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Creative and Editorial Director, Jeff Yastine

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Jeff Yastine works at Banyan Hill as a creative and editorial director. He started working with the company in 2015 after over 20 years of experience in the stock market. Jeff Yastine first got involved with stock market in 1987 when the stock market crashed. He didn’t own any stocks but the stock market crash…

Ted Bauman Helps People Build and Protect Their Wealth

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Ted Bauman now serves as Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing, an independent financial research firm that provides non-personalized investment advice to those who sign up for its services. He joined Banyan Hill in 2013. Besides his duties as Editorial Director, Bauman writes three publications himself: The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock…

Personal Finance Expert Ted Bauman on the New Tax Bill

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President Trump kept one of his promises when he signed the new tax law passed by Congress just before Christmas. That gave taxpayers a small window of time to learn about the adjust to the changes in the law. Because the new law raised the standard deduction, many people taking various deductions would no longer…


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