Don Ressler: The Man Behind Clothing for Women

Women have become excited about the various forms of clothes that are available through the Fabletics and JustFab websites. When Kimora Lee was producing the JustFab brand the sales were going through the roof. JustFab on Zimbio would eventually partner with another business called Fabletics that introduced stylish clothes to women. These companies would become the staples of female apparel. Few women would have thought that one of the people reasonable for making all of this happen would be a man.

Don Ressler has proven himself to be someone that recognizes trends. He is the person that has become responsible for bringing this type of affordable fashion into the spotlight. Ressler has worked hard to become someone that recognizes trends, and he sees the potential that many people would not recognize. Most people that are buying clothes may have totally overlooked the rapid success of subscription services in the clothing industry. Don Ressler, however, started this trend with JustFab, and he was able to compile the numbers and see the growing popularity of this trend. That would give him the confidence to do this again with Fabletics. Both of these companies that he co-founded have become clothing industry juggernauts, and it is all because of the large amount of the time that he spent analyzing the trends.

As someone that has made it his lifework to cater to the needs of women,  Ressler has been putting the puzzle together and pulling in the right people to make things work. He has admitted that he didn’t know much about shoes for women prior to JustFab. He has a working idea of the strategy that would get JustFab up and running, but he was not familiar with the fashion industry. He did not let his ignorance of the fashion stop him. Ressler simply enlisted the help of those that knew fashion and put them in positions to run these areas. He would also take the time to become familiar with the products for JustFab through these fashion experts.

Ressler is someone that wants to have a decent amount of knowledge on everything that he is selling. It is not enough to know that Ressler is on track to making a huge profit with both Fabletics and JustFab. Ressler wants to know why he is on track to making profits. He wants to be able to articulate why some products sell better than others.


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