Glen Wakeman Is Giving Life to Business Ideas

Glen Wakeman has over two decades in management; he has also been a board member, business owner, investor, and mentor. He has also been involved in business development and other P and L roles. Through his five key dimensions; leadership performance, human capital management, plan execution, risk management, and governance; he has helped in building businesses. Currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings. He was also the founder of Nova Four, which provided advice plus ways to access to capital providers for business start-ups. He has an MBA from Chicago University


Roles in GE


Glen’s role in GE as Latin America C.E.O cannot be understated. He built nine country operations from the ground to companies that came to exceed $12 billion in the value of assets and over a million in annual income. The nine companies also gave employment to over 17,000 employees. He managed to sign partnerships and create products while building over one thousand branches in Latin America. His other works with GE has been in the UK where he was the director for GE Capital and Global Insurance ventures. He has also been CEO for Consolidated Financial Insurance Group, a subsidiary of GE (


LaunchPad Holdings


The company has developed software that allows people with business to structure their ideas and have them be a plan. It also has a LaunchPad toolkit that comes complemented with broad tips and other suggestions on how an entrepreneur can form their company and organize their ideas into a plan that is workable (PremierGazette). It also enables them to talk with advisors and providers of initial capital investment. The company also carried out performance coaching and training for board members to sustain improvement.




Mr. Wakeman held an interview with Interview.Net where he talked about what motivates him, the business challenges and what apps he uses to increase productivity. He also talked about what his typical day looks like and the new trends that he finds exciting. The interview also covered what inspired him to form LunchPad and how he manages to bring business ideas to become a reality.



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