HGGC Makes Further Investments in FPX

FPX is a leading company in global enterprise Configure Price Quote that was acquired by middle-market private equity firm HGGC in April of 2016. In September of 2017 it was announced that HGGC was making an investment of an undisclosed amount in FPX. The purpose of this investment is to help facilitate further global growth on the part of FPX.

With a long track record of successful investments, HGGC has a reputation for making good on investments in e-commerce applications, one of the fastest growing fields of commerce across the globe. Some of the companies HGGC has successfully done business with include MyWebGrocer, Selligent and Hybris. With more than $15 billion in aggregate transaction values, HGGC uses an “Advantaged Investment” that allows them to invest in companies alongside the current owners, investors and operators, meaning they don’t just buy businesses and then leave them to operate: They find businesses they see the potential for growth in and infuse them with capital to help them realize their potentials, at a profit for all concerned.

FPX facilitates and simplifies the process of buying and selling over e-commerce platforms of all sizes and configurations. As company Chief Executive Officer and its co-founder Rich Lawson stated, FPX was the best opportunity for investment, and the new investment increases the potential for expansion, which FPX was already engaged in before the infusion of capital.

Operating in the Business to Business (B2B) arenas, FPX helps other companies increase their e-commerce sales footprint with innovative solutions. As the digital marketplace continues to expand and change on an almost daily basis, FPX stays ahead of the dips and alterations of the digital marketplace and helps other companies do the same while expanding their market share and sales imprints.

The parent company, which can be further examined on their website at, has more than 4.3 billion in capital commitments and as noted above, has done more than $15 billion in business ventures including traditional investments as well as add-on acquisitions and recapitalization and liquidity events. They have successfully completed more than 60 platform investments in the companies lifetime.


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