Brian Torchin and Healthcare Staffing Knowledge

Brian Torchin is a hard-working individual who has made a big name for himself in the large and competitive medical care universe. He works as HCRC Staffing’s President. HCRC Staffing is a prominent firm that helps businesses that wish to locate high-quality recruitment counselors who cater to the medical care community. HCRC Staffing is based in Narberth, Pennsylvania. Brian Torchin is nothing if not dedicated to the healthcare recruitment world. His goal is to assist law firms and medical clinics locate and maintain first-rate staff members of all kinds. He aims to do this internationally, too.

Torchin resides and works in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. He knows a lot about all types of jobs that are part of the healthcare industry. Some examples of these positions are dentists, chiropractors, medical physicians, office managers, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, receptionists, physician assistants and urgent care specialists. Brian Torchin possesses significant insight regarding all kinds of legal jobs, too. He focuses on legal secretaries, attorneys, office managers, paralegals, legal administrators, publicists and beyond. Read more on Behance about Brian Torchin

Torchin has been a big part of HCRC Staffing since the winter of 2007. He is equipped with many diverse skills that help him thrive on the job on a daily basis. His many skills and areas of expertise include physical therapy, management consulting, recruiting in general, pain management, physicians, career searches, career counseling, medicine, spinal matters, nutrition, sales, holistic health, practice management, staffing assistance and physician relations. Professionals who want to delve deeper into leadership, fitness, health insurance, pediatrics, physician recruitment, permanent placement and orthopedics can always count on Torchin’s vast and perpetually growing knowledge.

This healthcare expert also has strong writing skills. He’s always been a capable communicator. He knows how to wow people with his command of the language and word selection. He’s written quite a few pieces that involve the medical field. He’s penned articles that help people figure out how to select suitable managers for medical clinics. He’s penned articles that concentrate on key questions that recruitment counselors should ask job candidates. He’s even penned comprehensive articles that go into the daily interactions between physicians and all of their staff members.

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