Month: October 2016

The True Meaning of A “Hero”

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How many of the millions of humans on earth proclaim that the rights of all should be treated without fear of perjury, punishment or death? And of those countless individuals, how many really put action to their claims? Stating you wants the world to be a better place and actually doing something about it are…

The Key Benefits of Renting Some of Manhattan’s Shared Office Spaces

Posted by in Business News

  Co-working spaces are now more popular than ever, being a time where everyone is seeking to be self-employed. The reason why co-working spaces have gained so much popularity is because of the many benefits it has to offer. Here are some of the advantages that workers find by working in shared office spaces.  …

Jim Hunt is a Creative Financial Leader

Posted by in Business News

Skilled financial advisors play an important role in daily life. They help you make the decisions necessary to build yourself a brighter future. There are many skilled financial advisors in the marketplace today, but Jim Hunt is one of the most skilled financial advisors around. Jim made a name for himself on the stock market…

Is Being Social Hurting Your Online Reputation?

Posted by in Business News

  Every day millions of Facebook posts, tweets and photos get posted online, each one of them leaving a digital trail for others to follow. This online reputation can be negative or positive, affecting what others think of you, job opportunities and even giving others personal information that you never knew you revealed. Staying on…

Inmates Catch Up With Their Kids and Relatives on Securus Visitation Video

Posted by in Inmate App

 Securus Technologies visitation video discovery is very jazzing. Watching the video brings happy emotions watching an inmate catching up with his child. The Securus Visitation Video technology is one of the best innovations the company has developed. In addition, the person who thought about the idea of creating a video app that helps inmates to…


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