How Ted Bauman Helps People Beat The Stock Market In Good Times And Bad

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. His family moved to Maryland when he was young so he grew up there. After graduating from high school he moved to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town and earned advanced degrees in both history and economics. For the next 25 years he was in South Africa’s nonprofit industry. He attained a number of executive level positions at the nonprofits he worked for. For a number of years he served as a fund manager for a nonprofit that built homes for low-income families. The homes were built in South Africa as well as other nations around the world. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

A number of years ago, Ted Bauman moved back to the United States and he and his family now live in Atlanta, Georgia. His goal is to now help people attain a sovereign life that is as free as possible from the government and powerful corporations. He does this through his position at Banyan Hill Publishing where he is the editor of three financial publications. His publications are The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Each has a different focus but the goal with all of them is to help people invest conservatively with an eye on wealth preservation. Even though he invests conservatively he has beaten the market in each of the past 10 years. He said he was able to make money even when the financial crisis rocked stock markets around the world in both 2008 and 2009.

Ted Bauman has said that he’s noticed more and more of his readers questioning the entire global economy and whose really benefiting from it. People can see that government’s around the world favor the interests of powerful corporations over that of the average citizen. People, he says, are beginning to finally see that how the global economy is designed it’s not going to produce any benefits for broader society, just those at the top who accumulate more and more of the wealth every year. He has said that while in general he’s not in favor of government regulations he thinks that there needs to be more of them in the financial industry in particular.




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