank of Scotland and Kinetics International Fund. He retired at 42 to spend time with his family as he continued to build his legacy through Profits Unlimited.

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With over 100 years of operation, National Steel Car is a leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the world. This is a result of hard work and dedication put towards the innovation and engineering in this company under the leadership of its president, Gregory James Aziz. In the recent past, National Steel Car has impressively improved because of the skills and innovations brought in by Gregory J Aziz who serves as the CEO, president and chairman.

Why the Success?

Impeccable Experience

Being at the helm of National Steel Car since 1994, Gregory J Aziz boasts of over 20 years of experience. During this time, he has gone through many challenges with the company. Whenever new challenges arise, his experience works to his advantage enabling him to solve them and keep the company growing.


Continued Growth

Under the management of James Aziz, National Steel Car has continued to grow steadily. The manufacturing capability has expanded, and more employment opportunities have been created. Over 2000 people have been employed at National Steel Car. This has improved people’s livelihoods by providing them with a consistent source of income.

Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Greg Aziz is a self-driven person and a philanthropist. Apart from growing National Steel Car, he has also helped other companies to boost their productivity. He has made National Steel Car a globally recognized brand through the networks and connections he has created, and his focused leadership based on analysis of the market. His effort ensures that the community around him benefits continually. He also ensures that the highest quality of services is delivered by his company.


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Gregory Aziz has worked with the community towards helping and supporting the local charities such as Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius and Hamilton Opera.


Innovation and Creativity

Even with the continually changing market structure and technology, Greg James Aziz has managed to keep up. His resilient character trait has not changed. He brings out new ideas which keep booting the company’s production. His experience and educational knowledge enables him to remain competitive despite the new challenges and technologies. As a result, National Steel Car has sustained quality over the years.


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The leadership of Gregory Aziz has seen the steady growth of National Steel Car to become a global recognized manufacturer of railroad freight cars. The quality of their products and their active nature has seen company winning various awards such as the highest quality award and their continued recertification.

Gregory Aziz name has become very popular in the recent times. Many people know him as the chairman and president of one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world, known as National Steel Car Ltd. The institution is based in Hamilton, Ontario, and it attracts clients from different parts of the world. Since it was founded in the year 1949, the successful company specializes in manufacturing and freight car engineering. Although he has been very successful while serving as the president of the company, Gregory has had to endure his great share of hardships. However, with his expertise, he has done his best to ensure that the company remains profitable. The businessman doesn’t compromise the quality of products and services given to the consumers. This is most probably one of the reasons the businessman has been doing so well in the market.


1Gregory J Aziz has a great educational background. According to his complex portfolio, the businessman went for his education at the prestigious Western Ontario university. While studying in the popular institution, the businessman decided to focus on economics. After working very hard in school, the businessman finally graduated and ventured into the corporate world. His family owned a food production company – Affiliate Foods, and this is where he tried his luck first before getting employment in other institutions. When he joined the company, the businessman worked hard to make the food production firm one of the best and leading importers of fresh food products from Europe, South America and other parts of the world. See More Info Here.


After working in the food production department for a long time, the businessman decided to venture into the banking department. In the year 1994, Gregory was fortunate to purchase National Steel Car from its previous owners, known as Dofasco. The Canadian company wanted to transform the manufacturing and railroad freight car. The company concentrated in the Northern American region, and it did well under its management. Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the businessman managed to expand the institution and make it one of the leading car manufacturing firms in the world. The quality of the cars manufactured by the company is great too. The quality of the cars from National Steel Car makes many customers from all over the world to flock in the company when looking for great cars. The management of the firm has been instrumental in the success of the company. The private company retains a great relationship with its customers.


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Bruno Jorge Fagali stands out as one of the most renowned figures in the Brazilian jurisprudential sphere. He is one of the finest attorneys who have ever traversed the Brazilian legal field. Having had quite a remarkable educational background, Bruno Fagali has a significant edge over most of his peers.

Bruno Fagali has a Law Degree from the prestigious Sao Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University (2004-2009). He specialized in Administrative Law and further advanced his education by acquiring a Masters in Law from the University of Sao Paulo. In this respect, Bruno Fagali has specialized in myriad legal disciplines, including Administrative law, Compliance, Anti-Corruption Law, Public Law, Electoral and Parliamentary Law and Advertising Law.

His incredible experience, diligence, and diverse specialties in practice have earned him tremendous job opportunities in the Brazilian legal industry. To begin with, Bruno Fagali is a Founding Partner of one of the most renowned law firms in Bela Vista, Sao Paulo known as Fagali Advocacy. He founded this firm in 2016 while envisaging to offer quality legal services to the Brazilian population.

Moreover, Bruno Fagali holds several positions in other institutions such as Nova/SB where he serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager and the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics where he holds the position of the Effective Associate and Coordinator. Bruno Fagali is also a senior member of the Brazilian Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Know more:


One of the requisite keys that unlock the sealed doors of success in the legal field is utmost dedication and a vast experience. Quite significantly, Bruno Jorge Fagali is equipped with these prerequisites thus making him a resoundingly talented lawyer sought by many clients in Sao Paulo. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of specialization and dedication to land the lucrative jobs such as the ones held by Bruno Fagali. Consequently, it is judicious to conclude that Bruno Fagali is one of the lawyers who have brought a new perspective and redefined the Brazilian legal field.


This article will recap another article regarding a company NetPicks. Then it will give some general information. Netpicks has a goal to teach people to trade in a smart way not a long way. This is why the trading systems they have often have three objectives someone can pick from. The three objectives are part-time income, full-time career, as well as a fast finish time.

Now some talk about ETF’s and Netpicks. They stand for Exchange Traded Funds, they demonstrate mutual bonds. There are four types of them that Netpicks thinks will carry out a profitable investment and shows responsibility. One of the such picks is Positive screening. Positive screening involves picking various projects, firms, and organizations. This is by a creative build up. There is also, Negative Integration, which is based on things like social impacts. Actually, there are some investments that are taken out from being utilizable.

The last two picks are ESG Integration and Themed Investing. ESG Integration is the steps of financial analysis of an investment which includes an ESG factor. That factor plays an important role in someone’s monetary investments. Themed Investments are what the project is all about. More of what they include are themes of sustainable development. Examples are alternative energy, also those that are put through to the other factors to decide on what the best investment program is.  Useful trading tips here.

Now, some general information about the investing company Netpicks. Netpicks was founded by a man named Mark Soberman in the year 1996. The company’s headquartered can be found in Irving, Texas. The main goal of this company is giving a great level of education trading to the regular traders.   Get connected, hop over to

The trading system were set up with the three goals mentioned earlier. When a person chooses the objectives, the systems will do the work in an automatic manner. The systems are set up so someone can learn it in a short time. Also, the websites allow people not to study too much. Finally, what they can do is learn from video training. Watch and learn from their tutorial videos here.

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