Felipe Montoro Jens About The Paralyzed Works In The Infrastructure Sector In Brazil

The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) conducted a study entitled “Great works stopped: How to face the problem?” using data from the end of 2017, which was provided by the Ministry of Planning. The study reported that in Brazil there are currently 2,796 paralyzed works. The infrastructure project expert Felipe Montoro Jens commented on the study, noting that out of the 2,796 projects there are 517 projects related to the infrastructure sector. In addition, he pointed out the fact that the cost of the paralyzed projects is approximately BRL$10.7 billion. Find out more at to learn more.

The study conducted by the CNI showed that in the sector of infrastructure, the area most affected is basic sanitation, as 447 projects were interrupted while still in the implementation phase. The rest of the projects making up for a total of 517 are waterways (5), railways (5), ports (6), urban mobility works (8), and highways (30). In addition, Felipe Montoro Jens mentions that the study signals the interruption of the constructions of preschools, day-care centers, and sport facilities in the educational units, despite the fact that they are less complex and also cheaper.

The study noted that among the primary reasons which resulted in the interruption of construction projects are abandonment of works by companies, technical problems, financial and budgetary problems, as well as problems of land ownership and expropriation. The study points out the fact Brazil continues to experience economic crisis, and Felipe Montoro Jens notes that as a result there was a need to contain spending, that led the federal government to paralyze important projects in the infrastructure sector. In addition, the National Confederation of Industries pointed out that the difficult interaction between the public managers (which are responsible for making the projects come to fruition) and the control bodies is also an obstacle when it comes to the development of infrastructure projects.





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