An Introduction To Five Star Hospital Copa Star

With the opening of the Copa Star, Brazil now has a new type of hospital. The hospital, located in Copacabana, has amenities similar to a five star hotel. The concept, devised by Rede D’Or, which is the company behind the Copa Star, will be expanded to other cities around the country.

One of the luxuries in the hospital are works of art that hang on the corridor walls. The artwork, by acclaimed Japanese painter Yutaka, was 231 handpicked works that are designed to bring peace to the Copa Star’s patients. The hospital also features an exclusive, private annex for patients and employees to discreetly come and go from the hospital. The Hospital Copa Star is also right next to the beach in Copacabana and is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Altogether hospital is comprised of 21,000 meters of buildings and private gardens.

Particular care is taken with the smells in hospitals, so that it doesn’t smell like the typical smell of ether. Instead, the Copa Star treats the air to give it woody tones with a hint of citrus. The designers also took a discerning eye to the lighting so that the hospital is naturally lit, warm, and inviting. Everything at the Copa Star is made to give patients a sense of tranquility and calm.

The Copa Star features a restaurant that is overseen by Swiss Chef Steve Moreillon. The cuisine is designed by Moreillon while the menu is prepared by French Chef Roland Villard, who has a star in the Michelin Guide. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Work on the hospital started in 2013 and cost more than $400 million. Rede D’Or have said that they have plans to build similar hospitals in other major Brazilian cities, starting with São Paulo and Brasilia and expanding from there. The hospital that the company places in São Paulo, in particular, will serve as a luxurious alternative to hospitals already located in the city such as Albert Einstein and Sírio-Libanês.

The medical staff at the Copa Star has been picked for their expertise and top-notch medical care. Altogether there are more than 550 professionals working at the hospital in care and support, and 113 skilled doctors. The hospital is capable of highly complex surgery due to its state of the art surgery rooms which include automation such as robots.

Rede D’Or is one of the largest network of hospitals in Brazils with facilities in São Paulo, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, and Distrito Federal Ral. The company was founded over 30 years ago and brings first class technology, comfort, quality, and medical care to its patients.

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