Doe Deere Uses Lime Crime Success To Inspire Others

Lime Crime cosmetics is one of the hottest makeup brands in the world today. It was founded by entrepreneur Doe Deere. Born in Russia and raised in the New York City, Deere has become an inspiration to many women because of her success. She encourages them to contact her for information on how they too can be successful in the business world. One piece of advice Deere always shares is that women should develop their gifts, talents and special gifts and pursue their dreams. That is something she has done all her life.


When she was a 13 year old school girl in Russia she started her first business. She sold temporary tattoos to her schoolmates. That taught her valuable lessons about marketing which she continues to use today. When her family moved to New York when she was a child, she attended Fashion Institute of Technology to prepare for a career as a model and fashion designer. When that didn’t yield the level of success she desired, Deere began to work to fulfill her lifelong dream to be a musician. After recording some music and doing live shows, she turned her attention to makeup.


Deere had began making makeup by hand when she couldn’t find bright enough colors to make her features stand out while performing with her rock band. When she showed the homemade makeup to the women that visited her online makeup tutorial, they suggested she offer them for sale. She founded the website and used her imagination to create an innovative marketing campaign. Soon the brightly colored makeup had become a big hit with people all over the world and Doe Deere had finally achieved her dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Her time as a musician taught her valuable lessons about marketing, career development and showing appreciation for the people that supported her. She continues to use those lessons with Lime Crime. She invites customers to send her pictures of how they used the makeup. She then posts the pictures on the company’s website. It has helped to create a sense of community among Lime Crime users. She also takes the time to encourage women to develop their ideas even if no one else shares their vision. Deere tells them that’s how she turned her interest in bright, unusual colors and the freedom makeup gives her into an internationally known and loved cosmetics company.



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