Bernardo Chua: A Rare Entrepreneur with a Big Dream of Ganoderma

Bernardo Chua is a celebrated businessperson with successful ventures. Mr. Chua’s success in business is attributed to his cutting-edge skills in direct sales. Chua, who hails from the Philippines, has used this technique to grow of Organo Gold in a respectable company across the globe. The firm has won Direct Sales Firm of the Year award on several occasions. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Bernardo Chua honed his business skills while working for Gano Excel in his home country. He used his exceptional business leadership skills to help the company achieve a faster growth that saw the company expand to new locations including Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. Chua was later appointed to assume the position of president for Gano Excel in the US.

After spending some years in Gano Excell, Mr. Chua felt that it was the ripe time to use his knowledge he has gathered over the years to establish his own business. Armed with his work experience of selling products blended with Ganoderma and the incredible teachings about the uses of Ganoderma he had received from his grandparents, Chua decided to plunge into business in 2008 by founding OrganoGold. The company has capitalized on a direct sales strategy to transform itself into a giant among direct selling companies.

Organo Gold operations have expanded to cover more than 35 nations across the globe. Recently the firm opened its doors to customers in Singapore. The reason for this exponential growth is due to the company’s commitment to producing the highest quality of Ganoderma infused products. Some of the efforts the company has employed attaining the required product standards include extensive funding for research and education of farmers on the best practices of Ganoderma farming. Bernardo Chua has also spent a significant amount of his time to educate consumers on the benefits they can achieve by consuming products made of Ganoderma.

Chua uses his Social media channels such as Facebook to draw more customers to his products. His Facebook posts mainly focus on the usefulness of consuming products that contain Ganoderma. Mr. Chua has also invested money in projects that seek to uplift the quality of life of people in various communities. Learn more:



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