End Citizens United Plans To Seize Opportunity During 2018 Election Cycle

End Citizens United is going after the big money in the 2018 election cycle, and the political action committee (PAC) is providing the names of those who are in the direct line and biggest recipients of special interest donations.

The PAC has put several republicans in Congress on notice that enough has occurred with their insistence on receiving special interest money at the expense of the voters. With a focus on meeting its expectation of $35 million for the 2018 re-election term, End Citizens United is determined to root out the dishonorable behavior that has plagued the political process for decades and eroded the public’s trust.

End Citizens United executive director Tiffany Muller has had enough and says that all 20 of the targeted members of Congress are the worst representation of their constituency, and the political process. She wants to put an end to the rigged process that continues to put the economic and standard of living of the American voters on the line.


The 2018 election cycle provides the best opportunity for End Citizens United to use the surge of an excess of $10 million received from its three million members through donations. With most donations being received through the standard political action committee guidelines of less than $5000, the efforts through fundraising has resulted in a significant increase in smaller donations, some as small as $10.

End Citizens United plans to use this opportunity to further get the message out to voters that the PAC intends to change the system- one elected official at a time. This message will be well-received by democrats as well as independent voters.

In a recent poll taken by pollster Al Quinlan of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, it’s clear that special interest money and a rigged political system is a top concern. The poll indicated that those concerns are well-above any other of voters, including terrorism.

According to End Citizens United has an action plan that will include all of its resources to eradicate the problem as the PAC sees fit. There are plans to use the exploration from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research to any advantage needed to get the message to voters.

Although representatives such as Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are not considered to be at great risk, other representatives that are up for re-election will be more vulnerable which creates the perfect occasion to move forward with getting them out of office.

End Citizens United was formed after the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision with Citizens United verses F.E.C completely altered the way campaign finance donations are received. The PAC is determined to have the decision overturned while putting the political process back in the hands of American voters where it belongs.

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