Entrepreneur Josh Verne

Recently, entrepreneur Josh Verne sat down to talk about his businesses ventures on a podcast interview. During the interview, Josh also talked about his keys to success. He emphasized that qualities such as leadership, enjoying your occupation, listening to others and also seeking balance in life will allow you to achieve your goals. As far as his business ventures are concerned, Josh is currently the founder and owner of a marketing company known as FlockU. It specializes in providing news and information about product brands to college students. Prior to starting up FlockU, Josh Verne founded another company known as Workpays.


During the podcast interview, Josh talked about what it takes in order to be successful. He revealed that success is not only experienced in business, but also life in general. One of the main points that Josh made was that it will be important to be a leader instead of a boss. Josh stated that you will want to include other people and look to achieve the goals of everyone instead of using your authority status to order others. As well as being a good leader, Verne said that it will be important to listen more than you speak so that you will be able to become a more effective communicator with others. Always seeking a win win scenario is also important if you want to be successful according to Josh. It will also be important to seek happiness in your personal life and maintain good health in order to achieve complete success.


Josh Verne is currently the co founder of a company called FlockU. This company specializes in content marketing, e-Commerce. It primarily focuses on providing college students with information about campus evens as well as access to a number of brand name merchandise. Since marketing to college students has proven to be highly profitable, Josh looked to capitalize on this trend. His company has already established itself as one of the best in its industry in only one year. Therefore, Josh has been able to continue his success as an entrepreneur with this new company. He has also worked in the furniture business for his family at the beginning of his career.



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