Carlos Trabuco- Leaving An indelible Mark on The Banking Sector

Born Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi but widely referred to as Carlos Trabuco is a Brazilian native and presently CEO of Banco Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest banks. He has been the bank’s CEO since October 2017. Before joining Banco Bradesco, Trabuco Bradesco worked at Banco Bradesco SA from 2009 as the CEO. He has a BA in philosophy from Sao Paulo University. He also pursued his postgraduate studies upon completing his undergraduate studies at the same institution. Trabuco Bradesco began his banking career more than four decades ago, and he has currently devoted his whole professional life to Banco Bradesco. He has been an active member of various banks such as ABECIP, ANAPP and NFC among other prominent Brazilian banks.

Due to his immense banking experience, Trabuco Bradesco has been sought after by several financial institutions to help them restructure their operations for improved efficiency and increased profits. Trabuco Bradesco was recently appointed the President of the Federation of Supplementary Health, where he works with a selected team of experts to propel the organization to greater success. The Brazilian banker is also the current Vice-President of National Confederation of companies, in addition to being an advisor of various insurance companies across Brazil.

In March 2018, Carlos Trabuco announced that he would be quitting serving as the President of Banco Bradesco, citing his advanced age of 67 years. According to the announcement made by the bank, Carlos will continue being the bank’s CEO until his term ends with the fall of the year. The bank also identified the current Vice President, Octavio De Lazari, as the suitable successor of Carlos Trabuco. His appointment according to the bank was backed by an official process of nomination and succession. However, Carlos Trabuco will still serve as an active member of the bank even after his term as the CEO comes to an end.


Carlos Trabuco has indeed left a mark on the Banco Bradesco. He takes pride in leaving the bank with a total of $1.3 trillion in assets, hence making it one of Brazil’s largest and fastest growing banks.

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