Fabletics Is Continuing It’s Growth

Fabletics is a of the division of the JustFab company. While there are other divisions of JustFab, Fabletics has become extremely well known in recent times. The clothing itself that the company sells has become quite popular. For instance, Athleisure, one of the clothing brands the company has produced has become very popular, due to it’s comfort level and versatility. Additionally, Kate Hudson is one of the individuals that worked to found the company. She still is highly involved in the running of Fabletics, along with two other individuals. She works together with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to run the company, and the three of them have managed the company quite well.

Fabletics is a thriving company in the clothing industry, and they bring new clothing each month to numerous customers. This clothing of the month club is done through their website, and it is available at an affordable rate. In fact, merely $49.95 each month gives customers the chance to get new clothes each month. However, there also is some of their business that takes place at brick and mortar stores. These stores are doing quite well, and it is expected that there will be more of them. The fact that the company is doing so well is making it possible for them to expand the amount of business they do in person.

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Additionally, Fabletics has improved their customer service. Now, it is much easier to get high quality customer service from the company. This will likely be of great assistance to those seeking help with the services offered by Fabletics. They also have elaborated upon the frequently asked questions section of their website. This will allow customers to become more informed about Fabletics, and it will prevent them from getting any surprises when it comes to their membership. The company has said that they want to be sure everyone fully understands the terms and conditions of membership. Due to these factors, the company has gotten much fewer complaints. In fact, the monthly average for complaints tends to be in the range of five to ten. This is extraordinarily low, since the company sends hundreds of thousands of clothing items in the mail each month.

Due to the expansion of Fabletics, it can be expected that as many as 100 stores are going to open up in the next several years. This will give more people access to stores run by Fabletics, and it will likely help to make their merchandise even more popular. The process of opening more stores has already begun, and Fabletics has recently opened a new store branch.


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