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OSI Food Solutions Continues To Be An Industry Leader

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OSI Food Solutions has grown from a simple operation in Illinois to a complex, international business that is a leader in the food processing industry. Their position as one of the most successful businesses in their field, however, has not made them complacent. Just as they have constantly expanded in the past century, they are…

Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has led the firm into making a commitment of providing sustainable food production for its diversified customers. Lavin and his colleagues have been taking advantage of the rapidly growing technology to create innovations in the food production sector. The OSI Group…

The OSI Group Provides Many Different Services

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Having access to quality food is one of the basic necessities for life. The food industry is also an incredibly complicated and significant industry that helps to ensure people all over the world are able to gain access to the foods that they love. There are many different organizations that are integral in the overall…


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