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Securus Technologies Now the Ultimate Player in Inmate Technology

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Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1986, Securus Technologies was just a small company that saw how much advances in technology was going to play in the corrections space in the future. Having that foresight has given them a huge edge over 30 years later, as the company is currently the premier player in the space….

Securus Technologies Provides Video Visitation Technology

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The use of video for communication purposes has increased significantly over the past decade. While there are various reasons for the increase, one of the main reasons is because the technology associated with using video has improved greatly over the past few years. The speed along with other video aspects have improved to the point…

Securus Technologies presents data and facts on GTL’s malpractice

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Securus Technologies is leading company in the inmate communication and service provider industry. Quite recently the company has engaged in investigations of its competitor company GTL. Results from the investigation were shocking and unbelievable. In a press release posted at the company’s website Securus’ CEO, Richard Smith highlighted a few ways that GTL has been…

Inmates Catch Up With Their Kids and Relatives on Securus Visitation Video

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 Securus Technologies visitation video discovery is very jazzing. Watching the video brings happy emotions watching an inmate catching up with his child. The Securus Visitation Video technology is one of the best innovations the company has developed. In addition, the person who thought about the idea of creating a video app that helps inmates to…


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