Desiree Perez Leads The Music Industry In Making Legends

Female executes that were included in the list of Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music are the best tastemakers, influencers and dealmakers today. There are over one hundred women on the list that are innovating the music industry and Desiree Perez is among them. Forty-seven-year-old Perez is COO of Roc Nation.

Perez’s reputation is that of a tough negotiator and she has proved it the multimillion dollar investments she has negotiated. JAY-Z’s fourteenth billboard 200 number one album went platinum before the album was even released because of the deal she made with Sprint. The album has since gotten the equivalent of six hundred thousand album units. There have also been multimillion dollar touring partnerships that came from her dealings.

Desiree Perez has had been an associate of Jay Z’s for nearly twenty years along with a long record of running the SC Enterprises. The Tidal app, which Perez got Sprint to invest in, gets album exclusives and is even higher than Itunes when it comes to this. Perez is organizing these high class plays to get more exposure for albums. She has a head for accounting and is part of a collective that takes care of labeling, management and publishing for Roc Nation.

Perez is a take charge woman who knows the ropes of the music business and helps inspiring artists. She took part in Rihanna’s deal with Samsung and the Beyonce Formation stadium was negotiated by Perez. Her business knowledge, negotiating skills and marketing capabilities make her a force in the music industry.


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