How Gregory Aziz Revitalized National Steel Car

If you work with trains, or any form of engineering or production that involves trains, then you have probably heard of National Steel Car. They are the leading rolling stock — or train — producer in Canada. The company, which is based in Hamilton, Ontario, is known worldwide for its quality and construction capabilities. It may be a worldwide name today, sure, but National Steel Car’s future wasn’t always so brightly lit.


National Steel Car started producing rolling stock in 1912 as Imperial Steel Car Inc., a very lucky time to begin producing train equipment. 1913 was the biggest rolling stock producing year in history. Everyone in the rolling stock business had contracts, and the young Canadian company was getting them in mass. National Steel Car boomed into a massive Canadian rolling stock empire, and the war created a perfect spot for them to sit it. Then, suddenly, the Great Depression hit. National Steel Car’s business tanked. They went from being one of the top rolling stock manufacturers to being forced to produce motor boats and bus bodies. World War II resurged their business, thankfully, and National Steel Car was focused on their passion, trains, again.

Even though World War II resurged their business, National Steel Car had been on a steady decline for almost 30 years. The company was bought out by Dofasco in 1962, and even then, the company continued its decline. Finally, in 1994, Dofasco sold the company to an experienced businessman by the name of Gregory James Aziz. Greg J. Aziz had already had experience with running a large business, his family business Affiliated Foods had been transformed into a global food force, and Greg Aziz now had his sights set on the struggling rolling stock producer.

There are many famous examples of comebacks. In sports, there is the Tracy McGrady’s incredible 13-point comeback in basketball or, in the business sector, Marvel and GM’s comeback. National Steel Car is one of those comeback stores. James Aziz took a struggling company with 500 employees making 3,500 rolling stocks per year and made it into a global 3,500 employee strong force that produces a whopping 12,500 rolling stocks per year. National Steel Car is now the biggest rolling stock producer in Canada, and that’s in large part thanks to the incredible business suave and guidance that Aziz has shown. Turning a business around like this isn’t an easy feat, but Greg Aziz shows the world that it’s possible with a little know-how and elbow grease.

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