Bruno Fagali’s Multi-Dimensional Expertise in the Legal Field

Bruno Jorge Fagali stands out as one of the most renowned figures in the Brazilian jurisprudential sphere. He is one of the finest attorneys who have ever traversed the Brazilian legal field. Having had quite a remarkable educational background, Bruno Fagali has a significant edge over most of his peers.

Bruno Fagali has a Law Degree from the prestigious Sao Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University (2004-2009). He specialized in Administrative Law and further advanced his education by acquiring a Masters in Law from the University of Sao Paulo. In this respect, Bruno Fagali has specialized in myriad legal disciplines, including Administrative law, Compliance, Anti-Corruption Law, Public Law, Electoral and Parliamentary Law and Advertising Law.

His incredible experience, diligence, and diverse specialties in practice have earned him tremendous job opportunities in the Brazilian legal industry. To begin with, Bruno Fagali is a Founding Partner of one of the most renowned law firms in Bela Vista, Sao Paulo known as Fagali Advocacy. He founded this firm in 2016 while envisaging to offer quality legal services to the Brazilian population.

Moreover, Bruno Fagali holds several positions in other institutions such as Nova/SB where he serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager and the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics where he holds the position of the Effective Associate and Coordinator. Bruno Fagali is also a senior member of the Brazilian Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Know more:


One of the requisite keys that unlock the sealed doors of success in the legal field is utmost dedication and a vast experience. Quite significantly, Bruno Jorge Fagali is equipped with these prerequisites thus making him a resoundingly talented lawyer sought by many clients in Sao Paulo. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of specialization and dedication to land the lucrative jobs such as the ones held by Bruno Fagali. Consequently, it is judicious to conclude that Bruno Fagali is one of the lawyers who have brought a new perspective and redefined the Brazilian legal field.



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