Anthony Petrello’s Giving Spirit

Anthony Petrello is far more than the President and CEO of Nabors, the company that has the largest land drilling fleet. He is a husband and extremely dedicated father. His dedication to his child and the bettering of other children is what really reflects on the type of person Anthony Petrello is.

As a father, Anthony Petrello is dedicated to making sure his child has the best life possible. Carina, Anthony Petrello’s daughter, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. This caused other problems and because of it, Carina is not as developed as other children her age. Her motor skills, among other things, have not developed well. Mr. Petrello works hard with his daughter every day to ensure that she is developing and making progress.

Besides his dedication to his own child, Anthony Petrello is also dedicated to making the lives of other children suffering from the same thing better as well. He has donated millions of dollars and led fundraisers that’s proceeds will go to finding answers for the issues affecting their daughter and more learn about Pretrello.

Mr. Petrello is a dedicated businessman, husband, and father. He has spent his life working hard and donating his money to serve a greater purpose. Throughout his career he has learned many skills and had experience that made him an ideal candidate to take his current position at Nabors. From there he has achieved many career milestones and with his success has led initiatives to find answers for children who are suffering. Anthony Petrello is an incredibly caring and giving man.

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