Month: June 2016

Jim Hunt Teaches Investors to Make Profitable Trades

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One of the investment experts in terms of trading stocks and options is Jim Hunt. Over the course of many years Jim has accumulated lots of experience in trading stocks and options and is now looking to share his knowledge to other investors. Since trading can be quite complicated, Jim Hunt has adopted a system…

Stephen Murray Leaves Legacy

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Stephen Murray is one of the most well-known people in the world of finance today. Over the years, he has been able to build up a great company in CCMP Capital. Although he passed away a little over a year ago, his legacy at the company lives on to this day. Learn more about Stephen…

Devco: A Struggling Development Ready to Blossom

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The Press of Atlantic City recently published an article about the Middlesex County Improvement Authority and their failure to pay 1 million dollars to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The 1 million dollars was going to go towards the principal and interest of a large 20 million loan that–to this date–remains unpaid. This loan was…

Avi Weisfogel Raises Money With GoFundMe

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Avi Weisfogel has begun to raise money on GoFundMe for Operation Smile, and he wants to be sure that he can send as much money as he can to the people at Operation Smile. Operation Smile needs millions in order to send teams around the world to provide dental care to needy people, but they…

The Real Reason for Venezuela’s Poor Economy: Socialism

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Things are not going well in Venezuela. As a matter of fact, things are horrible. 700% inflation is causing citizens to not be able to afford basic commodities. Rolling blackouts are causing infant deaths in hospitals. Last but not least, Caracas currently has the highest murder rate worldwide. Many Americans hear about the crisis in…

George Soros Foundation Promotes Transparency

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Open Society Foundation should be ready to face and act swiftly to stop some people from impersonating its good cause. An impersonator by the name O’Keefe tried to offer assistance to the group by using a different name. Dana Geraghty, an employee of the Foundation, is the primary target of entry into the right projects…


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