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Betsy Devos is Used to Being a Part of Education Reform

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Betsy Devos has made headlines as the Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump, but some may not realize that her career in reform began over thirty years ago. At Calvin College, from which she graduated in 1979, she was involved with politics and became a student leader. After graduating, she was active in the…

End Citizens United Plans To Seize Opportunity During 2018 Election Cycle

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End Citizens United is going after the big money in the 2018 election cycle, and the political action committee (PAC) is providing the names of those who are in the direct line and biggest recipients of special interest donations. The PAC has put several republicans in Congress on notice that enough has occurred with their…

The Early Life and Career Journey of Dick DeVos

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Dick DeVos was born and brought up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the son of Richard Marvin DeVos and Helen June. Mr. DeVos attended the Forest Hills public school before joining Northwood University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Afterwards, he went to the Harvard School of Business to undertake Executive Study…

George Soros Is Fighting To Keep Democracy Alive

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It’s safe to say. George Soros is a one-man fighting machine. George is the man who spent millions of dollars to keep the Democrats in the White House. He also spent millions more to get Democratic senators and congressmen elected. And he even donated money to the campaigns of Democrats running for state positions. He…

George Soros: The Open Society Foundations

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George Soros is a liberal billionaire and investor. For over three decades of professional experiment, George Soros has worked to amass a great amount of wealth from the hedge fund management industry. George Soros also involved his business risks in the risky financial trades. Because he has the capability to find the gap between investing…

End Citizen United Role in the US

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End Citizen United is one of the most respected political action committees in the United States. The institution is financed by some of the wealthiest individuals in the country. Since it was established in 2015, the organization has been dedicated to countering the many effects of Citizen United and reforming the campaign finance department in…


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