Career Journey Of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus acquired a degree in journalism and mass media from the University of Colorado. She has helped many people develop their firms through the expertise she shares with them marketing, advertising and branding. Her career has been a journey full of challenges and it is due to her perseverance that she has reached at the peak. She started her career at the Mindshare firm where she served as a media planner. Through the various roles she has served in the field, she has continued to improve her skills in the sector. Besides, she is also a quick learner and she strives to share crucial aspects of life with other professionals and this has boosted her career.

Victoria Doramus is also a great writer, and she expresses the various marketing skills she posses through books and magazines. Through her writings, she shares her thoughts on the different emerging lifestyle trends and gives her views on the new lifestyle trends that can be introduced in the market. Her inventiveness has profoundly contributed to the growth of many companies in the world, particularly those that focus on fashion, design and other lifestyle issues. Through her articles, she has also encouraged other people not to despair regardless of the issues that they go through in their lives. She has also shared her difficult experiences in life with other people with the target of helping others build their self-esteem.

Victoria has also grown strong, and she has learned to acquire lessons from her past mistakes. Being a victim of a drug addict, she entirely dedicated her life towards avoiding such negative issues and through the vast number of counseling processes and rehabs that she attended, she successfully overcame her difficulties. Through the difficult experiences, Victoria has also dedicated her life to philanthropy. She works closely with many charitable foundations to mentor other people as well as to contribute funds to them for a better living. She also launched a charitable foundation to help other people overcome the issues of drug addiction and even alcohol addiction. Though she believes in the complexity of overcoming drug addiction, she believes that every individual that is passionate about overcoming their challenges can make it through perseverance.


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