Dr. Mark Mckenna: Medicine and Real Estate

Dr. Mark Mckenna was looking forward to being a second-generation doctor. He had grown up watching his father run his own practice, helping people and making a good living in the process. Mckenna enrolled in medical school at Tulane University and began pursuing his dreams.

But he quickly realized that things had changes since his dad’s day. It had become a lot harder to make the really good money in medicine and Mckenna wasn’t sure he would have the future he envisioned.

So he began to make real estate investments. Working nights as a prison doctor he saved up enough money to begin the process. Though he got his medical degree in 2000, he found that he had a bigger passion for real estate. He worked at his fathers practice for a while but eventually left to do real estate investing full time.

Dr. Mark Mckenna did quite well in real estate in and around New Orleans. But then Hurricane Katrina hit and along with most of the rest of the city, Mckenns’s portfolio was soon literally and figuratively underwater.

With million lost and his portfolio in trouble, Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to stick it out and try to help rebuild the city. He began flipping houses, getting people in NOLA homes again and thereby helping the city get life back.

As he was working on fixing up New Orleans, he saw something too few did: The coming housing crash. Dr. Mark Mckenna sold his real estate profile before the bubble burst and got out of the industry far better off than most people did.

So Dr. Mark Mckenna took his money and went back to the medical field, getting involved in ShapeMed and helping turn it from a single clinic to a chain that was bought by Life Time Fitness, Inc. Mckenna then starting his own venture, OVME. Basically a home-order service for Botox injections, Mckenna saw the desire for an Uber-like service in aesthetic medicine. Using a phone app any customer can order their Botox online for delivery instead of going through a lengthy and expensive doctor’s visit.


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