How Gregory Aziz Grew National Steel Car

National Steel Car is one of Hamilton, Ontario’s largest companies. The company was founded in the early 1900’s by several local businessmen that wished to see Canada become the largest manufacturer of steel railroad cars. That goal officially came to life in 1994 when Gregory James Aziz oversaw the purchase of the company from its then owner Dofasco. The company was bought back from a different owner and once again became National Steel Car. It was then that National Steel Car officially became the largest manufacturer of railway freight cars in all of North America.


James Aziz has done incredible things during his tenure with National Steel Car. He has brought incredible amounts of innovation and new technology to the company. This is especially important in an industry that has been known for its lack of innovation. He brought the most major growth during his first five years with the company. For example, during his first five years he heavily invested in human capital and grew the company’s employee base from around 600 people to nearly 3,000 employees. This employee growth not only grew National Steel Car but grew the entire economy of the city of Hamilton, Ontario and nearby areas. The influx of people with well-paid, stable jobs led to a huge economic boom in Hamilton. New stores opened, more houses were being built, and overall the entire town saw growth because of this hiring influx.

Greg Aziz also grew the manufacturing sector of National Steel Car. In his first few years he grew the production of railroad freight cars from 3,500 annually to over 12,000 cars produced each year. This increase in manufacturing allowed for more progressive engineering. View Related Info Here.

National Steel Car is also one of the leaders in giving back to the town of Hamilton, Ontario. Every year the company holds a massive food drive around Thanksgiving. So much food is given that many of the local food banks state that the donation that comes from National Steel Car is the largest they receive every year. National Steel Car also supports many established local institutions. Among those are the Hamilton Opera, United Way, the Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera and the local Salvation Army. The biggest event that National Steel Car hosts is their annual Christmas party. The event is huge and every employee that has ever worked at National Steel Car is invited to bring their families for the celebration.

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