Month: April 2016

Wealth Solutions

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Wealth Solutions is more than a team of investors for hire. Richard Blair’s talented and skilled team of investment advisers is there to help you gain knowledge and make informed decisions on who the best people are to help you grow your wealth. Working with Wealth Solutions will give you the chance to become educated…

iFunding CEO And Founder William Skelley Helps The Small Investor

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iFunding CEO and founder William Skelley is the latest honoree to join the ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders,’ an honor bestowed by the Columbus Citizens Foundation. The inaugural dinner, acknowledging William Skelley and other distinguished commercial real estate professionals, is organized by Madison Realty Capital, Managing Director, Michael Stoler. Mr. Stoler hosts the weekly…

Increase Productivity Through Shared Office Space

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  An interesting concept that has absolutely taken off over the last handful of years is coworking locations. If you don’t know what this is, it is essentially a location that lets business professionals pay a few hundred dollars per month for a space in a certain office, or coworking location. Essentially, they can pay…

Portia Kersten Brings Powerful Leadership to SKOUT

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Portia Kersten is the current CFO at Skout which is a mobile network and community platform for connecting with people from all over the globe. For more than a decade, she has worked with start-ups and high growth companies in different industries to raise capital and has maximized growth potential, operated for large scale and…

Visual Search Engines Making Life Easier

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Shopping online just became much more user friendly with the development of visual search engine technology. This type of technology on allows a person to simply scan a bar code, take a picture from a magazine or advertisement or even snap an image of a real article and it will return results based on…

About Kevin Seawright, The Newark CEDC’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Kevin Seawright recently joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as it’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. This organization is the main driver of economic development in Newark. Kevin Seawright will now be responsible for initiating and facilitating economic development projects for the residents of Newark area. Before this top executive job at…

The success of Sanjay Shah as an Entrepreneur

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Sanjay Shah is one of the most well-known philanthropists in the world; in addition to that, he is also a well-respected Entrepreneur. He was interviewed by the entrepreneurial podcast networks enterprise radio recently. Hosted by Eric dye according to PRNewswire. This major show serves a podium for various live event coverage from international entrepreneurs. On…

NutriMost Nebraska Helps People Achieve Healthy Lives

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An article in The Grand Island Independent tells about a new weightloss system that opened up in that area, NutriMost Nebraska. NutriMost is a national company founded by Dr. Ray Wisniewski a few years ago. It uses a unique NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology to scan all their new clients. By using galvanic skin response, they…

Brad Reifler Has Some Nice Investing Tips

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Everyone wants to make money through investing. Saving money is fine, but putting funds into a vehicle that grows nicely over time is going to allow money to grow. Brad Reifler wants to see people get the most out of their investment plans. Reifler learned from experience things do not always work out this way….

Keith Mann Partners with Uncommon Charter High School

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Keith Mann has directed a company for over 15 years. As the leader of Dynamics Search Partners, he has created one of the largest databases of investment executives in the country which has already filled more than 2,000 client mandates in the investment industry. Keith Mann started almost at the bottom of the ladder as…

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