Every once in a while, people often come together to share ideas, have fun, catch up and connect with each other. In doing so, inspiration strikes and great ideas are also born. One of such times is the CultureCon that will be held on 13th October in Maspeth, New York. This is a platform by the Creative Collective NYC that brings influential creatives of color in one conference.


CultureCon has been around for a while, and each year it grows to impact many people and offer them tangible skills. The CultureCon 2018 hosted by Taylor Rooks will see the likes of Charlamagne tha God take the stage and share their inspirational stories. Other attending speakers will be Trevor Jackson, La La Anthony and DeRay McKesson.


According to Charlamagne tha God, an iconic cohost of The Breakfast Club and an entrepreneur, this is an experience he is looking forward to following the influence of Racheal Edwards. Racheal passed on the idea of the creation of color at the CultureCon; this made tha God excited. He is the author of New York times bestsellers: Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It and Shook One.


The excitement and energy are not only present in Charlamagne tha God but also in Taylor Rooks. Rooks views the event as a platform where people get the chance to get first-hand information about the industry and dig deep into what the culture entails. In other words, the CultureCon empowers everybody at the end of the day.


Imani Ellis, who has been on top of Creative Collective since 2016 as the founder had something to say and is amazed by how well the event has been embraced. Imani continues to seek a space where people can come together as a community to build something great. Creatives of color have sided with Imani Ellis goal and have responded positively to the event. View Additional Info Here.


The CultureCon 2018 has more to offer besides the motivation talks. It includes panel discussions and workshops as well.


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