“Freedom Checks”: Path To A Smooth Retirement

Thinking about retirement can be extremely scary, as many individuals worry if they will have saved enough to get them through the rest of their lives when they are no longer working. The “experts” have convinced most individuals that a 401(k) and Social Security will be all an individual needs to cover all the bills in one’s golden years. Many experts believe Social Security may not be around in the future and a 401(k) may only offer investment options that deliver average returns for investor. “Freedom Checks” are a possible investment for one who is worried about having enough in retirement. Matt Badiali is the financial advisor who proved that “Freedom Checks” were not a scam and have the potential to deliver better than average returns for many years.

Investing in “Freedom Checks” was an unknown concept to even seasoned stockbrokers with years of experience. The truth is that this great investment strategies has been used for several decades by sophisticated investors with a deep understanding of how the US tax code works. In 1987 Congress allowed for “Master Limited Partnerships to operate without paying federal income taxes if they received most of their revenue from operations pertaining to domestic natural resources. They also had to pay around ninety percent of all their revenues to stakeholders. Being able to operate without paying taxes and giving such a large portion of their revenue is the reason that these companies tend to distribute more to shareholders than regular dividend paying companies.

This is the perfect investment option for individuals looking to start income investing.Now that the investing community has accepted that “Freedom Checks” are not a scam, many may wonder how to start investing in MLPs, so they can start receiving regular payouts. All an individual needs is to have a small starting capital and a brokerage account. There are several hundred companies that are MLPs that trade on the major stock exchanges. Anyone who has ever bought or sold a common share of a company will find it easy to best investing idea and can begin receiving their “Freedom Checks” immediately.


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