End Citizen United Role in the US

End Citizen United is one of the most respected political action committees in the United States. The institution is financed by some of the wealthiest individuals in the country. Since it was established in 2015, the organization has been dedicated to countering the many effects of Citizen United and reforming the campaign finance department in the United States.


End Citizen focuses on showing election officials, voters, the press and even the candidates that the grassroots in the country are only working against billionaires who feel that they can win comfortably by the elections in America. The organization knows that it will be easier to put pressure on the lawmakers because they are the only people who can take action against the greedy billionaires.


Since it was founded, End Citizen United only supports Democrats. This is because the Democratic Party is always favoring better and meaningful finance system in the United States. The Democrats are also known for standing up and fighting for the rights of candidates who vulnerable. Candidates who are under attacks from dark money groups, mega-donors and corporates are also protected by the panel. End Citizen United understands that real change in the United States can only take place under the leadership of the Democrats.


End Citizen United has been successful in its operations. The group has managed to raise more than two million dollars. These funds have been raised from donors who support the same ideas. The team believes that at the end of its campaigns, it will be able to raise thirty million dollars. Richard Carbo, the director of the group, says that they will be able to raise the money in a short duration. Before the November general election, End Citizen United was able to endorse eleven candidates to contest in the elections. All the candidates were from the Democratic Party.


In the past, many PAC’s in the country have been established with the primary aim of bringing reforms in the election system. However, most of these PACs have not been able to meet their objectives. End Citizen United is very different from this PACs because it has different ways of achieving its missions. Richard believes that these PACs have not been successful because they left some holes when addressing the political features of the system. These groups failed because they only addressed the individuals who were being elected.


The laws that existed in the past have not been changed. This is one of the reasons PACs have been failing. End Citizen United believes that it will be successful in its mission because it back candidates who support the campaign finance reforms. Individuals who do not support these changes will not be elected into office, and that means that people against Citizen United will run the most important offices, bringing the needed change.


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