Month: June 2017

Sheldon Lavin’s Path to Success

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Mr. Sheldon Lavin currently works as the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI group. He is in charge of the OSI international Foods Ltd, which he has led up the ladder from the humble local food company that it was to a trusted global billion-dollar food processing company. It is through his leadership…

Innovation. Security. Technology. NuoDB

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NuoDB is a data based management system that: NuoDB is a database that grows as far and as fast as your business while maintaining the security of your transactions. NuoDB scales your business’s transaction information horizontally and vertically which gives your business the choice of moving up and out. Plenty of elasticity and plenty of…

The Benefits of Traveling Vineyard

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Any time that you are looking to make the most out of your life, it pays to gain control of not only your finances, but the way that you make your finances. Because you will have to spend so much time each day earning a living, it is only right that you learn to do…

Jason Hope Believes the Internet of Things is the Future of Tech

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Jason Hope has been standing at the forefront of the latest tech innovations, much like the rest of his career. Hope is a renowned futurist and one of the leaders in the race for the Internet of Things to become a prominent part of our day to day lives. The Internet of Things is one…

George Soros Is Fighting To Keep Democracy Alive

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It’s safe to say. George Soros is a one-man fighting machine. George is the man who spent millions of dollars to keep the Democrats in the White House. He also spent millions more to get Democratic senators and congressmen elected. And he even donated money to the campaigns of Democrats running for state positions. He…

Leading Global Alternative Credit Manager

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Highland Capital Management, L.P was established by James Dondero and Mark Okada in the year 1993. The Sec-registered investment advisor has assets that are approximated to be $15.4 billion under its management together with its affiliates.   As largest and most experienced global alternative credit manager, Highland Capital Management is a dealer in credit strategies…

George Soros: The Open Society Foundations

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George Soros is a liberal billionaire and investor. For over three decades of professional experiment, George Soros has worked to amass a great amount of wealth from the hedge fund management industry. George Soros also involved his business risks in the risky financial trades. Because he has the capability to find the gap between investing…

David Giertz: A Scion of Excellent Financial Advisory

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In a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial, it was established that many retirees fail to effectively enjoy the benefits of Social Security due to lack of information. Nationwide Financial president David Giertz also noted that in some cases the information provided by financial advisors was inadequate. This is despite the fact that many of those…

Swiss Venture Under the Leadership of Mike Baur

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Mike Baur is well known for his entrepreneurship ventures. In fact, he is a great Swiss business person with remarkable success. He started in the industry at a young age with a chance at the banking industry. He spent two decades in Swiss banking industry, which was a significant part of his career as from…


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