Copa Star Hospital Sets the Pace for Health Facilities in Brazil

Copa Star is part of the D’Or Institute which operates a network of hospitals. According to the president of the group, their objective was to build the most modern hospital in Brazil. The R$400 million health facility on has overshadowed the top Brazilian hospitals like Hospital Sírio-Libanês and Albert Einstein Hospital.

State of the Art Services

Copa Star aspires to become the world’s leader in neurology and cardiology. The facility’s deployment of sophisticated medical equipment has attracted worldwide attention. Copa Star have invested in robotic medication, superior operation rooms, smart intensive care units (ICUs), and visual scanning technologies for guiding surgical procedures.

Copa Star has 155 patient suites, 59 ICU rooms, and nine operating rooms. The hospital’s ICUs have highly experienced professionals who provide round the clock monitoring of patients.

ICU patients under normal circumstances are isolated, and it often leads to a condition known as the confinement syndrome. The hospital utilizes video technology and big screens to provide the patients with real-time images on of the outside world. This move prevents the condition.

The operating rooms have magnetic resonance imaging equipment and computerized systems enabling the physicians to observe the medical scans of the patients during surgery. There are hybrid rooms for minor surgery which allow the access of the same equipment. Surgery rooms have a sophisticated communication system which surgeons use to send images to other specialists across the globe for opinions to optimize the outcomes.

Copa Star has more than 550 personnel, from doctors to nurses and support staff. The nurses received specialized training for two months on how to deal with various situations. The training involved typical day to day issues with patients and simulation of crisis situations which featured professional actors.

The lobby at the luxurious health facility has plush sofas, a grand piano, Japanese artwork by Yukata Toyota, and a restaurant with a menu designed by Roland Villard, Sofitel’s chief chef.

The hospital does not discriminate against patients who cannot settle their bills in cash. It accepts all legal forms of payment including insurance plans.

Modernized Engineering

Copa Star is revolutionizing hospitalization through the construction of hospital buildings based on cutting edge technologies as well innovative design. The project’s architect focused the design of the hospital on enhancing the comfort and luxury to the patients who come to the hospital. The hospital looks like a 5-star hotel, which integrates superior treatment with a comfortable environment for patients’ quick recovery.

The engineers who constructed the hospital implemented energy efficient measures which reduce energy consumption by half. They used crystalline technology to augment the insulation effect of concrete and to make it last longer. At Copa Star, the designers mixed concrete with Penetron, a chemical which reacts with concrete to form insoluble crystals. This technology reduces the porosity of concrete while allowing the building to breathe. To add warmth to the premises, most of the hospital areas have access to natural light.


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