Month: October 2018

Eric Lefkofsky Works To Build Solid Information Resources

Posted by in Financial, Financial Services

There are many opportunities for people to begin startup businesses in the modern economic climate. Technology and online exposure play an important role in how a new business is marketed. Though the possibilities seem endless, new business owners should be aware of certain industry pitfalls. Eric Lefkofsky is a veteran entrepreneur who specializes in providing…

The Entrepreneurship of Flavio Maluf

Posted by in Brazil, CEO, Company

Being a successful entrepreneur in Brazil can be particularly difficult because of the heavy taxes required by the government. This includes both the national taxes and the regional taxes. Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex, is fighting against this by starting tax incentive programs for businesses to give money that would typically be earmarked for…

A Sneak-Peek into Guilherme Paulus and His Astronomical Rise to Business Excellence

Posted by in Business Hospitality

Guilherme Paulus’ reputation as a seasoned entrepreneur remains unrivalled. As the Co-Founder of CVC Brasil Operadora de Viagens S.A, he has consistently harnessed creativity and innovation to turn the Tour Operator Company from a modest enterprise to a leading travel institution in Brazil. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he has been feted for his remarkable business…


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