Dr. Mark Mckenna

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a very determined businessperson.

At one time, Dr. Mark Mckenna believed that it would be hard to make a great amount of money as a doctor, but over time, he understood that his true passion was in real estate. He then set goals to begin constructing a business in real estate.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has a license in Medicine and Surgery. He is also a common physician by both the Georgia and Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

Today, Dr. Mark Mckenna is the successful owner of the Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is faithful by offering his patients the most complete answers to medical weight loss, and next to a mixture of progressive Non-Surgical Visual events. Mark Mckenna remained in New Orleans to finish his medical education at the Tulane University Hospital. He assisted people from those affected with aid efforts by Hurricane Katrina.

Mark has gotten attention nationwide in Forbes magazine. They label Mark as a successful doctor who switched as a businessperson, who is making an Uber-type app for Botox patients.

Mark McKenna’s latest project is OVME. It is a technology-assisted, medical visual company that is changing the ways of optional healthcare. He believes the mission of Botox can be a comfortable experience for customers. OVME, by its title, catches how well the company helps patients get better.

Mark hopes that rather than people seeing a doctor, they can obtain superficial techniques at home. The company can complete virtual checks while delivering medical doctors to customers.

Dr. Mark McKenna has discovered that working hard at something, and perseverance are the ways to gain achievement in life. He also makes the statement that nothing good can be achieved without a dedicated unit. One remarkable key technique that anyone can learn from is to make sure your system contains people who are brighter than yourself, because knowledge has the ability for expanding the future.

Dr. McKenna loves to practice JiuJitsu, enjoys reading, traveling, and just being a family man.


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