Alexandre Gama: Brazilian Advertising Success Story

One of the biggest success stories in the world of 21st century Brazilian advertising is a creative entrepreneur called Alexandre Gama. This creative professional and entrepreneur decided to make advertising his area of specialization. Mr. Gama made a big splash in Brazil’s advertising industry by creating a brand new agency in 1999, which he named Neogama. Although it was new at the time, Neogama would later go on to secure a place as one of the top Brazilian advertising businesses.

Meio e Mensagem is a well-known newspaper that featured Neogama/BBH as its choice for the “Agency of the Year” back in 2002. This was quite an honor for the young agency, as the Neogama/BBH agency had only been formed less than a year earlier when Alexandre Gama decided to make a strong business move and embark on a joint venture with BBH. BBH is an advertising agency from England that already had some success before making this deal with Neogama.

In the three years between Neogama’s launch and the deal with BBH, Alexandre Gama’s company became the fastest growing agency in the entire country of Brazil. This gave him the momentum he needed to seek out the BBH deal, which would push Neogama to even greater success. Success stories like Alexandre Gama exemplify what is possible with a grand vision and years of hard work and dedication.


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