Fortress Investment Group: Bouncing Back after the Recession

In 2008, an economic recession took place, and the hardest-hit were the Western economies. In the United States, many companies suffered losses, and their company value dropped. However, there are some businesses that managed to get through the recession without any issues. One of them is the Fortress Investment Group, which is a private equity firm established in 1998. The company became the highlight of news stories after they remained unfazed as the economic crisis rips through the United States. The management stated that they are prepared to face events like economic recessions, and they have instigated a plan that would lead to their survival. Despite the threat of the economic recession, the Fortress Investment Group remained stable, and they even recorded growth during this period.

It was only a year after the founders of the company decided to introduce the company to the New York Stock Exchange and traded it with the public. The company sold $600 million worth of company assets and shares, and it resulted to their value climbing up. The founders of the company believe that their effective strategies in doing business in the financial world helped them get through the recession. After the economic recession in 2008 and 2009, the company kept on performing better, recording impressive feats for a private equity company. Many people started to believe in the capability of the Fortress Investment Group to manage their assets, and as a result, the assets that they manage ballooned to more than $65 billion.

This is a great indicator that a lot of people trust them, and they have built a positive reputation in the industry.The Fortress Investment Group is also active in helping different organizations, like what happened in 2010 when they provided financial assistance to the city of Vancouver. The contractors of the Olympic Village backed out because of the lack of funds, but the Fortress Investment Group opened up their doors to provide  the financial assistance for the project to go through. As a sign of gratitude, the city government of Vancouver handed the Olympic Village to the company after the competitions ended.


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