Bernardo Chua Is Successfully Impacting The Business Industry With Healthy Products

When it comes to Network Marketing, Organo Gold is one of the biggest contenders in the market. Bernardo Chua, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, was born and raised in the Philippines. This is where he first got started in sales working at Gano Excel. This company primarily offered coffee-like products featuring the ingredient Ganoderma, which comes from a mushroom and is a natural antioxidant.

Bernardo Chua spent several years building up his experience at Gano Excel before moving to the United States to expand his network and potential sales. He became the president of Gano Excel’s US division after making serious contributions to the company. In 2008, Bernardo decided to start up his own company with the same idea as Gano Excel in Richmond, British Columbia. Bernardo already had a business and marketing plan ready to bring his brand to the customers around the country and around the world. Organo Gold operates internationally supplying their products consisting of beverages, personal care soaps, and various body management items.

The basis of Organo Gold products is that they are healthy, offering various health benefits depending on the product and the Ganoderma used. Organo Gold tea, soaps, toothpaste and especially their coffee, contains Ganoderma. On top of the health benefits available in these products, they are also healthy alternatives to the many unhealthy habits of the average person, such as Dunkin Donut’s coffee. The Ganoderma used in Organo Gold’s products has been used for centuries in holistic medicine and is farmed using the highest quality Ganoderma mushrooms.

In 2015, Organo Gold was named was of the fasted network marketing organizations in the world, much to the joy of Bernardo Chua. Bernardo has also been awarded the “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” award for his impact and successful endeavors in business.

Organo Gold has a massive network today that contributes to the marketing and distribution system the company has. The amazing benefits of Ganoderma spread every day, and more customers and sellers are picking up on the growing trend for healthy products, allowing Organo Gold to flourish even more.

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