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The use of video for communication purposes has increased significantly over the past decade. While there are various reasons for the increase, one of the main reasons is because the technology associated with using video has improved greatly over the past few years. The speed along with other video aspects have improved to the point that video related communication either online or by phone is very good.


The improvement of the technology that is primarily used regarding video type communication has open the possibilities for many uses by businesses and other organizations. The idea of video has been used for years concerning video conferencing and various other video related communications. One of the problems with video communication is that unless the hardware is top of the line, the speed of the communication is not fast enough to make the video communication the level desired by many people.


As the hardware and network related technology has allowed video communication to become more acceptable to users with average network capabilities, many companies have pushed the use of video communication. One of these companies is Securus Technologies. The company is in the process of preparing for assisting inmates at correction facilities to be able to talk to their families during the Christmas holiday season.


Securus Technologies will be using what it calls video visitation technology to allow inmates to see and talk to their families in real time. The video technology provides crisp audio and quality resolution video. The result is a communication that is almost life like.


The technology allows inmates to view and verbally communicate with family using a communication link that is created at the time of the communication session. Although the inmates will not be home for Christmas, the video visitation technology will give inmates the chance to visit with their families during this special holiday season. The technology provides a clear audio sound and a clear video picture.


I feel that the ability for inmates to actually view and communicate with their families during Christmas is great. Many inmates have a difficult time during the Christmas holiday because they cannot spend time with family. The use of the video visitation technology will offer inmates the chance to come home in some form during the Christmas season.


Securus Technologies provides technology related products and services to the corrections market and other similar organizations.

Sam Tabar; a capital strategistand a prominent lawyer based in New York City. He graduated with honors from Oxford University. He then joined Columbia Law School where he worked as an Associate Editor of Columbia Business Law Review. Sam, later on, began pursuing his career shortly after his graduation from Columbia School in one of the most prestigious leading law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. During his stay at Skadden, he advised and counseled clients on hedge funds formation and structure, employment issues, side letters, memoranda and regulatory and compliance issues. He served the company until 2004 when he left the legal career and changed fields to the world of finance management.

In 2004 sept, Sam Tabar joined Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors based in Hong Kong. Later on due to his passion and hard work he was promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. Sam designed and implemented a strategic plan that targeted ultra-high net worth investors, large offices, and institutions across the globe. Also, Sam managed a $2 billion hedge fund for all facets of global marketing and investor relations. He took the business to a whole new level by designing a personal rolodex of around 2000 potential investors and created over400 new investor introductions. Sam continued to thrive in many aspects as he worked closely with the CEO of the company.

Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011as the Director and head of capital strategy for the Asia-pacific region. In his role, he targeted introductions to institutional investors’ foundations, fund of funds, pensions, and endowments. He also managed the capital allocations cycle between investors and fund managers. Sam Tabar left the company in and served at Adanac LLC, BVI at Adanac as its Director.

In 2013 Sam Tabar moved back to his legal career and joined Schulte Roth &Zabel LLP, and served as a senior associate. In 2015 Dec, Sam was appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer at Fullcycle Energy Fund. Sam will be responsible for the fund management strategy. He said that he is honored to serve as COO and he expects to partner with talented senior leadership so as to meet the goals and the objectives of the company.

Betting on College football captures the minds of the sports betting world this time of year. The bowl games are sprinkled throughout the holiday season like little treats building up to the New Year’s crowning of a champion.

My Kentucky Wildcats are making the scene this year after a 5 absence from bowl appearances. This is thanks to an unprecedented upset against the cross-state rivals and home of Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson, the Louisville Cardinals.

While Kentucky (7-5) struggled off and on during the year with oversized match-ups like Florida, Alabama and Louisville all on the road, they also capitalized on with strong showings against Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi State.

The problem is that Kentucky is routinely giving up, on average, 37 points on the road. They will need a defensive awakening to overcome Tech’s potentially explosive offense. A great comparison of this year’s game can be found at where you can find the latest football odds and statistics.

Georgia Tech sported a most affable season cashing in on recent wins against Georgia and Virginia losing big only to Clemson. Kentucky has only come on strong offensively in the later part of the season, showing they can put up high numbers on the road, but ultimately the UK offense is hit and miss.

I, like most UK fans, am hopeful to bring home a trophy from this year’s Taxslayer Bowl against the Georgia tech Yellow Jacket (8-4). I’m looking for Kentucky to capitalize on their scoring ability while riding into the bowl game fresh off the momentum of their win over UL. An excellent comparison can be made by using the matchup tool at

Look for Kentucky to ratchet up the defense if they expect to beat the Yellow Jackets in what is likely to be one of the most hotly contested bowl games not in the BCS. You can find all of the recent updates, news, and statistics as well as expert picks at They have a wealth of genuine professional handicappers providing specialized insights for all of the college football odds and a professional staff to guide you along the way.

Livio Bisterzo is the founder of Hippeas, a company that specializes in chickpea snacks. He is also the CEO of a company known as Green Park Brands. Not long ago, Livio and his team of professionals decided to make a snack that is better for the consumers. They put all their effort and it resulted to a product known as Hippeas.

Hippeas are organic chickpea puffs that are vegan, gluten free, kosher and contain one hundred calories a pack. The snack also contains three grams of protein. Hippeas is a source of fiber too. According to Livio Bisterzo, the company wanted to create a good snack that was perfect for the health of a social conscious individual. The team also wanted the snack to have a great taste that is irresistible.

Hippeas, the new organic snack is the latest product that has joined the Starbucks assortment snacks that an individual can grab and eat while on the go. The product comes in two flavors: Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar. These products can now be found in the Starbucks locations in the United States.

Follow @liviobisterzo and @hippeas_snacks on Twitter for more information.

Livio Bisterzo is not new in the food industry. He specializes in the natural and health food, and he has been there for over seven years. Last year in May, Livio decided to partner with a food innovation company that creates Hippeas. They worked hard on several product developments and also consumer testing, and finally, they managed to come up with a complete product.

Bisterzo chose chickpea as the main ingredient in the snack. Together with his team, they worked hard to come up with the perfect bite, shape, texture and taste. The team had one goal in mind: to develop a snack that was too far way and different from what the consumer was already used to. They also wanted to ensure that the consumer was proud when getting the product from the supermarket shelf.

After the introduction of the product to the market, many clients have contacted Bisterzo, and they all seemed to be excited about the new snack that has made life better. According to most consumers, the snack is culturally relevant, and it has managed to address several consumer trends. The company managed to deliver a good product that is right for the consumers at the perfect time.

Livio Bisterzo is very excited about the new snack, and he is very proud of his brand and its mission. His company has created a special partnership with Farm Africa, and it’s planning to give back to the society by supporting the chickpea farmers in Africa.

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OSI Group is multinational firm that processes high-quality foods and beverages that are distributed across the world. The operations of the business are managed from its headquarters, which is in Aurora, Illinois. OSI has been active form more than a century. It has perfected in processing a variety of products such as pizza, meat patties, hot dogs, vegetables, fish, and poultry. OSI Group has hired more than 20,000 employees who ensure that the clients receive the best quality of foods and beverages.

The growth of the OSI Group has been gradual from a local food processing firm to an international manufacturer. One of the people who has assisted it in its development is its CEO, Sheldon Lavin. His management proficiency is commendable, and the Vision World Academy appreciated him through the Globe Visionary Award. He has been striving to ensure that the company makes profits that are worth billions of dollars. OSI currently comprises of 60 factories and it has distributed them in 16 different countries.

The company has been conserving the environment excellently, and this made it one of the 18 businesses that were recognized by the British Safety Council in 2016. It received the Globe of Honor Awards, which was being offered to a company that had devised an excellent method of preventing environmental hazards. According to the British Safety Council, an enterprise had to score five stars during its environment inspection for it to be named as a winner.

Another significant achievement that the OSI Group has made in 2016 is acquiring the ownership of the Baho Foods. The firm did not inform the public about the cost of the transaction since it is a privately held enterprise. Baho Foods’ main products include snacks and deli meats. The president of the OSI Group believes that purchasing the food processing firm will assist his company to manufacture a wide variety of commodities and hence satisfy the customer’s varying needs.

The Baho Foods manages five processing companies. They are Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Henri van de Bilt. The branches of the firm operate from Netherlands and Germany, and their market is 18 countries across Europe. OSI Group retained the employees of the Baho Foods. One of them is John Balvers who was the Managing Director and was made part of the company’s executive. The enterprise anticipates covering a larger European market through Baho Foods.


Refinancing an automobile entails taking out a second car loan to substitute your first loan. The terms associated with the new loans are entirely different from the original one. Car refinancing occurs when an eligible applicant is in need of favorable terms that will save them a significant amount of money. Auto refinancing can take place in many distinct ways, but it depends on the aims of the client.


Key advantages of refinancing your car loan


Lower monthly payments


Refinancing may minimize the monthly auto repayment by lowering the interest rate or prolonging the length of the loan term. Ignition Financial is a powerhouse when it comes to auto refinancing and, it can match you with reliable sources of finance. Through the Ignition’s slash my payments service, you can acquire a refinancing loan with significantly low-interest rates.


Reduced interest rates


When a refinanced automobile has a lesser interest rate than the present loan, the payable interest rate may have significantly lowered by the time the borrower completes paying off the loan. However, this scenario applies to the situation when the loan term is not prolonged. It can also work when the loan term is extended by a minimal amount.


Altering the duration of the loan term


Prolonging the duration of the loan term means that the loan will be paid in bits for an extended period, lowering the monthly payment required to meet that amount. However, by the end of the loan duration, you may realize that you paid more for your vehicle in total plus the interest charges. Auto refinancing becomes valuable in such cases since it can reduce the length of the term.


Most times, refinanced car loans come with transaction fees, which are usually charged by the lender. The transaction fee can be paid upfront or incorporated into the loan sum on which you are expected to pay interest. The fees will serve as the yearly percentage rate of the total refinanced loan.


Ignition Financial in brief


Ignition Financial is a leading auto-refinancing firm located in Austin Texas. It started connecting clients with a full spectrum of unique and genuine finance sources back in 2005. It ensures borrowers are receiving loans that give them ideal interest rates with respect to their credit history. Ignition Financial has established strong connections and networks with leading financial institutions and, thus, it delivers the best interest rates to its clients. Additionally, the firm has a simple auto refinancing procedure.



Recently, entrepreneur Josh Verne sat down to talk about his businesses ventures on a podcast interview. During the interview, Josh also talked about his keys to success. He emphasized that qualities such as leadership, enjoying your occupation, listening to others and also seeking balance in life will allow you to achieve your goals. As far as his business ventures are concerned, Josh is currently the founder and owner of a marketing company known as FlockU. It specializes in providing news and information about product brands to college students. Prior to starting up FlockU, Josh Verne founded another company known as Workpays.


During the podcast interview, Josh talked about what it takes in order to be successful. He revealed that success is not only experienced in business, but also life in general. One of the main points that Josh made was that it will be important to be a leader instead of a boss. Josh stated that you will want to include other people and look to achieve the goals of everyone instead of using your authority status to order others. As well as being a good leader, Verne said that it will be important to listen more than you speak so that you will be able to become a more effective communicator with others. Always seeking a win win scenario is also important if you want to be successful according to Josh. It will also be important to seek happiness in your personal life and maintain good health in order to achieve complete success.


Josh Verne is currently the co founder of a company called FlockU. This company specializes in content marketing, e-Commerce. It primarily focuses on providing college students with information about campus evens as well as access to a number of brand name merchandise. Since marketing to college students has proven to be highly profitable, Josh looked to capitalize on this trend. His company has already established itself as one of the best in its industry in only one year. Therefore, Josh has been able to continue his success as an entrepreneur with this new company. He has also worked in the furniture business for his family at the beginning of his career.


Changing The Way We Think Of Medicine

The Lung Institute has announced the release of a new form of therapy for lung diseases. Although stem cell therapy is one of the most controversial medical breakthroughs in recent history, it offers the potential to give doctors new and powerful ways of treating chronic diseases such as cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to the Lung Institute Website, they are taking stem cell therapy into the mainstream with treatments specifically directed at lung disease. Although research into stem cell therapy has some history the Lung Institute represents one of the first practical applications of these science.

How The Treatment Works

The process of stem cell therapy begins with doctors extracting stem cells from the blood and bone marrow of the patient. These stem cells are then placed into areas of the body, in this case the lungs of the patient, affected by disease. When these stem cells are present the body is able to heal itself naturally without any intervention from doctors. Indeed, stem cell therapy is simply convincing the body to do exactly what it does whenever you scrape your knee or cut your self.

How Patients Feel About The New Therapy

To truly understand the impact of the stem cell therapy the Lung Institute provides you have to hear from the patients themselves. From asthma to COPD the Lung Institute’s patients are generally satisfied with the treatments they receive. They are able to live their lives without relying on inhalers and oxygen tanks. If they want to exercise or play with their children this is now possible. The Lung Institute isn’t just pushing for the latest pill from pharmaceutical giants. There are giving their patients an entirely new lifestyle to enjoy without the limitations of their diseases.

For more info, visit the Lung InstituteFacebook page and website at



The growth of the Brazilian economy over the last few decades is something investment and banking expert Igor Cornelsen has played a key role in as he has headed some of the top banks in the country as its economy has grown to the fifth largest in the world. As the Brazilian economy has grown Igor has seen the majority of investment specialists found in Europe, North America, and Asia have failed to look to this South American country as an opportunity for their clients to continue to make a profit.


Igor Cornelsen is well known in Brazil for the impressive work he conducted during his many decades of service as a top executive at various banks in the country; Igor believes the work he completed as a banking executive provided him with a global perspective on how investing can be achieved on a large scale. There is much that can be achieved in the eyes of Igor Cornelsen when a long term investment strategy is mapped out with the aid of an investing client who wishes to discover more about how their funds are used to create a profit in a constantly shifting global economic environment.  Igor even has an article about it titled “Investment Advice For The Young Investor”.


The success and good reputation Igor Cornelsen has developed over the course of his career in finance have driven him to continue to dabble in the world of investing despite entering retirement after a successful career in finance. A move to southern Florida, where he spends his time monitoring existing and future deals for Bainbridge Investments and enjoying the plentiful golfing opportunities available to him and his ever increasing list of clients. The commitment to a transparent deal is something that often sets Igor apart as he looks to educate his clients on how to create a profitable portfolio of investments spread across a number of companies in different industries and geographic locations.  Find Igor on Facebook, and be sure to read his latest news via PRNewsChannel.


David Osio is the Founder and Executive Director of Davos Financial Group. Before founding Davos Financial Group, David graduated with a degree in Law from the Catholic University in Venezuela where he also studied Banking and Finance. He subsequently worked at an MGO law firm where he provided legal advice to various corporate clients.


With an outstanding career as a legal advisor and manifesto banking knowledge, David served as a manager in the private banking section of the Latino International Bank, Miami. He became the VC of Commercial Banking within two years. While in this position, David managed to place the bank consolidates internationally and also increased its customer base.


David Osio founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. Davos Financial Group is a combination of companies dedicated to offering comprehensive financial advice to a selected group of customers. With David as CEO, the brand has developed a dynamic leadership team that has allowed its corporate income to grow consecutively over the last years.


The Launch of “Davos CAP Calculator”


In the news provided by the Davos Real Estate Group on June 22, 2016, Davos Real Estate Group introduced their new mobile app “Davos CAP Calculator.”The aim of the application is to estimate the returns on the real estate investments that the customer is interested in.


Davos Real Estate Group is among the independent companies that form Davos Financial Group. Its business mandate is to formulate an investment plan that meets the needs and expectations of each client.


For the last six months, the Executive Director, Gerard Gonzalez has been working alongside Technolution Company concerning the design as well as the development of the app, which allows the user to estimate the profits of an investment property after considering the expenses associated with it.


“Davos CAP Calculator” app has been developed on current technology platforms, and it is now available for both Android and iPhone devices. This first application is the start of various complimentary apps, which will allow you to identify properties through the phone and forward your past real estate reports to an agent at Davos through an interactive chat.


As David Osio puts it, the origin of the application stemmed from the direction that Davos Real Estate Group is taking and also because the direction is in line with the business objective. Davos REG has always been in need of a mobile app that allows them to help in financially guiding their clients when engaging in real estate investments in the United States.

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