Gregory Aziz: Unlocking A Hidden Potential In An Old Manufacturing Giant

1Many new businesses fail. In order for them to succeed, they need to be led by somebody who seriously understands what it takes to make it. There are many different reasons that these businesses don’t succeed, but leadership is very high up on that list. James Aziz not only had a foundation for leadership with the family that he came from, founders of Affiliated Foods, but he had a natural talent that he built on. The natural talent that he is always fell for business was further developed by his coursework and economics at the University of Western Ontario. This is where he learned more about what he would need to do to make his business successful.


Greg Aziz’s family welcomed him into the business at Affiliated Foods soon after he graduated, but he knew deep down that he would not be there for the rest of his life. He appreciated the position that he gained within the company, and he worked very hard to move up the ranks but the work he wanted to do was on his own. At first, he thought that it might be investment banking that was calling to him. He went to the New York City and began working in the investment industry. This foray into his career was short-lived, as he found there was a certain desire he had for leadership.


Greg James Aziz took his personal funding and founded a corporation. From there he located National Steel Car. National Steel Car had needed some type of viable leadership for many years. They had a great reputation in the community of Hamilton, Ontario but they were not well known on a global scale. There work in their manufacturer region had also been in a bit of a decline. They were railcar manufacturers and to maintain viability, they would need to set themselves apart. See This Article for more information.


Gregory Aziz took the time to help build up their quality standards, personnel, and output. All these things he found to be lacking once he took over. Instantly, he saw a change in the way that products were being moved and the international recognition that he received. National Steel Car is now a veteran in the manufacturing industry. Their stance as one of the best manufacturers on the globe is nothing to scoff at. Gregory James Aziz can take credit for helping rebuild a business that was so much less then it should’ve been.


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