Adam Milstein: Beloved Philanthropist of the Israeli-American Community

Adam Milstein is a man who philanthropically and professionally excelled to become one of the most beloved leaders of the Jewish community. Within the transformative process of converting his humble beginnings into a lifestyle of prosperity, Milstein utilized his willpower, intelligence, and sense of compassion for others to keep himself centered on the fulfillment of cultural objectives. Having grown up in Haifa, Israel under the kinship of a nurturing mother (homemaker) and industrious father (real estate developer), Milstein’s acquired traits of integrity and perseverance made him feel obligated to dedicate his life to removing the economic and societal hardships of his fellow Jewish brethren. After actively involving himself as a very young member of the Israeli Defense Forces to help Israel win the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Adam Milstein moved to the U.S. in 1981, pursued a thorough business education, manifested a job opportunity in real estate (Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties), and began establishing pro-Israel organizations for the advancement of his people.

One of Adam Milstein’s initial projects, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, happened to become one of his most widespread cultural preservation developments to date. Through the service of the Milstein Family Foundation, people within the Israeli-American community have the opportunity to receive an education regarding their Jewish heritage, healthcare assistance, financial support, political support, and career counseling—a provision that has proven to be very influential in the development of leadership skills among the youth. Following Milstein’s establishment of his own foundation in 2000, he co-founded the Israel-American Council in 2007—a Los Angeles, California based nonprofit organization that aims to fortify ties between the U.S and Israel for the sake of preserving the cultural identity of young Israeli-Americans. Through just the combined services of the IAC and Milstein Family Foundation alone, Adam Milstein has been able to assist/impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of lives in the Jewish community—a feat that renders him a being of substantial value and admiration in society. For Milstein, the world deserves positive change, thus he feels it a must to play a vital role in cultivating securities for the future.


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