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Desiree Perez Leads The Music Industry In Making Legends

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Female executes that were included in the list of Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music are the best tastemakers, influencers and dealmakers today. There are over one hundred women on the list that are innovating the music industry and Desiree Perez is among them. Forty-seven-year-old Perez is COO of Roc Nation. Perez’s reputation is that of…

Samuel Strauch, Miami Real Estate

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Bitcoin digital currency has been in existence since 2009. Today, bitcoin is an investing magnet with a worth of more than $92,000. The city of Miami is slowly embracing its use in buying and selling. Miami’s real estate experts find that accepting its value in large-scale transactions is more advantageous. Bitcoins are fast becoming a…

iFunding CEO And Founder William Skelley Helps The Small Investor

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iFunding CEO and founder William Skelley is the latest honoree to join the ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders,’ an honor bestowed by the Columbus Citizens Foundation. The inaugural dinner, acknowledging William Skelley and other distinguished commercial real estate professionals, is organized by Madison Realty Capital, Managing Director, Michael Stoler. Mr. Stoler hosts the weekly…


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