Businessman Paul Herdsman Shares Why His Latest Venture Uses A Facility In Jamaica


Paul Herdsman is a co-founder of NICE Global and also its COO. Herdsman has multiple business talents including operations, sales, leadership, and time management. His company operates a facility in Montego Bay, Jamaica, that provides a full-service business solution to its clients.

Back in 2013, Paul Herdsman was already in the outsourcing industry where they provided services to large companies. He says that they had service providers in India, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, the Philippines, and scattered across the United States. When the company he was working for this worked fine but as it got large it was really difficult to manage. Visit This Page to learn more.

The problem, he says is that they were all in different time zones. Some would be open at certain times and other closed so his company’s customers had problems getting hold of the right people. Another big problem was that he and the other leaders couldn’t provide the right amount of mentorship and oversight to these far-flung centers.

The solution Paul Herdsman came up with a NICE Global was to create a near sourcing service provider in nearby Jamaica. Not only is it in the same time zone as the United States east coast but it has the third largest group of English speakers in the region besides the U.S. and Canada.

Paul Herdsman says since Jamaica is so close it’s also much easier to provide oversight and manage operations. They are also able to scale better as NICE Global grows larger as a business. His company has satisfied clients across the United States and things operate much more smoothly than they did at his prior business. He says when they started NICE Global they already had a portfolio of clients so they were able to get rapidly up to speed.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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