CloudWick, the Leading Provider of Bimodal Digital Enterprise Services and Solutions

CloudWick is a leading provider of the bimodal digital enterprise services and solutions to Global 1000. The main services include big data, advanced analytics, cloud, data science, internet of things, mobile application development and big data pilot-to-production. These services enable data-driven organizations to accelerate business activities and gain a competitive advantage.

The Company developed CDL which is the first neural application of intelligence for cybersecurity. The CDL system is designed to unlock the potential of the current security solutions, democratize security analytics at a scale and enable businesses to win the war against the top digital enterprise threats, including data loss prevention, advanced persistent threats, nation-state attacks and the botnets.

CloudWick Machine Learning

The CloudWick Machine Learning with the Amazon SageMaker application on the AWS site helps business users and developers of all skill sets and knowledge leverage the power of the SageMaker platform to explore the real world use cases. It also helps to operationalize the whole machine learning process of visualizing inferred results to data exploration.

The tier-centered subscription solutions help users train system and machine learning models to meet their business needs. This solution is achieved by consulting offers from the Company which is the AWS Partner Network and the machine learning competency holder.

CloudWick Data Lake

CloudWick is a leading information competency partner for the AWS Data Lake Quickstart and the cloud analytics modernization. The Quickstart deploys a data lake platform that integrates several AWS Cloud components and services to help users migrate information to the AWS Cloud, monitor, analyze and store the data. This system utilizes Amazon Simple Storage Services as a key service to store the data. It also deploys the Apache Zeppelin and the Kibana for visualizing and analyzing the data.

CloudWick CDL

That is a new technology partner program for data scientists and security vendors to unlock the power of information at a scale for AI cybersecurity, AA, and ML. The CDL system acts as a neural unit for security intelligence that captures, stores and analyzes high throughput telemetry data and democratizing it for any data scientist or cybersecurity vendor.


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