George Soros the World’s Famous Philanthropist and Trader

George Soros is for sure the World’s number one greatest hedge fund manager of all times. He has been listed by Forbes Magazine as the 19th World richest man. But Soros has come from far despite achieving tremendous success. He has a story he can narrate regarding his long journey to success. He was born in Budapest which is located in the Kingdom of Hungary. He came to live at a time when wars were the order of the day. Impunity and poor governance was rife. It was quite challenging for him to survive but under the care his of Jewish parents, he survived although through hardships. They are also remembered to have survived the Budapest siege that was believed to be one of the most challenging moments. This was a house to house operation and many people lost their lives.

Later George Soros was moved to England so that he could join the University. He went to London and joined London School of Economics and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. After graduating with a bachelors degree, he joined the same schools for a masters degree in Philosophy. He cleared his studies and started looking for jobs. He was so unlucky and joined the available companies for basics. He became a sales person at a food store. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but rather worked his way up the ladder. He has struggled to apply for jobs just like any other graduate.

George Soros kept on looking for a company he could work with. He started with the position of a finance assistant at Singer & Friedlander which is located in London, United Kingdom. He then joined F.M. Mayer in the year 1954. He acted as European stock analyst. His potential of becoming a great person on earth was still a dream. He also worked at Wertheim & Co for 5 years and saved $500,000 so that he could go back to further his studies in England. He is also the author of the theory by name reflexivity which focusses on ideas that were raised by Karl Poppers. The great Hedge Fund analyst formed a company called Soros fund management and became its chairman. He also formed Soros fund that grew and made Soros the great man he is today.

George Soros had endured a lot of challenges during his days as a young lad and a student. He has witnessed the hostility faced in war zones and those things have really transformed him. By the year 2003, he had given out $4 billion towards ensuring European countries are peaceful. He has also extended his extended helping hand towards saving the World’s democracy. He has also been the Worlds’ greatest philanthropic and has sponsored many black students attain University Education in South Africa. He has no boundaries when it comes to helping the World change its thinking and behavior.


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