Flavio Maluf May Have the Answer to Brazil’s Economic Problems

Being a successful entrepreneur in Brazil can be an almost impossible task at times. This is because of taxation from the government. The weight of tax burdens can often be too much for business owners. Businessman and entrepreneur Flavio Maluf thinks tax incentives and company benefits can help relive some of the pressure. He strongly believes this method will lead to rapid economic and social growth in the nation. Learn more about Flavio Maluf atInfoMoney

Fiscal Incentive Laws will give companies a say in where their tax dollars go. So instead of just going to the government part of the companies value go to projects that have the potential to help foster economic development.

Companies would now have the opportunity to set up plans and strategies for the taxes they pay. They can even take some of the load off the advertising industry through sponsorship. Tax Incentives isn’t some new out of the box idea. Certain companies tax incentives from the public administration depending on their area of operation. This happens because the country wants to give breathing room and promote growth of a specific industry. These incentives, often presented as tax reductions, exemption, and compensation allow companies to expand and create more jobs for people in the area.

Each state is allowed the freedom to present fiscal programs and incentives as they see fit. Despite this, Flavio Maluf still believes that Fiscal Incentive laws can solve a lot of problems in Brazil’s economy.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian investor and entrepreneur. He began his career over 30 years ago with the Eucatex Group. At the time he worked in the trade area of the company. Over the course of a decade he became the President of Eucatex. A position he has held since 1997. Maluf is also the President of GrandFood Group.

Flavio Maluf is passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success. He often mentors young entrepreneurs and warns them against bad risks and decisions. He tells them that when you become your own boss you work more not less. You have to be dedicated to building your business even if it takes long periods of hard work and lack of sleep.



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