All About Eli Gershkovitch’s Craft Beer

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Canada accounting for over nine billion dollars in sales each year. Craft beer is becoming more and more popular with those who enjoy this delicious beverage. It is considered to be the golden age of craft beer currently. This is all new for beer, in the past, it was a wine that attracted connoisseurs but with craft beer the flavors and distinctions in the variations of beer attract many different people with varying tastes, making it approachable to anyone who wants to grab a beer.


There is now a Canadian craft beer for just about anybody’s personal taste preference, ranging from the IPA Red Racer Pale Ale which has a much stronger hop taste varieties that are gluten-free such as the much loved Glutenberg Double Belgian. There are several different breweries that bring these craft beers to customers, and one of the most popular breweries in Canada is Steamworks Brewing Company.


Steamworks Brewing Company is run by CEO Eli Gershkovitch. While he has helped build this company up and make it is what it is today- he is a very unconventional businessman (Twitter). Calm and casual, instead of haughty and uptight is how he approaches his work and life. In this case, it must be the winning combination. Even with the laid-back personality don’t think of this CEO as lazy. Eli Gershkovitch is still a master of business and strives every day to make Steamworks grow and thrive and keep up with customer demand.


Steamworks got its start in 1995 as a small pub in Vancouver. Eli Gershkovitch has transformed that original pub which had to seat for 184 people now can seat 754 people. This large pub attracts tourists and locals alike every single day. As a part of his expansions to the original pub, Eli Gershkovitch has also opened several pubs and restaurants across Canada.


Steamworks is much more than just a beer company to owner and CEO Eli Gershkovitch, he is the sole owner and refuses to have shareholders. He has said before that it is his source of freedom and that he wants to be in charge of his freedom.

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