Month: August 2018

James Dondero: Philanthropic Achievements

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James Dondero has done his share of contributing to society. He is still doing it. What he has done in an effort to make a difference in the communities of Dallas, Texas has helped to enrich the people and add to their overall well being. Philanthropy has always been something that Dondero wanted to achieve….

Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has led the firm into making a commitment of providing sustainable food production for its diversified customers. Lavin and his colleagues have been taking advantage of the rapidly growing technology to create innovations in the food production sector. The OSI Group…

Adam Milstein and Israel Immigration

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Adam Milstein moved to the United States from Israel and has enjoyed a great deal of success. He runs the Hager Pacific Properties which is one of the top real estate companies in the country. Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist and is looking to use his money and influence to help people of both…

Dr. Mark Mckenna: Medicine and Real Estate

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Dr. Mark Mckenna was looking forward to being a second-generation doctor. He had grown up watching his father run his own practice, helping people and making a good living in the process. Mckenna enrolled in medical school at Tulane University and began pursuing his dreams. But he quickly realized that things had changes since his…

Michael Hagele Gets in on Cutting Edge of Technology

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Michael Hagele is a senior consultant that has a connection to a plethora of technology companies. Over the years he has grown his resume to become a consultant that has a role in many things like negotiating contracts and helping developers when it comes to different concepts that are in production. Visit on his twitter…

Betsy Devos is Used to Being a Part of Education Reform

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Betsy Devos has made headlines as the Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump, but some may not realize that her career in reform began over thirty years ago. At Calvin College, from which she graduated in 1979, she was involved with politics and became a student leader. After graduating, she was active in the…

This Little Secret Made GreenSky Credit a Huge Success in Today’s Home Improvement World

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David Zalik, CEO of GreenSky Credit, is the type of person who’s had various victories in his career starting from a very young age. Being a math whiz, Zalik grew out of high school and started going to college at Auburn University at 14 years of age. Walking in the footsteps of his father, Zalik…


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