About Kevin Seawright, The Newark CEDC’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Seawright recently joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as it’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. This organization is the main driver of economic development in Newark. Kevin Seawright will now be responsible for initiating and facilitating economic development projects for the residents of Newark area. Before this top executive job at this economic development organization, he worked for several other major organizations around the country in key positions. Based on his good performance and workmanship at this previous organization, he was chosen for the Newark CEDC’s top executive position.

Vizualize shows that Kevin Seawright was previously working at the Departments of Recreation and Parks in Maryland. In this state department, he was the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer managing funds amounting to over $50 million. The education sector has also benefited from his services. He was the fiscal management leader in this sector tasked with a $200 million-plus annual budget creation. In this position, Kevin Seawright played a major role in infrastructural development such as the construction of schools. Under his management was $600 million that he used to renovate standing structures and develop new ones in educational institutions. He also worked at the Collington Life Care Community as the Director of Operations. In this post, Kevin Seawright made deals and contracts and also supervised construction on behalf of over 500 residents. He also managed over $5 million in operation funding.

At the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Kevin Seawright has started his career with lots of high spirits. As the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of this organization, he has initiated the 2016 youth summer jobs program. In collaboration with other Newark business market players, Kevin Seawright’s initiative plans to provide youths with job opportunities come summer. The program dubbed, Summer Youth Employment Plan will give Newark youths a platform to earn a living for six weeks in summer. This youth who are students will also get valuable work experience that will increase their college graduation grades and make them competitive in the job market.

This Summer Youth Employment Plan will offer 3,000 to 3,500 job opportunities to this area’s youth. Kevin Seawright said that this would be a major step in improving the economic development of this city. He also added that the youth will benefit from on-the-job training programs that will give them the expertise to handle various work related situations. Kevin Seawright went ahead to tell LocalTalkNews that this employment plan will also provide empowerment lectures and financial literacy lessons to young entrepreneurs in this group.


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