How Canine Therapy Has Impacted The Town Of Hackettstown, New Jersey


Family and marriage therapist, Roseann Bennett, is changing the lives of many of the residents of Hackettstown, New Jersey. Combining more than a decade of experience with canine therapy, Roseann Bennett is seeing more positive results in Center for Assessment and Treatment.

When Ms. Bennett began her career as an in-home therapist, he realized over time that some of her patients needed more counseling and therapy outside of these sessions. The biggest challenge for these patients and their families was the financial investment. Outpatient treatment can be the critical missing piece of the puzzle for those who perhaps are facing more long-term battles as well as traumatic experiences.

Ms. Bennett and her husband funded what they believe is a much needed answer for better mental health. They opened the Center for Assessment and Treatment, and form there she has seen patients improve far beyond what she witnessed before.

Adding Canine Assisted Therapy into the mix has been an added benefit for her patients. Animals play an important role within improved health for many individuals and their families. Whether they assist their owner with tasks or they offer consistent companionship, animals have long been a desirable component for better mental health.

Dogs specifically have been great companions for those who suffer from anxiety attacks. They can be trained specifically for their owner’s needs, and their long history as service animals is a testament to their strong benefit. Over the last 30 years or so, scientists and researchers have studied the bond between dogs and their patients. At the end of the day, they now know that dogs are in tune with emotional changes. Find Additional Information Here.

They aim to please that’s for sure, dogs always have a place in the hearts of good humans. Roseann Bennett will add her dog “Jack” to any current treatment strategies at her center.


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