Month: May 2016

How Wealth Solutions Helps in Planning Finances and Investments.

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Wealth Solutions Inc. (WSI) is a provider of a wide range of financial predictions and is based in Austin, Texas. It is a Registered Investment Advisory business, and its primary clients are families or individuals with a high net worth and small business owners who are located in Austin, Bastrop, Marble Falls, Houston, Georgetown and…

Boraie Development Has Opened The Aspire

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Northern New Jersey seems to be bustling with a great deal of real estate development work. According to Manta, Boraie Development has recently announced the arrival of a luxury complex known as The Aspire. Many people will definitely be aspiring to rent a unit in this 17-floor luxury high rise. Apartments in the complex are…

New Charges from Ex-Police Officer Cause for Concern

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Police officers are the type of individuals who love to stick together. However, when there is something wrong with the police force, there are are those who will stick up for what is right. Ex-police officer Gary Delagnes has recently set up a task force to look into allegations of racism and homophobia in the…

Martin Lustgarten Helps All His Clients Invest Worldwide

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Investing worldwide is easy for someone like Martin Lustgarten who is a citizen of both Austria and Venezuela. He has roots in both countries, and he is used to investing internationally the way that he has. He helps his clients do the same thing, and he makes sure that they are making the right decisions…

DIVERSANT LLC Came From Two IT Staff Companys’ Smart Merger

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When the brilliant John Goullet founded Info Technologies over 20 years ago, he probably had no idea how his success would lead to merging his company with another bright entrepreneur’s company: Gene Waddy’s DIVERSANT Inc. Their combined company, encompassing both their company’s specialized expertise, was formed in 2010 and is called DIVERSANT LLC. John Goullet…

QNET Thrives on Direct Selling

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Direct selling has always been a profitable venture for people who have a solid work ethic. Over a long period of time, it is fairly simple for a person to build up a large selling network. QNET is a company that has thrived on helping other people succeed. Anyone who is looking for ways to…

About Kheradpir and Coriant

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  Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London in 1960. His father was a nose and throat specialist and moved the family back to his native Iran when Shaygan was very young. Shaygan travelled to the U.S. in order to attend college at Cornell University where he received up to a doctoral degree in electrical engineering….

Venezuela’s Government Orders Rolling Blackouts

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Due to an ongoing energy crisis, the Venezuelan government has announced that rolling blackouts will be scheduled for four hours a day across the nation, and expected to last for at least the next 40 days. Most of Venezuela’s electricity comes from the El Guri Dam, which is currently at record lows due to an…


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